s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 103

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I'm about to start tugging on your heart strings :)  Do you know why?  Because I'm EVIL!


            “So when do we learn the name of this club?” asks Shaun as she puts a friendly arm around Camilla.  They are all at the new club. 

            “That comes later,” says Camilla as they move over to a very large corner table that is reserved just for them.  “Right now, we’re sitting the fuck down and we’re going to enjoy.”

            “Where is Jo?” asks Nina as she sat down next to Bev.  Nina notices that Bev looks ravishing in a pair of jeans and a crisp white men’s dress shirt that is unbuttoned, wearing a black wife beater underneath. 

            “She’s up there,” says Shaun in an odd tone, pointing to the stage as a hush begins to overtake the crowd because the music has stopped and lulled them to attention.

            “Evening,” says Jo into the mic her blonde hair glimmering in the light, much longer than it usually is, falling into her stormy blue eyes. 

            Harley gets up as if on cue.  She moves gracefully through the crowd, her luscious blonde hair cascading down over her shoulders.  Harley mounts the stage from the wings and when she does, Jo continues.  “Most of you know that I’m the proud owner of a club, way, way, across town….”

            There is laughter in the room, and Nina elbows Bev and Bev simply shrugs. 

            “But tonight, the debut of a singer has me doing stand up.  Tonight we have Harley Hefler of the now defunct Ebony Dawn, but there is a new band here tonight, they have no name, just my daughter Spencer, her best friend Sydney, Harley and some dude named Doogie who is in his boxers back there to play drums because their friend Matt couldn’t make it,” more laughing from the crowd as Jo thumbs over her shoulder.  “So, put your hands together and welcome a few girls to the stage, oh… and the dude in the boxers…  Smiley face ones!”

            Spencer steps up to the mic, shaking her head at her mother’s antics, but it is a much different mother/daughter dynamic between them than before.  Spencer feeds off the vibe of the room, turning it right back at them, they don’t know it, but they are all getting an extra kick of energy and it is evident in the cheering.  Raising a hand to the applause, her shirt rides up and Nina nudges Bev again.  “Abs run in the family?”

            Bev laughs, watching Jo make her way over to the table, winking at Bev but not moving to go sit with her since it would mean that everyone would have to get up.  Jo mouths the words, ‘I love you’, and Bev does the same. 

            “Hey everyone… as you can see, Camilla, the lovely owner of this club, hasn’t revealed the name of the place yet.  Well, we’re about to do just that….,” announces Spencer in a sexy tone that only Rylee has ever heard before.  Rylee smiles brightly and Tegan swings an arm around her.

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