s*t*a*r*s 5 - pt 77

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So its one of my newer fans, Amanda, who asked for a chapter for her birthday gift (keep in mind, I'm now going to remember that today is her BDay ;) -- Happy Birthday, Amanda! 



            Tegan adjusts the pack on her back and Rylee helps her with it.  “Are you sure?” asks Rylee, her voice croaks with fear.

            “I’m sure, we have to find help.  We have to get Natalie out here, we have to do something, hell I’d settle for Amy action right now,” says Tegan.

            “I think I should go with you,” says Rylee.  She has to keep her distance from Spencer, whenever she is close, Spencer gets angrier, or so it seems.  That’s not good for either of them.

            Sydney bends to tie her boot.  “Why?”

            “Because Spencer might calm down if I’m gone.  She came after me, not after anyone else and she growls when I’m close,” says Rylee.  Her emotions are all over the map and she needs to be away from her. 

            Sydney grimaces, she looks over at Spencer and at Abby who is finally warming up.  Her pants are dry and she’s shrugged them on. 

            “Abs, thoughts?” asks Sydney.

            “I think Rylee is right, she needs to put some distance between her and Spence.  I know you know the woods better, but that serves well here too, we need food we need to make some sort of camp.  It gets cold in Maine at night, even during this time of year.”

            Sydney tells them how to walk, to keep the sun to one side, walk for an hour then turn back around.  She’ll fish and gather some berries while they are gone.  Tegan gives them each a hug and she and Rylee walk away. 

            Once they are out of earshot, Sydney finds some firewood and starts to pile it.  Abby helps, but she’s weak and not feeling well.  “You can sit, Abs.”

            “I gotta move, I can’t stay still.”

            Sydney nods.  After a while, she goes over to Spencer, who looks up at her, eyes narrow, her fangs bared.  Sitting just out of reach, Sydney crosses her legs and stares at her.  “Spencer, can you hear me?”

            Abby winces when she speaks to Spencer.

            Spencer emits a low growl.

            “I know you’re in there, you’re just down to the basics.  That deep human basic of survival.  I know you can hear me.  I know that you’re going to be okay, I know that we’re going to be okay, but you need to fight, fight it Spencer, this is your body.  You can batten this down and be yourself again,” whispers Sydney.  She bites her lip, watching Spencer shake her head.  She digs into her pocket and pulls out a Swiss Army knife.

            “Syd, what are you doing?” calls out Abby. 

            “She didn’t go after the blood to hurt Rylee.  She went for her to help calm her,” says Sydney.  “I think that’s what it is.  In Jo’s journals Amy did it a few times with her, gave her her blood to calm her, maybe it’s a soul mate thing?  Or just a circle thing?”

            Abby grabs her hand and Sydney meets her eyes.  Abby sees a deep flicker of abandonment in her eyes.  Something wild and unbridled bubbles deep in Sydney.  “No, don’t do that.  What if it makes her worse?”

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