s*t*a*r*s 10 - pt 174

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“Hey, are we sharing a room?” asks Spencer to Rylee as they pack.  Spencer picks up a pair of socks, smells them and throws them back into the dresser.

“No!” says Rylee and then laughs at the look on Spencer’s face.  “Do you think our parents will be okay with that?”

Spencer shrugs.  “My parents are fuck bunnies!  They don’t care.  Who knows, we can ask them.”

“So, I was going to ask you guys about that,” says Tegan sitting on her suitcase to get it to close.  “Matt can’t come. So who am I rooming with?”

“That sucks,” says Abby.  “Liam is coming, but only because Jo called his dad and told them they could come.  I guess this resort is a huge place?  There are villas and houses and then a centralized hotel?  We don’t have to share rooms, Tegan.”

“It’s a BDSM resort, the place is huge, we could go days without seeing each other,” snorts Spencer.  They all turn and look at her.  “What?”

“Wait, like The Lost and Found?” says Rylee, her face pales. 

“Yeah, but they hire subs and they have members that pay huge money to live there part of the year.  Wait, didn’t your parents tell you that?” asks Spencer.

“NO!” yell the other girls in unison.

Spencer blushes.  “Oh.”

“Wait,” says Rylee, very flustered, her breath coming in hot little gasps.  “Are there going to be…. Subs there?”

“No,” says Spencer.  She then cocks her head and stares at her.  An oddness washes over Spencer.  “You want there to be?”

Rylee shakes her head hard. “No!”

“Rylee…,” says Sydney with a laugh.  “You are the one who went to The Lost and Found.”

Rylee’s face turns bright red and she swallows hard. 

Spencer sits on her bed, crossing her arms.  “We never did talk about that, did we?” says Spencer. 

“We are not talking about it with everyone in the room,” growls Rylee. 

“Ohhh kay!” says Tegan. She tucks a strand of hair behind her ear.  “I can only imagine.”

“I’m betting not,” says Abby with a laugh. 

“You know, don’t you?” asks Spencer.  She gets up from her bed and launches herself at Abby.  Who yelps and moves out of the way.  “Tell me what she did,” says Spencer playfully.

“Oh my god, leave Abs alone!  I’ll tell you, just... later…”

Spencer bites her lower lip and looks heatedly at Rylee.  “Non, I want you to show me.”

Tegan closes her eyes and covers her ears. “OH MY GOD!”

“I gotta pee,” says Rylee, scurrying from the room.

They all look at Spencer.  “What?”

“You are going after her?” asks Abby.

“Non.”  Spencer smiles.

“No?” asks Tegan.  “You are so weird.”

Spencer sighs and goes off to follow Rylee into the bathroom.  She knocks.  “Open up.”

“No I’m peeing.”

“You are not, you’re too close to the door to be peeing or your pissing on the floor, come on.”

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