s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 135

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For Alex_is_Green's Bday chapter on the 12th! (early but the 12 is Thursday, posting day)


             Spencer grabs the laptop that she’d bought today.  She’d gotten a thrill out of going into the store and picking out something.  It was an Alienware with glowing blue keys and was fast.  She bleeds away a copious amount of energy and then boots it up.  She’d been watching TV shows and movies nonstop, but now she wanted to go download some music.  Before she does she pulls up her email account.  There is an email from Jayden giving her the homework for today.  Another one from Natalie, which Spencer ignores but she knows she will read it later, and one from Jo.

             Spencer grimaces and opens the one from her mother.  She reads what Jo has written and her face plays a kaleidoscope of emotions.  Her fingers touch the screen and trace the words and a faint blue tint erupts.  She growls and lets out another pulse of energy away from the expensive computer.  Her emotions are riding on a high. 

             She flexes her hand, thinking of what to write back.  She hits reply.  She thinks for a long time, processing, with a smirk on her pretty lips she begins to type.


             I’m fine.  Really, I’m fine.  I don’t mind being alone, I swear.  I think maybe that’s good for me in a way, gives me time to talk to myself and figure things out.  I’ve been alone before, not physically, but emotionally, but I’m not now.  I’m really fine, Mom.  And yeah, Amy sort of told me I wasn’t going to be grounded or anything.  I have a house guest today, Harley turned up at a club drunk off her ass and I had just called her, so I rescued her from herself.  She’s sleeping it off with Shadow.  See, I do have company, Shadow!

             The whole eternal thing is interesting.  I guess I’d be a born eternal, like Dathan.  Maybe my life-span will be shorter.  But, I can absorb energy, like Quinn does, to live longer.  That’s kind of daunting, isn’t it?  Living forever.  Tegan mentioned a movie called Highlander once, something about who wants to live forever?  Do I want that?  I guess I won’t have much of a choice, will I?  A lot to think about.  Has anyone told you?  About the two lines of soul mates?  I figure Emma has, she’s worried about Rylee.  I’m worried about Rylee.  I’m worried about Sydney.  But I can’t change anything, I just have to give it time and figure it out, right?  I can’t sort my feelings for them, one minute all I want is Lee and the next minute I find myself wanting to kiss Syd.  I do know there is a difference in how I feel about them, but those differences don’t seem to be enough, does that make sense?  Maybe it doesn’t.  I don’t want anyone getting hurt.  Hey, maybe Sydney has two soul mates too?  She’s a talent/eternal.  Whatever happens happens, at this point, it’s in fate’s hands.

             Don’t come home.  Not yet.  I know you took this job for a reason; you never go undercover, so I’m guessing its important, right?  I’m fine.  I will play, I will think, I will deal.   

             Love you, too – Spence (Wheaton, its staying Wheaton).

             Spencer grins and hits send.  She wasn’t going to be an Astin, that was most certainly not an option.  She put the computer aside and shuffles out of the room to find something to eat, she’d download music later. 


            Tegan is laboring over her homework.  She grunts.  She swears.  She swears some more.  “I miss Spencer!” she announces.  She throws her pencil onto the book and shoves away from the desk.

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