Echos >> Newt Scamander by HalfBlood_of_the_Sea
Echos >> Newt Scamanderby Aria
The blonde gazed at him, mapping out his face, including the worry tainting it, "We'll find your creatures, Mr. Scamander. I promise." This caught the wizards...
  • fantasticbeastsandwheretofindthem
  • witch
  • fbawtft
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Bewitching by alcxinet
Bewitchingby T. Celeste Amavisca
Ian ran his hands up my thighs and palmed my ample hips and up my waist and around to my back, leaving tingling skin in his wake. My stomach heated and my skin was sensi...
  • fiction
  • actions
  • lit
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The Demon King by moatzart
The Demon Kingby brat
Never steal from kings. Especially the king of demons. She hadn't expected her young brothers to steal, she hadn't thought of that scenario or what she would do. So she...
  • king
  • sweet
  • witch
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MAGE ; benny weir [1] by plutorin
MAGE ; benny weir [1]by 「 moe 」
When these three friends try and begin their high school lives, they find themselves stuck in a circle of the supernatural. Not to mention the normal teenage drama. - #1...
  • mybabysittersavampire
  • magic
  • paranormal
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MAJESTIES by girl_backdoor
MAJESTIESby Celestine
In the world of supernaturals, vampires, lycans, werewolves, witches, elves, and sorcerers coexist. But among all these races, only one must rule; only the strongest amo...
  • royal
  • werewolf
  • torture
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The Alpha (Alpha Mate Series #1) by Burge2k14
The Alpha (Alpha Mate Series #1)by Burge2k14
Book #1 in the Alpha Mate Series 7 years ago, Ellie was rejected by her mate. Under the threat of death, she was forced to flee with her mate's child still growing insid...
  • beta
  • mates
  • werewolf
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Not Yours by shedlights
Not Yoursby /
• "You're fucking mine." He said angrily, pulling me into his chest. I tried pulling away but to no avail. He was not letting go this time. He was not going to...
  • makeover
  • illegal
  • princess
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My Alpha Mates by kas_174
My Alpha Matesby Renee🎀
The prophecy says that every thousand years, Alpha twins would be born. They would share the same mate and share the Alpha power equally. In the Blood Moon Rising pack...
  • alpha
  • twins
  • witchcraft
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The Devil's Daughter |✓| by The_Alien_Bookworm
The Devil's Daughter |✓|by Alien
Book #1 in the Devil trilogy Austin Roman. A 25 year old Alpha with no mate and some serious anger issues. After searching for his mate since he was 18, he finally gave...
  • gamma
  • luna
  • matebond
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Angel Academy by Obsidian9302
Angel Academyby Obsidian9302
For years angel academy has taught students of all races and ability's, angels, werewolves, vampires, dragon riders, you name it. The school was created for a purpose...
  • riders
  • pack
  • academy
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A Lycan's Hybrid Mate by jessikachinquee15
A Lycan's Hybrid Mateby ♧Vÿbzÿ_J♧
I felt deep heavy breathes fanning my face. I hesitantly looked up. 'Damn it Kage! You're a hybrid! Stop acting scared!' I mentally scolded myself. I looked up to lock g...
  • romance
  • wattys2018
  • lycan
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Once Upon A Dream • K.M. by RejectsandDirections
Once Upon A Dream • K.M.by A
"I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream." In which a hybrid and a girl can't get out of each other's heads. Book One
  • salvatore
  • finn
  • vampire
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Cricket by xwillowee
Cricketby xwillowee
Witches come of age when they turn 18--the age where they reach the full potential of their power and magical abilities. Cricket Kendall's birthday is a little more than...
  • harem
  • pack
  • wolves
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Just Like Magic ➳ Benny Weir✔️ by lol80s
Just Like Magic ➳ Benny Weir✔️by ▻ ellie ◅
"Remember the times when Lily was the Princess Leia to my Han Solo?" "Okay, first, in no universe are you Han," [My babysitters a vampire //Benny Wei...
  • whitechapel
  • mybabysittersavampire
  • fanfiction
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Dop·pel·gäng·er | H. Potter by adoreavvengers
Dop·pel·gäng·er | H. Potterby M0NSE!
❝ Elena makes me fall in love with her all over again. ❞ ELENA WEASLEY - HARRY POTTER ( golden trio ) ( HARRY POTTER x FEMALE OC )
  • theweasleys
  • elenaweasley
  • harrypotterxreader
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Touch Me ✔ by CaitSarai
Touch Me ✔by Caitlin
[Completed] ''I was born in flames and chaos. In one moment, I didn't exist at all. In another, air was tearing through the flesh of my lungs.'' Deep in an unknown fores...
  • reverse-harem
  • romance
  • witch
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Wicca Basics by timegirl6176
Wicca Basicsby stacey emory
Everything you would want to know and learn all in one book.
  • witch
  • wiccan
  • wicca
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Save Me | YoonMin Fanfiction by LittleWitchOC
Save Me | YoonMin Fanfictionby Maria Violetta
Park Jimin is a regular human boy who finds himself in front of a mansion in the outskirts of a bustling city, which will be his new home. He enters the mansion and as h...
  • taekook
  • yoonmin
  • gay
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Double Hybrid by Hanaadi05
Double Hybridby Hanaadi.G1
Crystal is a double hybrid. 1/4 vampire 1/4 werewolf 1/4 witch and 1/4 mermaid Her dad is werewolf and vampire Her mum is witch and mermaid That's partly the reason why...
  • mermaid
  • witch
  • werewolves
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Wailing Wolf ☾N.M by OriginalReh
Wailing Wolf ☾N.Mby ☽ℜ𝔢𝔥𝔱𝔞𝔢𝔥☾
❩She bleeds darkness and screams death❨ ✦ ❝If my night gets any worse, I'm asking hell if they're having an exchange p...
  • rebekahmikaelson
  • immortal
  • lovestory
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