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Broken Up

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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs.

-slight violence


I bet I fucked up because I changed something and I doubt it's what you wanted and Wattpad somehow deleted your request in the inbox, so noW I CAN'T CHECK IF IT WAS CORRECT OMG





{1100 words}
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"Rachel, it's just hard to love you....I try but-" Michael began, him and Rachel having a bit of a fight. "IT'S HARD TO LOVE ME?!" She screamed and Michael stumbled back, "What the fuck Michael?!" She screamed. "It's fucking hard okay?! I try and I try and I try to make you happy, to care for you, to make you smile, to be a good boyfriend, but where does it get me?! IN A STUPID FIGHT WITH YOU!" Michael snapped and Rachel just screamed, grabbing her coat and Michael froze, "Where are you going?" He asked, "Away from you asshole!" She screamed and Michael ran after her as she rushed out the door, "No, Rachel wait?!" Michael cried, "Fuck off!" She screamed and then got into her car, driving away and Michael fell to his knees in the driveway, sobbing. He could feel the blood trickling down his cut knees from the impact, but he didn't care, he just lost the girl of his dreams. After that night, Michael secluded himself from his bandmates as well as the fans, not going on social media much since he knew Rachel probably said something and he was getting dozens of hate about it, and he only used it to try and contact her, but she wasn't responding. He only knew that she had moved to L.A for work and that broke his heart, knowing he had no way of contacting her anymore. Rachel had been rather hurt by his words, never forgetting them, but she moved on. She had made friends with Michael's friends, so she hung out with people like Halsey, Josh Dun, Tyler Joseph, Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Harry Styles, and even Michael's bandmates as they were extremely nice to her. It was about a month after her and Michael had split, she was hanging out with Luke and Calum, then a head of blue hair caught her eye and she froze, knowing it was Michael and she got up to go, but Michael grabbed her arm and that caused Luke and Calum to stand up. "Rachel, don't go." Michael whimpered and his voice was extremely hoarse, he obviously hadn't talked in awhile and it was rather surprising that it hurt him that hard. "What the fuck do you want Michael?" She spat and Michael literally got down on his knees, hugging her legs and sobbing. "I'm s-sorry for everything I've done!" He sobbed and Rachel remained silent, "I know I'm a dumbass and you probably never wanna see me again, but I can't survive without you!" Michael sobbed and Rachel blushed as she noticed people begin to stare, but Michael either didn't notice or didn't care that people were watching him breakdown. "Pl-please, give me another chance." Michael begged and he looked up, Rachel shaking her head and Michael sobbed, getting up and walking away a little, Calum letting him sob into his shoulder and Rachel stared at the ground, "Should I go?" She mumbled, "Rachel, you don't have to, you can stay." Luke cooed and she sighed, nodding and she drove home with them, including Michael because he just had to join. The blue haired boy stayed quiet the whole time, although he did burp every so often and Rachel notice him holding them in, figuring it was his period and he didn't want her to be any more upset than she already was. As they were sat in the living room, Rachel noticed a ring on Michael's ring finger, it was a Pokeball shape that was half ruby and half diamomd, it having diamonds all around it as well. "Mike, what's that ring for?" She asked and Michael looked down, freezing as he realized the ring she was talking about. "O-oh, um, it's uh, um." Michael stammered, trying to find a good enough answer but he couldn't, so he just bolted out of the room, his cries being heard. "What the hell was that?" Rachel asked and she got up, seeing Michael sitting in the bedroom with his legs curled up to his chest, sobbing hard and burping a couple times. The Spanish girl bent down in front of him and he sobbed harder, "M-my eng--engagement ring." Michael choked out and Rachel froze, "Your what?" She asked, "It's a ring I-I-I was gonna give to you when you t-turned 18 s-so we could get married right aw-way." Michael choked out, "I wear it so I have a p-piece of y-you with me ev-everyday?" He hiccuped and Rachel did the last thing she thought she he would do, she hugged him tightly and he sobbed into her shoulder. "I-I-I couldn't make myself bring them back, I couldn't donit!" Michael sobbed and Rachel shushed him, rubbing his back and rocking side to side. She pulled away and kissed his cheek, looking at the ring. "It's beautiful Mikey." She cooed, "R-really?" He sniffled and she nodded, "I'm so sorry about that night we split, I don't even know why I said that stuff and I regret it everyday of my damn life." Michael mumbled,  looking down sadly. "Michael. Those words hurt me loads, I don't know if I could forgive you." Rachel mumbled and Michael sniffled, "But, I could try again...I'll always be hurt, but I still love you." Rachel mumbled and Michael hugged her tight, crying again. "Calm down Mikey." Rachel chuckled, "I can't, I'm happy and sad right now." Michael mumbled and he pulled away, "Why both?" She asked. "Sad that I hurt you permanently and happy that I'm not gonna be without you anymore."

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