s*t*a*r*s 2 - pt 21

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You guys are killing me!  I haven't laughed this hard in a while - so this isn't a big reveal but, more clues!  There is one very, very VERY important line in this part - anyone guess what it is?  (Hint it's dialogue). 


            “Spencer and Rylee left, how appropriate, the girlfriends are last,” says Tegan plopping down on the floor.  “Can you turn off the whole odd eye color thing?”

            “No,” smiles Spencer.  “I rather like it.  I’m not blind in here anymore.  If what it takes is me  tapping into my feral nature, then I’m all for it.”

            “She’s talking different,” says Abby.  “I’m a little freaked.”

            Spencer chuckles lightly.

            Rylee starts to pace, tossing wayward looks at Spencer, then to Tegan who is mirroring Spencer.  Rylee isn’t afraid of Spencer, just the opposite the timber of Spencer’s voice and the way her body has changed is doing just the opposite of fear, it is luring her in.

            “And we are off,” says Sydney, who is still reeling from the revelation that she’d gotten HIV from being raped and not a dirty needle.  The invasion of that thought makes her feel even dirtier than ever before.

            The room explodes in whiteness and then fades to Rylee’s living room. 

            “Oh god,” groans Rylee.

            “Wow, nice digs,” says Tegan getting up off the floor.  Spencer doesn’t move.  Not a muscle twitches.

            “Mom,” says the younger vision of Rylee.

            “Yes little one?” asks Emma in a joking voice.

            “No, seriously, I have to talk to you and dad,” says Rylee. 

            “I’m not watching this again,” says Rylee, the older Rylee shuffles towards the patio.  Spencer is behind her in a heartbeat, pulling Rylee close to her.  It is nice to be able to touch her, thinks Spencer.

            “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger,” whispers Spencer into Rylee’s ear.  Rylee freezes.  Spencer is touching her and no arch of blue power, or shock and pain.  Rylee smiles quickly, letting her body relax into Spencer’s.

            “What’s going on?” asks Mario as he walks into the living room.  Emma is sitting on the couch, relaxed.

            “Ry’s got something to tell us,” says Emma.  Mario sits next to Emma, and then rests his head on her lap.

            “Hit us with it, babe,” giggles Emma.  “Wait, did you take the car, you can’t drive.  Rylee Scott if you took the car when you went out last night…”

            “I-I-I,” begins the standing girl.

            Tegan crouches down to watch, wishing her family was this relaxed and comfortable with each other.  Abby is next to Sydney, pressing their shoulders together. 

            “Turn around,” whispers Spencer into Rylee’s ear.  Rylee swoons at the overly intimate sound of Spencer’s voice.

            “No,” shakes Rylee.  “I did this once before.”

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