Bubble gum

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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS.

Remake of the other "Bubble gum" entry

More detailed and it's longer

Fat Mikey (600 pounds)

Drunk Mikey lol

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{1372 words}
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It was Michael's birthday and the night was coming to a close, after a party and tons of cake and soda that was causing Michael's belly to look like an over-inflated beach ball, "I think it's time to sleep off all this cake." Michael mumbled as he stood up, about to waddle upstairs but Luke stopping him. "Before you go to bed, go outside and see your last present." Calum smiled and Michael nodded, waddling outside and his eyes blew wider than the moon when he saw what was waiting for him outside. "A truckload of Wonka bars?!" Michael exclaimed and his 3 bandmates nodded, knowing of his love for the Willie Wonka candy products, he tackled them in a hug, making them go into a dog pile on the floor somehow. "I love you guys so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Michael exclaimed, "You're welcome, now get off! You're squishing us!" Calum laughed and Michael got off them, laughing too and he then waddled over to the moving truck, pushing open the huge door and dozens of candy bars poured out like a waterfall, piling up to Michael's knees. "Oh my god." He muttered, "Eat up birthday boy." Luke smirked and Michael dived into the pile, immediately devouring at least 3 chocolate bars at once. It took about 2 hours until Michael swallowed the last bar, "I'm so full." Michael groaned as he rubbed his huge belly, it was the size of a yoga ball and somehow his flannel was still buttoned, but the buttons looked like if you breathed on them, they would burst open and all his pudge would be expand more as the pressure was taken away. The blue haired boy had chocolate coating his face, his fingers, and stains on his flannel, wrappers were surrounding him and he looked like he was gonna burst from all the chocolate inside him. He looked up at almost screamed at who he saw, the man everyone knew who wore a red coat and black top hat, using a cane to walk around, the man known as Willie Wonka. "How many bars did you eat?!" Wonka exclaimed, "All of them I think." Michael mumbled and burped a bit, patting his drum tight belly. "The truck can only fit a thousand." He smiled and Michael shrugged, "Well, since you love my product so much, why don't you come take a tour of the factory?" He asked and Michael's face lit up, "N-now?" He asked and Wonka nodded, "Let's just get to into the trunk because I don't you'll fit in the drivers seat." Wonka laughed and Michael chuckled, then all of them helping Michael get into the truck, Ashton staying with him so he wasn't alone. "We are going on a tour to see Wonka." Michael smiled and laid his head back, smiling wide and his eyes getting droopy. "Get some rest Mikey, it's a really long drive anyway." Ashton cooed as he put his arm around Michael shoulders, letting the blue haired boy snuggle into his chest a bit before he fell asleep. Michael woke up and noticed his belly was much smaller, now just it's usual size. "Did you make me exercise in my sleep?" Michael laughed as he got up, Ashton leading him out of the truck. "You were asleep for 10 hours." He mumbled, "10 hours?" Michael asked, "The factory is far away." Calum shrugged as he appeared with the other 3. "Ready for the tour Michael?" Wonka smiled and Michael nodded as they walked, well he waddled, inside and the smell of candies hit Michael like a truck, making his belly growl and he blushed. "How are you hungry?" Luke asked and Michael shrugged, his mouth watering as they approached the chocolate river, "You can't touch it, the last kid didn't exactly do too well afterwards because he didn't listen." Wonka warned and Michael gulped, wondering what happened to the kid who drank the chocolate. Wonka led them to this room and Michael could hear bubbles pop, as well as this strange bubbling noise and when Wonka opened the door, the smell of beer hit him and his eyes widened at the sight of all the beer in the room being created. "We also produce soda, but I had a feeling you boys would like this more." He smiled and Michael rushed over to grab a bottle, chugging down the golden liquid and his belly started to feel funny inside, "Mikey, you shouldn't drink that." Calum warned, "But, it tastes goooooood!" Michael exclaimed and then burped really loud, chugging down 3 others bottles and the funny feeling in his tummy grew. "My-my tummy feels *hic* funny." He giggled, pretty drunk as the alchol content was much more than the average beer, the blue haired boy started to float upwards and he giggled, "I'm flying!" Michael squealed as he continued to float and let out tiny burps. "Get him down." Calum mumbled, "He has to burp the bubbles out." Wonka shrugged and Michael let out a really loud burp, causing him to sink back down a bit, "Keep burping Mikey!" Ashton smiled and a flurry of burps escaped him, causing him to fall back to the ground. "Again!" Michael giggled as they helped him stand, "No Mikey, you've floated enough for one day." Luke laughed and they took him to the bubble gum room, the blue haired boy spotting a bright blue gumball and he toddled (waddled) over to it, "I-i-it look like my-my hair!" He beamed, "Put it down." Wonka warned and Michael popped it in his mouth. "No." Michael smirked, sticking his tongue out at Wonka as he chewed the gum, suddenly sobering up. "M-Mikey?" Calum stammered and Michael looked at him, "You're turning blue." Calum mumbled and the blue haired boy looked at his hands, watching slowly become blue and he screamed, then he started to swell up like a balloon, falling backwards as he got to heavy to stand and he continued to grow, stopping when he was unable to see anything but his huge sphere body. Michael groaned as he rubbed his sphere body, his body feeling tight and far too stretched out. "Mikey, can you move?" Luke asked, "I can't move an inch." Michael panted, it difficult to breathe due to his new size, "What the fuck did you do to our friend Wonka?!" Ashton screamed, "It's his fault not mine, his fault for being a pig." Wonka shrugged and Michael glared at him, "What did you say?!" Michael snapped, "You're a pig and and a slob." Wonka shrugged, "You are so lucky I can't move right now." Michael grumbled and then Ashton, Luke, and Calum began pushing him to the juice room, Michael accidentally hitting Ashton in the face with his foot and then the pushed him onto the juice press like machine, "Close your eyes Michael." Wonka instructed and Michael shut his eyes, then grunting as he felt himself getting squeezed, getting the juice pressed out of him. "This hurts- BRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPP!" Michael belched as the juice continued to leave him as he shrunk back to his normal size. "BRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPP!" He belched before pulled out of the machine, "You okay Mikey?" Ashton asked, "Kinda sore." Michael mumbled as he stretched, almost bending completely backwards and he realized how flexible he was now. Michael walked over to Wonka, punching him in the face and then attaching a hose to his mouth, "THIS IS FOR CALLING ME A PIG!" Michael snapped as he turned on the machine, melted chocolate flowing into Wonka's mouth, turning him into a sphere and Michael smirked as he turned off the machine, then putting the hose into his mouth and drinking the chocolate river dry. "I'll eat what I want!" He exclaimed as he was a sphere again, his bandmates rolling him back to the truck and taking him back home. "That was one hell of a birthday." He smiled before falling asleep in the trunk.

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