s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 101

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            Jo and Bev walk around at Haven Island and Natalie catches up to them.  “Hey kiddo,” says Jo.  “How are they doing?” Natalie had gone to check on the girls.

“They are talking about their upcoming concert.  I guess they are fine,” snorts Natalie.  “I don’t understand teenagers.  An hour ago they were flat on their backs and now they are reading thoughts and all fine with it.”

Jo shrugs and hops from one leg to another.

Bev trails behind, rolling her eyes at Jo’s very child like antics.  In the past week, Jo has fallen into a very playful and carefree way, her attitude is intoxicating.  It doesn’t give Bev much time to remember that Jo is dying; it is only making her wish that it wasn’t true.

            “Oh and kiddo?  Kiddo?  I’m the head mistress of this place and you are calling me kiddo?” asks Nat.  She hugs Jo quickly and then turns to Bev.  “Welcome to Haven Island by the way.”  She then turns to Jo, and in a stage whisper says, “I never notices before but she’s kinna tall.”

            Bev laughs and gets a hug from Nat.  The rest of the parents are milling around but Bev doesn’t know where. “Thank you for the welcome.  This place is amazing, when Angelica is old enough, I’d love for her to come to a place like this, surrounded by such history.”  The conversation is interrupted by Spencer, Rylee and Abby, who were coming down the stairway rather loudly.

            “I’m not doing it, no way, I’m not singing that song!” says Spencer as she moves down the stairs, Rylee and Abby not far behind.  Rylee is shaking her head forlornly, and Abby looks to be giggling.  “Mom do you mind saving me?”

            “An hour ago they woke up from being gifted with new telepathy and look at them now,” says Jo.  “You’re right, I don’t get teenagers.”

            “You are being a prude!” shots back Rylee.  “Hi Aunt Jo, Bev.”  She swats Spencer’s ass and Spencer turns, wagging a finger at her girlfriend. 

            “Prude?  Me?  The woman who is sleeping with you is being a…,” Spencer stops, seeing her mother there, “…prude…”

            “Should we disregard the sleeping together comment?” asks Jo, her arms crossed over her chest.  Bev covers her mouth with her hand, stifling the laughter that brims there.  Natalie’s dark blue eyes blaze.

“No sex while you are here,” reminds Natalie.

“We weren’t here,” says Spencer.  “When we were…..  having…. Sex…”

“So I should disregard the sex talk?” asks Jo again. 

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