s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 154

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            Sean rifles through the ton of papers on his desk.  Why had he come out of retirement again?  Fishing at the pond was looking really good in his mind right now.  He rubs his eyes and catches sight of someone at his door.  Then he smiles at the silhouette there, he recognizes the golden hair and the at east stance that Jo’s had all of her life.  “Hi.”

            “Hi,” says Quinn.  She’s holding a cup of coffee.  She’s dressed in a black pant suit, and a white tee shirt under the black jacket.  Her blonde hair tied away from her face in a ponytail, and her dark ebony eyes as alit with a fire.  A good fire, Sean thinks.  How on earth has this happened to him?  He was falling in love with his evil ex-wife’s alter.  He gazes at her for just a fraction of a moment longer, thinking of how much Jo looked like her when she was dressed in her FBI suits, as he liked to call them. 

“I thought you might need this,” says Quinn.

            “Mind reader,” he says taking the cup from her hand as she leans across his desk.  He wraps his fingers around it and smiles.  The heat of the coffee feels good to his hands but the gesture of the coffee warms his heart.

            “No, that’s our daughter – she is the mind reader.”

            Sean smiles again.  Their daughter. He had to admit that at first, when Quinn referred to Jo as her daughter, it had bothered him, but now, after having heard the history, knowing she raised a girl, the same soul, in another reality, he no longer minded.  “You going to Rylee’s welcome home party?”

            “No,” says Quinn, her dark eyes widening as if the thought was abhorrent to her.

            “Why not?” asks Sean, he leans back into the chair.  “I know Emma said you should go.”

            Quinn brushes a strand of her blonde hair from her eyes.  Her dark eyes study Sean for a while.  “I don’t fit in, Sean.  I should be trying to go back to my reality but I’m not. I should be hunting Keziah more effectively, but I’m not.  I don’t know how safe it is to stay here, and I don’t know how much help I’m going to be in catching or finding Keziah.  I don’t know how that will affect the time line continuum.”

            “Oh all the big words,” muses Sean.  “Give me some more Star Trek jargon, why don’t you?” 

            Quinn cocks an eyebrow.

            “I don’t think you being here is going to change the ways of the world.  Do you want to go back?” He leans forward on his desk and Quinn plops down in the chair across from him.  “Quinn?”

            She meets his eyes and sighs.  “No, I don’t,” she says softly.  “I never want to go back, while my world is filled with goodness, there is something powerful to do here.  I miss Eden.  I miss my world, but…”

            Sean frowns.  “But you want to stay for Jo and for Spencer, I understand that.”

            Quinn smirks.  Oh how Sean was so very good at drawing out a compliment.  “And you.”

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