s*t*a*r*s 10 - pt 177

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Next week is the SERIES FINALE! 


“Hiya,” says Spencer in a cheerful voice as she steps out of the room and into the entryway of the Legacy.  Ship has gone dark and she can’t communicate with him or Hue.  His walls, his tunnels are devoid of him and Hue is in what looks like a coma, unable to function without his mate.  They can’t figure out why, but that’s for later, thinks Spencer.

“Spencer Wheaton,” says the silver haired man.  He’s gorgeous, thinks Spencer.  Flawless skin, beautiful face and the hair is otherworldly.  She can feel the electricity around him.  She wonders what his power is.  Each nephilim has a power; Keziah has told her.  He knows that Remy’s power is to call back fallen souls and to heal their bodies for reentrance into them. 

“That’s me.”  Spencer keeps her feet moving.  The prosthetic leg leans up against the wall and her leg of energy is solid and dark blue. 

“I am Ciaran.  We mean you no harm, you are eternal and we want to work with you, we know how powerful you are.”

Spencer shrugs.  “Yeah, I got some punch.  Who’s the chick?”

The chestnut haired girl, wearing a killer leather jacket and brandishing a sword made of wood, which Spencer figures is elder oak steps towards Spencer.  “I’m Remy Petri, my father has no last name, so I use my mother’s.”

“Dathan’s girl,” says Spencer.  Her lips curl into a smile.  But this isn’t her Dathan’s daughter and her upbringing might well have been vastly different than the one in this reality. 

Remy nods.  “My father’s been hunting me for years now, in my time.  Then when Quinn disappeared we knew something was going on.  Hunter number one wouldn’t ever leave, unless…..  We started to piece things together when we found out your body was gone from that hospital.”  Remy walks around Spencer in a broad looping circle. 

“How does Keziah fit in?” asks Spencer.  She slowly pulls energy from the earth, the sun, the world around her.  She’s going to have to pack a hellva punch to take them out.  She avoids any bad energy, as Quinn has been instructing her to do. 

“He began this,” says Ciaran, “although we were never to cross here.  He said we’d die, that if there were two of the person in the time line, it would cause some sort of splinter of realities.”

“If you are trying to get the drop on me, Remy, you’ll be hard pressed to do it,” says Spencer softly.  Her hands ball into fists and she looks over her left shoulder.  A smile creeps onto Spencer’s lips.  She hears her mother calling to her through the mind link and Sydney.  She ignores them.  Their voices panicked and scared, but she knows they won’t port here until everyone is safe.  She has some time, some time to figure out what to do, and maybe how to kill them.  This isn’t going to end easily or civilly. 

“The daughter of a powerful talent and a made eternal.  Not really a true nephilim,” says Remy with a sneer, “but a formidable ally.”

“Non, I grew like a normal kid.  You two,” says Spencer, waving to indicate Ciaran and Remy.  “Sprouted like weeds and Remy you killed your mother during child birth.  What do you want from me?”

“We want to stop living under the thumb of the world,” says Remy, her violet eyes shine with power.  “We want to take our rightful place, with Trystin at our side.  There is no third nephilim in our world.  So when we heard that there was a third, a true nephilim, we knew it was time to form the trinity.”

“We want to embrace our true nature,” says Ciaran, he starts to move too.  It’s as if they are flanking her. 

“They want chaos,” says Keziah.  His voice rises clear and true as he eases out from the hiding place that Spencer had pushed him into earlier.  “They want a world where all is under their thumb.  As I once wanted.  A world with no soul mates and a world that fears them and doesn’t hunt them.”

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