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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs.

Sorry if I didn't make Mikey as rude as you wanted, it's kinda hard to write about him being mean.

I just can't picture it

He's too precious

The movie-watching part will be rather short because I don't watch horror movies so idk what happens in most of them

Sorry if I get any other details wrong too


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"Rachel, don't be scared. You're the one who thought of this." Michael giggled as they walked into the cinema to see The Visit. "I know, but will you protect me?" She asked, "Of course my love." Michael smiled and kissed her cheek as they walked up to the snacks stand. Michael ordered a coke and Rachel knew that was a bad idea, his belly was super sensitive to carbonated drinks and he usually got air bubbles really quickly, but she let it slide considering he would deal with the consequences he knew were gonna happen later. After buying there popcorn, candy, and drinks, they got into the cinema and Michael insisted they sit in the back. "Why in the back?" Rachel asked as they sat down, "Because that way the screen is bigger and you can see every thing that's going on." He explained as he took a sip of his drink, "You're gonna regret that later." She mumbled and thankfully Mikey didn't hear her. The movie started and Rachel was getting a little nervous, Michael holding her hand as he noticed this and he muffled a tiny burp. 'And so it begins' Rachel thought as Michael burped, knowing that was the tip of the iceberg for what was gonna come later. As the movie went on, Rachel got more and more scared, but Mikey was perfectly fine, he had an almost bored expression on his face, he kept burping and Rachel wanted to be mad because she didn't like his burps, but she couldn't be, she was too nervous at the moment. "Baby girl, wanna sit on my lap so I can protect you?" Michael whispered and she nodded, getting up and sitting on his lap, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close, resting his chin on her shoulder, but then moving his head to burp. After a terrifying hour, the movie was finally over and Rachel was relieved, "You okay babe?" Michael cooed as she got off his lap, seeing they (mainly he) had finished all the food and drinks, "Just a little scared." She mumbled and Michael stood up, hugging her and kissing her softly, "I'll protect you from evil." He smirked and she giggled, then they walked out out of the cinema and got into the car, Michael burping about 10 times while they were walking. "Ugh, I think I drank too much soda." He groaned as he put a hand on his belly, rubbing it a little, "You know how sensitive your tummy is." Rachel mumbled, "But, it's yummyyyyyyyyy." He pouted and started the car, making her giggle and he held her hand as they drove home, but as they were driving, Michael accidentally hit the back of someone's car, making the bumper fall off and he blushed like mad. "Fuck!" He cursed at himself, feeling guilty and embarrassed, "Mikey, it's fine, just get out of the car and apologize." Rachel cooed and he nodded as they both got out, the driver got out and Michael immediately started apologizing. "I'm so so so so so so so so sorry, I wasn't paying attention. I'll pay for it if you want me to." Michael rambled on, "Hey mate, it's fine, mistakes happen." The woman shrugged and Michael recognized the voice, then flipping her hood down and he hugged her. "Hey Mike." Halsey smiled as she hugged the blonde boy back, "Halsey, this is my girlfriend, Rachel." He smiled and Rachel shook her hand, "Nice to meet you." She smiled and then her and Mikey began talking, accidentally leaving Rachel out of the conversation and she kinda just stood there, well Michael was still holding her hand, but he wasn't really paying attention to her. She wanted to be angry, but she just couldn't. "We were gonna grab some dinner, wanna join?" Michael asked Halsey and that's when Rachel found it in herself to be mad, "Yeah, that'd be great." Halsey smiled and they all figured out a place to eat before they each got into the car, driving to the place but when they got there, Rachel was being rather rude in Mikey's opinion. "I don't wanna eat with her." She mumbled, "Why? She's not a bitch, she's nice to you and me." Michael asked, "I don't know, I just don't wanna okay? Just go eat without me, I'm not hungry anyways." Rachel grumbled. "Are you sure?" Michael asked and Rachel nodded, "I'll be back I guess." He mumbled as he got out of the car, going inside the fast food restaurant and sitting at a table with Halsey. "Where's your girlfriend?" She asked as they ate, "She refused to leave the car." Michael mumbled sadly, burping a bit. "Why?" She asked, "She was mad at you I think." He muttered. "What did I do?" Halsey asked and Michael shrugged, "I think she's jealous." Michael mumbled, "Okay, if you think she's jealous, is sitting at a table and eating dinner with me instead of with her right now the smartest choice?" She asked and Michael huffed, "No, it's not." He mumbled and she pointed to the doorway, "Bye Halsey." He smiled before leaving and going in the car, "That was fast." Rachel muttered, but instead of replying, Michael kissed her, hard. He grabbed her by the arms and pulled her close, catching her off guard but she melted into his kiss and they pulled away. "Wh-wha-what was that for?" She smiled, "Because I was being rude earlier." Michael mumbled, "It's okay baby." She cooed, "But, I was ignoring you and burping and-" He began, "Just shut up and kiss me." She cut him off and he kissed her again, both of them smiling into the kiss.

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