s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 32

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            “What?” yells Emma as the portal winks out of existence.  Then, a new one appears just as Rylee is regaining her feet.

            Amy, carrying Jo appears, then a second later, Shelby.

            “Jesus,” says Mike, he rushes over to grab Shelby, kissing her as he sweeps her off her feet. “You’re alive...”

            “Mike,” whispers Shelby, tears flooding her eyes and spilling down her cheeks.  “She so gorgeous you did a good job.  I’m so sorry, I don’t know how it happened, but…  Mike…”

            “We did, we did a great job,” smiles Mike.  He cups her face and stares into her eyes.  He just wants to go home and hide in a room and never let her go again.  “It’s okay, you’re home.”

            “Where are they?” yells Tegan, looking for Spencer and Sydney.

            “Saying goodbye,” says Shelby.  “The cave is collapsing, and Spencer is holding it together, she wanted us out before she let go.”

            “NO!  God fucking damn it, NO!” yells Rylee.  “AH! Why did she do it!”

            Then Sydney appears and Rylee runs for the portal, but it is gone before she gets there, Sydney catching her.  Holding her tight as sobs wrack her.

            “Wedding?” asks Darci.

            “Yup,” states Emma confidently.

            “Bad vision?” asks Darci.  She looks at Emma who seems nonplussed about what was happening.

            Amy sets Jo on the ground and pushes Jo’s oddly long hair away from her face.  It’s wet and clings to her pale skin.  She’s warm.  Alive and warm and feels exactly like she used to years before. 

            “Nope,” says Emma as they move to where Jo is now lying on the ground.  “Amy, I think I’ve got it from here.”

            “But, Em,” says Darci, thinking that Emma isn’t the healer, she is.

            “All in the wrist,” says Emma, she takes out a knife, letting it slide down from its hiding place in her sleeve, and plunges it into Jo’s heart.


            Spencer pulls off her shirt and reveals that she is wearing a diving suit, black and slick, fitting her every curve.  Struggling to get her shoe off and her pants, Spencer finally tears off the prosthetic and tosses it aside with a smile on her lips.  “All right, you’re so gone.”

            “Be there, Lee, be there,” whispers Spencer as the cave begins to fold up into itself and Spencer dives into the pool of water that will lead her out.  The water washing over her body energizes her, and she swims to the tunnel that she knows is there.  If she can harness enough energy from the tumbling rocks, the water around her and the plant life that still resides here, Spencer may be able to get out.



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