My Sister's Best Friend [GxG] by wizardsandthrones
My Sister's Best Friend [GxG]by zoë
"You didn't think that I was going to just leave it at that, did you?" Aspen asked in a whisper. Vera's breath turned ragged. "What?" Vera asked...
  • sister
  • bisexual
  • teenfiction
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The Bad Girl's Kit Kat (GirlxGirl) by cuddlefxck
The Bad Girl's Kit Kat (GirlxGirl)by Melody
Skylar Cadwell is the school's bad girl. She's rude, sex crazed, and doesn't give a shit about anyone but herself. But when she meets Kiersten Angeles, a new student who...
  • wattpride
  • romance
  • lgbt
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New family  by Tyler1920
New family by Tyler1920
Edward is a 17 year old girl who after many years of living with her mom she's forced to live with her father who abandoned her before she was even born. She must find a...
  • futa
  • stepsiblings
  • rich
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I'll Reach For You (GirlXGirl) by Dreamondreamer96
I'll Reach For You (GirlXGirl)by Dreamondreamer96
Skylar Mason lives the perfect life with her parents, but one day her father a social worker decides to bring home a girl who he has been struggling to find a home to. S...
  • romance
  • fiction
  • girlxgirl
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Kiss your Bride (complete, lesbian, girlxgirl) by silverdranchma
Kiss your Bride (complete, §ilverdranchma
Devon Richard Robinson buried herself in the family business, and all she wants is to be handling the business. But when Richard Robinson has plans, it doesn't matter ho...
  • lesbian
  • love
  • marriage
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The Omega by theLycanQueen5066
The Omegaby Lycan
Cover by: violentpurple ~~~~~~~ Book 1 of 'The' Series. Skylar Hale is the next Alpha for the Blood-Moon pack, She is also the only Alpha that hasn't met their mate bef...
  • supernatural
  • lgbt
  • omega
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Time goes by... [COMPLETED] by shadowheart1000
Time goes by... [COMPLETED]by shadowheart1000
Nicloe Erickson or "Cole" is an outcast straight A's student who was bullied throughout of highscool, and being an out-of-the-closet lesbian doesn't help eith...
  • secrets
  • girls
  • hate
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Fly High (Completed) (GirlxGirl) (FanFiction) by JacquelineDohim
Fly High (Completed) (GirlxGirl) ( Jacqueline Dohim
What happen when a female pilot and a supermodel cross path? A story consist of money, popularity, paparazzi, juicy gossip and romance? Read to find out.
  • fanfiction
  • lovestory
  • sliceoflife
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My Annoying Neighbour(Lesbian Story) by fxxkyoubij
My Annoying Neighbour(Lesbian Alex
Caroline was watering her adored flowers when out of nowhere a huge truck invaded her serene moment, not only the ten wheels vehicle blocked the sun, but it made loud ir...
  • lgbt
  • cute
  • humor
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Changing For Love Book 1 COMPLETED by SabrinaSpicer7
Changing For Love Book 1 COMPLETEDby Sabrina Spicer
Zoè is being dragged into yet another bar by her friend, and being forced to be the designated driver. Zoè finds it hard watching her friend drink her life away. She usu...
  • teenfiction
  • book1
  • lesbian
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Rejection | gxg by charliewhitestars
Rejection | gxgby whitestars
"Once an outcast always an outcast."
  • freelgbt
  • acceptance
  • general
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The Bet (GirlxGirl) by DunkelEngel
The Bet (GirlxGirl)by DunkelEngel
Katherine Hills had it all, she was extremely beautiful but yet intelligent and ambitious. She had money and amazing parents who would do anything for her. She was the m...
  • completed
  • romance
  • drama
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bring it on freaks  by Dark_N_Kawaii
bring it on freaks by 🍬有平糖🍫
⚠might make u horny⚠ Im Stephanie a jr cheerleader who's about to get sexual and freaky. If you think things could get any more freaky then watch an see.
  • wattys2018
  • drama
  • teenromance
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Unexpectedly Falling in Love - Book 1 by Niquey_rock
Unexpectedly Falling in Love - Niq The Quick
Alexandra Stratton - Star Athlete, Sexy, somewhat of a player, and Gay. Jessica Osborne - Student body president, Beautiful, and Bi. When they meet and get closer, one...
  • lesbian
  • highschool
  • unexpected
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Crossed Paths by yellowfrickatron
Crossed Pathsby Tidy Whites
Keri and Maia are complete strangers yet go to the same school. Maia is the captain of the Girls' Soccer team whereas Keri is the former Cheerleader Captain. Sure, they'...
  • lesbian
  • gay
  • lgbtq
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Bleeding Color by AdrienneCivetti
Bleeding Colorby Adrienne
Cameron "Cammie" Bailey is used to moving every few years, so spending her senior year in a new place starting over once again doesn't seem to faze her. The co...
  • lesbian
  • taygetsthegay
  • freethelgbt
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Chasing Miss Conner  •OLD VERSION• by herlittlenightmare
Chasing Miss Conner •OLD VERSION•by Kaytlyn ✨
•GirlxGirl• |I want to wake each morning in your arms comforted by your oddity seduced by your knowledge of my ways and I want you to crack my heart of glass| "Mi...
  • girlxgirl
  • drama
  • bisexual
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When I See You Again (gxg)  by AveryChasteling10
When I See You Again (gxg) by AveryChasteling10
What will happen if you finally saw your ex best friend after a very long time of separation? Will you be able to salvage your friendship or will you be able to rebuild...
  • teen
  • lesbianromance
  • teenfiction
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Ruining Fame (Girl X Girl) by _jessica_mai
Ruining Fame (Girl X Girl)by Jessica Mai
Olive Mencher, a finishing senior at Columbia University in New Yorks most expensive entering a career in Journalism. Her life is finally beginning when she lands an int...
  • fiction
  • lgbtq
  • lesbian
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