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Look at at him!!!!

Michael in black and white is so beautiful like Jesus Christ


I'm writing a new WG book called "Love Has No Number"

It's pretty sad and it's a fucking feels train


This is short and I'm sorry

I changed a small detail, hope that's okay ❤


{1004 words}
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Rachel woke up and turned over, seeing Michael no longer laying next to her and she sat up, confused. She then heard a loud retching noise and she walked into the bathroom, seeing Michael sitting on the edge of the tub and holding a bin in his hands, disgusting brown vomit spilling out of his mouth and into the bin. "Oh baby." Rachel cooed and walked over to the poor boy, "I-I-I do-on't feel g-good Rach." Michael whimpered out and she noticed how much he was sweating, probably from his obviously high fever. "Sweetie, you need to calm down okay? You're just making yourself more ill." The Spanish girl cooed and Michael took deep breaths, eventually setting the bin down as he finally was done being sick. "My tummy hurts so fucking much." Michael cried as he wrapped his shaky arms around his churning stomach, clutching it tightly to try and relieve the pain. Rachel got up and grabbed the thermometer, putting it in Michael's ear and the blue haired boy huffed, his belly letting out a loud rumbling noise and he winced. "104.2, Mikey we need to lower that." She commented, "I-I wanna go to bed." Michael shivered, letting out a small up and spitting out bile into the bin. "Okay baby boy." Rachel cooed and helped him stand, taking him to bed after he used some mouthwash to get rid of the nasty taste in his mouth. Rachel laid down with him ad rubbed his poor tummy, helping him fall asleep and she fell asleep with him, not wanting to wake up to what she did. The rest of the following day, Michael was constantly burping and vomiting, Rachel of course feeling bad but the belches were driving her mad. The pale boy was sleeping a lot through the day, his illness making him rather lethargic and he couldn't do much, so he wasn't that tired when they had to go to bed, making him spend his time bugging Rachel because he was rather delirious due to his high fever. "Rach? Rach? Raaaaaach?" Michael babbled as he poked her cheek, "What Michael?" She asked, trying to stay calm even though he was seriously getting on her nerves. "Do you think that lobsters are mermaids to scorpions?" He asked and she sighed, "It's 3 am, go to sleep." Rachel mumbled, "But I'm not sleepyyyy." He giggled. "Michael, just try and sleep. You need it." She sighed and Michael huffed, "Fine meanie bo beanie." Michael pouted and he laid in his side, facing away from Rachel and being quiet for about 5 minutes before he started having tummy pains and she rubbed his belly for him, keeping her up all night. At around 7 am she finally fell asleep and she slept for a solid hour before Michael woke her up, rather hyper still and burping like mad. "Michael cover your mouth!" She groaned and Michael just giggled, wrapping his arms around her, "Cuddle?" Michael babbled and Rachel rolled her eyes, "Go away." She mumbled, "No." He giggled, "I hate you." Rachel sighed, "I looooove you." Michael giggled and Rachel smiled. Michael kept burping and burping, not even bothering to muffle them as he didn't think of doing so and he was keeping her up, making her extremely annoyed and frustrated. "Strawberry?" Michael asked once the clock hit 9 am, "What?" She asked, "Can we have breakfast?" He asked and pouted cutely, making her heart melt slightly. "Okay Mikey." She mumbled and got up, Michael following her downstairs and watching her cook eggs and toast, thanking her when she handed him the plate and he ate it all, probably not the best idea but whatever. Rachel laid on the couch and hoped to get some sleep, not expecting Michael to come over and lay next to her, pulling her into his chest and laying a blanket over them. After a few minutes, Michael let out a flurry of burps and Rachel rolled her eyes, "I have to I'm siiiiiick." Michael whined and she giggled, "Whatever." She mumbled and fell back asleep for an hour or so, waking up to more burps and she just gave up at trying to sleep, looking up and seeing Michael put a movie on, fumbling with buttons as he was still rather weak and she giggled, turning on the movie he wanted and he kissed her head in thanks, holding her close. He saw her fall asleep on his chest and he smiled at her, playing with her hair as he tried his very best to be quiet when he burped, wanting her to get some sleep as he felt guilty about keeping her awake so often. Although, a few burps slipped out and he accidentally woke her up, "No, baby go back to sleep, I didn't mean to wake you up I'm sorry." He cooed, making her smile and hug him tightly. "Sleep strawberry." He whispered and rubbed her back until she fell asleep, then doing the same.

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