The counselor(Ariana/you) by bieberbible
The counselor(Ariana/you)by bieberbible
The most beautiful thoughts are always inside the darkest
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My Husband's A Wife by OurInnocentSin
My Husband's A Wifeby ⋆our innocent sin⋆
About the arranged marriage to a billionaire's "son".
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  • dark
  • cutecouple
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Bittersweet Friendship by FeistyMoonlight
Bittersweet Friendshipby ♡
Growing up, all Abigail Swanson ever wanted was for her best friend Isabel Dean to notice her. Not just as a friend, but something more. At first Abigail thought it was...
  • admiration
  • drama
  • innocent
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Chasing Miss Conner  •OLD VERSION• by herlittlenightmare
Chasing Miss Conner •OLD VERSION•by Kaytlyn ✨
•GirlxGirl• |I want to wake each morning in your arms comforted by your oddity seduced by your knowledge of my ways and I want you to crack my heart of glass| "Mi...
  • lesbian
  • student
  • teacher
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[BHTT - Edit] Ái Tình Quy Hoa Cục - Yêu Tam by BachLinh113
[BHTT - Edit] Ái Tình Quy Hoa Cụ Bách Linh
Văn án gốc: Hành lang một tấc tương tư, lạc nguyệt thành cô ỷ. Lưng đèn cùng nguyệt liền hoa âm, đã là mười năm tung tích mười năm tâm. Nàng, mười lăm tuổi năm đó gặp p...
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SCHIZ (completed) by YunqCraze
SCHIZ (completed)by B 🖍
(studxstud) Lit cover by @omoovoxo - Thanks! ❤️ schizophrenia /skits·fre·ne·ah/ noun 1. • an disorder that affects a person's ability to think, fe...
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runaway ⇝ camren (g!p) ✓  by SparklyCamila
runaway ⇝ camren (g!p) ✓ by —DANIELLE—
(Book #1. The Sequel is called LOTTO) (Completed) Camila was Lauren's, and everybody knew it. ------------------------------------------------------- A story about a tr...
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obsessed. (billie eilish girlxgirl) by slutforeilish
obsessed. (billie eilish girlxgirl)by dragmedowntohell
billie put her thumb on my chin and closed her eyes. i see where this is going. book about luna's sudden obsession with billie eilish. an album and a concert later, obse...
  • fanfiction
  • obsessed
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My Dad's Girlfriend by prettyliar0199
My Dad's Girlfriendby prettyliar0199
A year after Emily's mom passes away, her dad meets a new woman but she's a little younger than him. In fact, much younger. Alison, at 26 years old and Emily, at 17 year...
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  • girlfriend
  • romance
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Chemistry by Teddy_writes
Chemistryby Teddy
The school knows Ezra as the mysterious badass who always speaks her mind, but the truth is that she is barely holding on. She is forced to work long hours to support he...
  • romance
  • lgbt
  • loveislove
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Dark Desires by chekhovchekhov
Dark Desiresby Elizaveta
When Bellatrix dies in front of her eyes, Hermione finds herself in a difficult position. A part of her wants to save Bellatrix, but will she be able to? And what will t...
  • bellamione
  • fanfic
  • angst
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Red Butterflies//Swanqueen by lanasparilla
Red Butterflies//Swanqueenby Swanqueen, OQ🌈🔥
Regina Mills is a 22 years old Teacher at Storybrooke High, Emma Swan is a 19 years old Student there. What will happen if Emma sees no other way than blackmailing her h...
  • jennifermorrison
  • girlxgirl
  • highschool
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Shawn by doolz86
Shawnby Lanese
Shawnette Heard & Janet Jackson... need I say more???
  • lesbian
  • shawnetteheard
  • romance
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Loving A Woman. (Lesbian Story) [Futanari]  by TabooSavage
Loving A Woman. (Lesbian Story) [ UniMaid
"All I want for you is the promise that you'll stay away from her. What Chris does is up to her." "And you'll honour that? If she wants me....anyway...if...
  • romance
  • futa
  • interracial
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Prove Me Wrong COMPLETED by SabrinaSpicer7
Prove Me Wrong COMPLETEDby Sabrina Spicer
Addison Wilcox hasn't had an easy bringing up. Living and fighting on the streets, she found herself lost in the world. She was told that she wasn't good enough to do an...
  • teenfiction
  • doctor
  • fighter
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The Unknown Woman || Camren (English Version) by SheDesiresCamila
The Unknown Woman || Camren ( SheLovesControl
"This will be your second best night Camila Cabello", she whispered in my ear. She dewormed me again. She put her right hand on my waist and her fingers of her...
  • english
  • loveislove
  • camren
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Problematic (Billie Eilish) by iamaliciaa
Problematic (Billie Eilish)by ALI
- A bunch of Billie Eilish imagines -
  • gayaf
  • girl
  • xreader
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The Hidden Side of Bellatrix- A Bellamione Fanfiction by TheUnicornsDragon
The Hidden Side of Bellatrix- A TheUnicornsDragon
After an incident involving The Dark Lord and Bellatrix occurs, Bellatrix decides to take a different approach, its a life changing decision for Bellatrix and she's hopi...
  • helenabonhamcarter
  • bellamione
  • harrypotter
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Can't Hold Back by _istoleyourcrown_
Can't Hold Backby _istoleyourcrown_
This story is about two soon to be step sisters named Kayloni & Mechelle that have fell in love and can't stand the thought of there mom and dad getting married.
  • lesbian
  • lgbt
  • girlxgirl
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She Loves Her ( GirlxGirl, Lesbian story) by khateerahsprints
She Loves Her ( GirlxGirl, khateerahsprints
•COMPLETED• [FOR MAJOR EDITING] a REALIZATION on the REALITY of LOVE: Love knows no age, religion, nationality and even GENDER! This story might be odd for some r...
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