s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 90

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            “Did your mom call you?” asks Abby to Rylee.  They are hurrying from one class to another.  Heaps of books in their arms as the student body moves from one room to another, hellos and see you laters are throw around. 

            “No, why?”

            “Well mine called and said that there is this fund raiser thing in West Hollywood this weekend and that if we wanted we could participate on a team or something.  I think they need eye candy,” teases Abby.  She winks at Rylee.

            Rylee laughs.  She juggles her books and just as she’s about to drop one, Spencer is beside her grabbing the books from her and holding them for her.  “Well, my knight in shining armor.”

            “Ah,” says Spencer with a smile.  “No, I prefer fists to swords. You, m’Lady, prefer swords.  So Jo left a message for me about this competition this weekend?  Want too?  Natalie is not invited and that tickles me to no ends in places I want you to tickle me.  Did you know she had a chick in her room last night?  Jo and Bev’s friend, Alysse.”

            Rylee pulls up to a halt.  “She what?”

            Spencer keeps walking.  “Yup.”

            Abby is standing still next to Rylee.  “That’s the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t it?”

            “Not really, she is an adult and she does run the school,” says Rylee.  “You know, Abs, usually you’re the one saying things about authority and you’re not defending her.”

            “No, I’m not.  Because I’ve read Garret’s book front to back, left and right, up and down and she’s not listening to him.  I know what is destined and she never takes into account that we can change the things in that book.  She thinks if she lets you to room together you blow up the school,” says Abby with a shrug.

            Rylee’s mouth drops open into a small O and Spencer’s eyebrows arch high.  “What?” they say in unison.

            “Yup, but, forewarned is forearmed, and she’s not seeing that at all.  Not sure what her damage is,” says Abby.  “Also, Garret never knew you got your body back, not from what I read.  You two coming we are going to be late for English.”

            “Wait, the hell with English, where is Garret’s book?” asks Spencer.

            “In Nat’s holo office,” says Abby.  “Why?”

            Spencer turns and heads towards the library.  “We can’t blow up the school I’m in control.  I’m in way better control now that I have a body, damn it.”  She then falls into another language.  Rylee and Abby rush to catch up with her.

            “You can’t go in there during the day,” snaps Rylee.  “There are other students in the library.”

            “Right, distraction,” says Spencer.  She walks with such purpose that Abby and Rylee don’t know what to do. 

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