s*t*a*r*s 4 - pt 56

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s*t*a*r*s - Thriller #1 / Adventure #9 / What's Hot #135

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The chapter you have ALL been waiting for!

Slate: Clean


Forget the past

It no longer dwells here

Gone off on permanent vacation

Sent away by the owner

Wipe the slate pristine

No dust on the chalk board

Eraser slapped clean

Nothing you’ve done before

Has any bearing here

You have no past

All mistakes left behind

Fresh new outlook on life

See the dawn

For what it brings

The night no longer hollow

Instead a time to play

Enjoy what it brings to you

Learn to dance

With total abandonment

Learn to Love

With every fiber of your being

Learn to live

With the world around you

Learn to learn

So that you never become ignorant

Your Slate: Clean

Your future: In your hands



            Becca Landon walks into Spencer Astin’s room, just as she does every day.  “Hi Spence, oh they have you watching VH1 again?  Don’t they know you’re a young woman and enjoy something better?”  Becca picks up the remote control and switches it to one of the pop music channels. 

            Spencer has been with them for eight years, since she’d been eight years old.  Becca had been training to be a Physical Therapist, now Becca has her degree and is head of that department. Spencer had been born to a dead mother, who had been kept alive on machines to allow her to give birth to her daughter.  At birth, Spencer had been like this, comatose.  Her grandmother, a very young looking woman had insisted on feeding tubes and Spencer had been kept alive.  And here she was, sixteen still alive.  Closing the blinds and moving to Spencer’s bed, Becca begins the passive range of motion exercises that she does every day with Spencer.

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