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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS.

-sad Mikey scenes

But there will be really sweet stuff to make up for it

So I was watching this little Cake clip online and in the background Mikey says "My lil tumtum" and rubbed his belly and I diED

I actually cried writing this

Sorry I'd it's kinda fast at some parts, I'm kinda tired and it's almost 12 am here.


{3320 words}
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Michael hadn't been feeling right all day, his tummy was aching but he hadn't thrown up or had other issues yet, so he thought it might've just been trapped wind or some burps that weren't escaping. They were currently waiting for the concert to begin, Michael's belly acting up once again but he shrugged it off, thinking he probably just had too much to eat for lunch. Ashton ran out onstage and did his usual drumming intro, then the others running onstage but Michael was kinda slow for some reason, feeling a bit weak. They started playing and Michael was giving as much energy as he could, bouncing around like he normally would but with a little less energy then normal. It was about halfway through the concert and Michael was super tired, people could obviously tell how worn out the black haired boy was, he felt like he was gonna collapse from exhaustion soon, but the concert was barely halfway. They were taking a little break for talking and Michael was basically panting into the microphone, "Mikey, you alright?" Luke asked as he noticed the 20 year old's heavy breathing. "Yeah, fine, I think I'm just jumping around too much man. I gotta work out more." Michael joked and the whole crowd giggled a bit, Michael hearing a couple fans screaming "Nooooooooo" and he laughed. "You sure Michael?" Ashton asked, "I'm good, I think I are too much earlier because my tummy huuuuurts." Michael pouted playfully and the crowd cooed, making his face light up at their sympathy. "Okay enough pitying about me let's play some more!" Michael beamed and the crowd screamed, then they started playing American Idiot and the crowd began screaming louder. Michael's second solo was about to come up and he made his way to the microphone, but before he could start singing, his vision went black and he fell to the side, taking the microphone stand down with him and a screeching sound filling the arena, everyone onstage stopped what they were doing and rushed over to Michael, Ashton picking up the unconscious boy and he was limp in the elder's arms, his head lolling back and his arms dangling at his sides. The fans were screaming and crying at the sight of their idol, worry rushing through their veins as Michael was carried offstage and an ambulance was called, Michael still out cold when it arrived and the entire ride to the hospital, waking up as he was wheeled into the hospital. "Hey kiddo, what's your name?" A nurse cooed as they wheeled Michael into a room, "M-Michael." He whispered, closing his eyes again as he was too tired to keep them open. "Don't worry Michael, you'll be okay." She cooed before he was out cold again and he woke up in a hospital bed, an IV in his hand and his bandmates around him. "Oh god Michael." Ashton mumbled as he hugged the black haired boy tightly, the rest of his bandmates joining. "Guys I'm fine, just overworked myself. I probably just have a tummy bug." Michael smiled and a nurse walked in, "Michael, um I have some news." She mumbled and they all sat down, letting Michael listen. "You have been experiencing stomach pains and you have been tired a lot correct?" She asked and Michael nodded, still smiling. "We ran tests and you have stomach cancer Michael." She stated and his face fell, "Wh-wh-what about ch-chemo?" He stammered, "It's uncurable at this point, I'd say you have at most a year left." She sighed and Michael burst into tears, sobbing uncontrollably and his bandmates embraced him in a hug as the nurse left. "I-I-I'm d-dying!" He sobbed, tears falling from his eyes like waterfalls and his bandmates whispered sweet nothings in his ear, trying to relax him, but Michael eventually snapped. "IT'S NOT FUCKING OKAY! I HAVE FUCKING STOMACH CANCER! THEY CAN'T DO SHIT FOR ME AND I'M GONNA DIE BEFORE I'M 21!" Michael snapped and sobbed louder, hiccuping for breath every so often. "I-I-I won't be a-able t-to do it." Michael mumbled, "Do what Mikey?" Ashton asked as he wiped the younger boy's tears. "I-I-I wanted t-to go to a-around the w-world and e-eat every f-food. B-but, I-I can't d-do that n-now." Michael hiccuped and his bandmates smiled weakly at him, "Yes you can, everyday from tommorow on we'll go everywhere you want to. Tokyo, France, L.A, Sydney, you name it and we'll go there." Luke cooed and Michael's face lit up, "R-really?" Michael smiled and they all nodded, hugging him tightly and he couldn't stop thanking them. The next day, they had packed their bags and loaded up the van, packing camping stuff since Michael loved camping and this would make him extra happy on their trip. They started driving in the big black van, Luke and Ashton up from while Michael and Calum were in the back, the tan boy rubbing Michael's tummy softly as he was getting bad pains again. "The doctor said he might throw up." Luke mumbled as he saw the pained state the boy was in, thankful they had brought plastic bags for Michael to get sick in. They were in the UK already so they were driving around Europe first, Michael super excited they could go to Paris and all the places they have been to on their previous tour, places he fell in love with. They heard Michael's belly growl loudly and Michael blushed, "Was that a hungry growl or a sick growl?" Calum asked, "A hungry one." Michael mumbled and brought his knees closer to his chest as he was curled up on Calum's lap, "We're close to our first stop so we'll get food there okay?" Ashton smiled and Michael nodded, snuggling into Calum's chest and falling asleep, waking up in an empty car and he looked out the window, seeing a huge tent and a small little place for a fire, as well as being on beautiful green grass right infront of a large lake. He slowly stepped out of the car and looked at the small note on the tent.

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