s*t*a*r*s 4 - pt 64

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So I've been editing ALL day!  My novel, The Girls Next Door, and I'm not even close to done.  This is what happens when someone writes a 100K word novel (380+pgs).  I'm calling it quitting time and thought, oh, why not, let's post another chapter.  Right? Rock on dot com!  Don't forget to vote! 



            Hustling everyone out of the room, Amy Astin holds the door open; Jo and Emma have already exited the building through the gaping hole that she’s made.  One angry blast is all it had taken, of course, having Jo rolling her eyes at her had only fueled her anger. 

            “Let’s go people!” yells Amy. 

            “Where is Alysse?” asks Rosita as she looks around. 

            “She was right behind me,” says Camilla looks around frantically.

            “Mother fucker,” says Jo, darting over the debris before Bev or Emma can stop her.  A fresh fire has started up in the kitchen, sparked by fuel from the plane more than likely.  Jo coughs, forgetting for a moment that she is completely human and isn’t protected by virtual immortality.  “Alysse!” yells Jo as she pushes the doors of the kitchen open, seeing Alysse instantly.  A section of the wall has fallen, and Alysse’s leg is caught under a beam. 

            “Get out of here, look,” says Alysse, pointing to the flame that is getting closer to the pool of fuel.  Scared beyond reason, Alysse is dirty and shaking, thinking of all the things that she’d yet to do in life, like settle down, be in love, leave the drama behind.  Instead she is going to die here.

            “Not without you, I’ll get my ass kicked,” says Jo with a grunt.  “What you are about to see, you never saw, you repeat it, and I’ll have to kill you, do you understand me?” asks Jo severely.

            “Yeah… sure…,” mutters Alysse wondering why Jo is being all melodramatic with her at a time like this. 

            Jo kneels next to her, grabbing Alysse’s shoulders, “I’ll leave you hear to die, you say anything and you endanger my daughter’s life, now swear to me!”

            “I-I-I-I swear…,” swallows Alysse her ankle on fire and Jo seems to be accessing something in her mind, or listening, Alysse isn’t sure.

            “I swear…,” mutters Jo.  Digging deep, feeling the power inside of her click on, reaching out and using Amy’s powers to move the section of the wall without touching it, Alysse’s mouth drops, and Jo pulls her to her feet.  “Not a word.”

            “Who’d believe me?” blares Alysse.  Jo and Alysse begin to move quickly towards the doors as the flames finally makes their way to the fuel, exploding, sending Alysse and Jo careening through the doors.


             “Humph,” groans Sydney falling over onto her side and panting. 

            Rylee plops down next to Sydney.  She can’t breathe her lungs are on fire and Natalie seems intent on making them sweat, a lot to day. 

            Jayden jogs passed them.  “Get up, come on, two more laps around the field.  Some of the demons you might fight won’t be affected by your powers, come on, you have to learn to run.  You have to be in great physical shape, get up!”

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