s*t*a*r*s 7 - pt 114

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I know all of your are hoping and wishing for more chapter.  It really IS a weekly update thing.  (I've learned that most authors update at will, at least you know that Friday I update, no matter what!). This is the last 5 weeks of school, I have weekly tests, 12-15 page research papers to do (3 of them), work, and my wife hasn't been feeling well so add in that doctors visits, not sleeping, and worrying and - well - writing is far, far, FAR back on my list of things to do.  I do hope my loyal and steadfast readers understand that.  Thank you guys!


            “Tired.  All we do is sleep, eat, and lay around.  They could at least bring us some books,” grumbles Abby. 

            “Books?  Like school books?” snaps Tegan.  “Are you kidding me?”

            “Yeah, I mean when we merge are we going to remember what our alter selves did?” asks Abby.  “We’ll be behind on school work and stuff, at least we’d have something to do.”

            “You’re worried about school work?  You are a bigger geek than I gave you credit for,” snorts Tegan. 

            “We’re never going to merge,” whispers Sydney.  The anger festers hotly inside of her.  It surges, coloring her vision and her thoughts.

            “What?” says Abby.

            “I said, we’re never going to merge!” She stands up, the blanket falling off her and pooling at her feet.  “She’s never going to stop!  She’s going to keep right on going and she’s going to get what she wants!”

            Her voice, strong and deep, echoes on the cool walls of the cave.  Abby eases upright and Tegan takes her hands away from the back of her own neck.  “Syd….,” whispers Tegan.

            “No, you don’t get it!  You don’t understand!  She won’t stop!  She’s going to be relentless and it won’t matter who she takes down to do it, she’ll keep at it, until – until she gets what she wants,” screams Sydney.

            Abby gets up and grabs Sydney into a hard hug.  “Rylee and Spencer are way stronger then the freaked out versions of us.  They are so much smarter.  You have to believe that.”

            Sydney starts to sob.  A new arrival of food appears by the wall and she sinks to her knees, Abby easing down with her.  Slowly rocking her back and forth, Abby gives Tegan a desperate look.  Tegan says nothing for a long time.

            “She’s right,” announces Tegan.  “They will be relentless because they are evil.”

            Sydney shakes off Abby and starts to pace, her steps almost violent.  “She’s going to go after Spencer and she’s going to wiggle her claws right into her.  She’ll find a way, she will.”  Sydney lets out a gut wrenching scream.


            Sydney materializes in Jayden’s little space of the world about four miles under the Legacy Hotel.  She had forgotten a flashlight earlier, but this time she was prepared.  She flashes the light around the room and finds Jayden on the small pad, arms behind her. 

            “Well, if it isn’t little miss I Can Change My Face,” mutters Sydney.  “Hi there Cousin Jayden.”

            Jayden doesn’t move, so Sydney readies the small bat in her left hand and pokes her with it.  Still, Jayden doesn’t move.  Sydney cocks her head and listens.  No sound other than the sound of her own breathing.  “Shit.”

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