Pudgy Prince

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Michael was the prince of Arendelle, being 20 and getting close to his coronation next year. Michael wasn't a normal prince, he didn't wear the big fancy crown atop his head, he didn't wear the formal clothes unless it was a special occasion, he had bright red hair that was stuck up all over the place instead of neatly combed, he wore skinnies and tshirts, and he had a rather pudgy frame. Now, Michael has always been an eater, loving to steal sweets from the kitchen or take an extra serving of something at dinner, even though his father would remind him that was rude. Everyone in the kingdom knew the way to the red haired prince's heart was through his tummy, food basically being his best friend and it took a toll on his figure, not that he gave 2 shits about it. Currently, Michael was sitting at the dinner table, having finished his second serving of dinner and too nervous to ask for more, not wanting to be scolded by his mother and father, so the pale prince sat there quietly as his tummy growled slightly, thankfully their dessert would come soon and he could fill his belly more. "Michael, you must go to bed." His mother cooed, "But, what about dessert mother?" Michael asked as he stood up, trying to wrap his arms around his tummy that was poking out from his tight tshirt. "None tonight Michael, can't have you staying help late from sugar." She smiled and he nodded, sighing as he walked to his bedroom, he quickly took off his tight jeans and let his belly fall out, putting on sweats and taking off his tshirt, flopping down onto his king sized bed and whining into his pillow, his belly growling and he rolled onto his side, going under the fluffy comforter and rubbing his tummy, a habit he had developed as he realized that it helped him fall asleep and it felt nice. Although tonight, he couldn't seem to get to sleep as his gut kept growling like a wild animal at him. "Fine you win." He huffed as he got up, tip toeing into the kitchen to grab some food to quickly take back to his room. He looked through the large restaurant-like kitchen cabinets and he opened the fridge, his mouth watering at what he saw inside. There was a perfectly decorated chocolate cake inside, Michael took it out and set it on one of the metal counters, finding a knife and cutting himself a slice, which led to 2, then somehow ending up eating the entire cake and he was leaning against the counter and he had a hand on his bloated tummy, rubbing it softly to ease his tummyache from the large amount of chocolate he had consumed. The lights flicked on and Michael froze, expecting to be scolded by a maid but instead he just heard a sweet, comforting voice. "Are you okay?" He heard and turned his head, seeing probably the most attractive boy in the fucking kingdom, "Y-yeah, I just kinda ate the whole cake and now I have a bellyache." Michael blushed, extremely embarrassed and the brunette boy walked over to him, wrapping his arms around Michael's soft waist and giving him a gentle hug, his hand resting on Michael's round tummy and the prince smiled. "I'm Calum by the way." The tan boy smiled and Michael smiled back, "I'm glad you enjoyed my cake." Calum joked and Michael froze, "Th-that was yours?" He blushed, "I just made it for fun, it's fine." Calum smiled and Michael looked down, blushing a darker red than his hair and he let out a small yawn. "Let's get you back to bed Michael." Calum cooed and walked the pale boy back to his bedroom, his hand not leaving Michael's belly until he tucked Michael into bed, kissing his forehead before leaving the room and cleaning up Michael's mess, finding the pudgy prince adorable. After that day, the two boy's became very close and when he wants vusy, Michael would sneak into the kitchen to talk to Calum as well as steal some snacks. Michael was sitting on a stool next to Calum, his belly forming 3 squishy rolls of pudge as he watched the cook make a dish, Calum letting him lick the spoons and such. Michael was licking the frosting covered spoon and Calum giggled, "What?" Michael asked, "You have chocolate on your nose." Calum giggled and kissed it off, making Michael blush and then he felt a pair of lips on his, making him stop the silver spoon in his hand as he kissed back, cupping Calum's cheeks. Michael pulled away, "W-wow." He mumbled, never having kissed someone before. "Your lips taste like sugar." Calum smiled and Michael chuckled, pecking his lips. Now Michael and Calum were officially together having told the king and queen as well as Calum's parents about them being together, although Michael's father was a bit disapproving of them, but got used to it quickly. Michael and Calum were laying in Michael's bed, the prince the little spoon as Calum held him close to his chest, rubbing his bare belly and Michael smiled as his boyfriend rubbed soft circles into his skin. Michael had gotten bigger since they had started dating, not that he was complaining, he liked the weight he was putting on to a certain extent, getting insecure about his belly or the stretch marks on his skin, but Calum showing him tons of love. "Calum?" Michael whispered and the chef hummed in response, "Do you think I'm getting too big?" Michael asked. "Kitty of course not. You could never be too big for me, you're so big and beautiful, you're getting prettier everyday love and I couldn't ask for a sexier or better boyfriend." Calum smiled and kissed Michael softly, patting his pudgy belly and Michael smiled as he pulled away then falling in Calum's strong arms.

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