s*t*a*r*s 2 - pt 22

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It's not Friday, we didn't get to 300 reads, we didn't get 20 comments....BUT, I did write almost 20 pages of stars-4 last night and drafted another 40 of stars-5, so......



            “All right, I’m sick of this,” storms Spencer – her never before seen temper flares hotly. 

            “You need to stop with the voice,” says Rylee, wagging her finger.

            “What am I doing?” asks Spencer, arms cross over her chest. 

            “The voice, that deep, smoky, hot under my collar tone!” rallies back Rylee.

            Tegan is laughing so hard that she falls to the floor, holding her sides.  “Okay, seriously, you two need to get a room.  We find out my mom is her dad and you two are flirting!”

            Abby rolls her eyes and Sydney pats Rylee on the shoulder.

            “You’re really flustered,” says Sydney with a chuckle.

            “I am!” snaps Rylee.

            Spencer sits down on the warm floor.  “Have you noticed that our parents have never been honest with us?”

            Tegan scoffs.  “Yeah, I see that.”

            “What do you think came falling from the ceiling in that cave?” asks Rylee.  The image of something, or someone, plummeting from thin air was sticking with her.

            “Looked like a person to me,” says Abby.  “I was thinking,” muses Abby.

            “Novel concept,” cuts in Tegan.

            “Cut it out, Tegan,” says Sydney.

            “Where was I?” asks Abby, snapping her fingers.  “Right, I was thinking, what if we jumped out of here?”

            “Jump?” asks Tegan, moving from her spot and pacing the endless room.  “How?”

            “Sydney’s power,” says Abby.  “Wait, I’m not done.  If Spencer can power up and boost it, we could, maybe, get out of here.”

            Rylee smirks.  “Our powers aren’t working.”

            “Hmmmm,” thinks Abby rubbing her chin.  “But Spencer’s eyes are amber.”

            “They usually glow blue,” says Rylee, now pacing the opposite direction of Tegan.

            “Blue?” asks Abby.  “So if you don’t have your powers, why are your eyes amber?  If you didn’t have your powers would your eyes be amber all the time?  ”

            “How would I know?” asks Spencer.  “Charge up,” mutters Spencer.  “That’s a thought, but with my vampire nature….”

            “Hey, what are you doing?” asks Rylee as Spencer walks up to her, a smile brimming on her lips.

            “I have to power up,” says Spencer. 

            “Hmmm,” stammers Rylee.  “How?”  Rylee thinks of how they’d once danced to help Spencer overload the power grid at school.

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