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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS. Mike-matter Pt.2!!!


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"What the fuck?!" Ashton screamed as he stared at the crumbled concrete on the ground, his blonde and brunette friend rushing in. "Dude, what happened?" Calum asked, "I-I just accidentally hit the wall and this happened." Ashton sputtered as he showed the huge hole in the concrete wall and the cracked pieces at his feet, "Do you think you're like Michael?" Luke asked, "I mean, you obviously can't eat the concrete, but you crushed it with just one hand, that's gotta be something." Luke shrugged and Ashton picked up a piece, crushing it in his hand and smirking at it. "Guess I'm a superhero now." He laughed, "Sweet! We all are!" Calum exclaimed and Luke clapped his hand over his mouth. Luke and Calum discovered their abilities about a week ago, the brunette had stretching abilities and Luke had telekinesis. "We can't have Mikey know yet." He whispered, "Have me know what?" Michael asked as he walked outside, all three boys quickly stood infront of the hole in the wall, hiding the evidence. "Nothing Mike-matter." Luke smirked, his eyes always went straight to Michael's round and squishy gut, not because it turned him on or anything it was just...out there ya know? Michael shrugged and walked back inside, the 3 boys letting out a breath they didn't realize they were all holding in. "But, why not tell him? He's like us, but with a diffrent ability. " Ashton asked, "I wanna surprise him at like a crime scene or something like that." Luke smiled and Ashton sighed, "You and your surprises I swear." He chuckled as they go into the house. About 2 hours later, Michael was woken up by his Mike-matter phone, he immediately picked it up and heard nothing but screams on the other line, he looked at the location that the caller was and saw it was....underwater? He got dressed into the tight costume and bolted into the garage, jumping into the Mike-mobile before speeding off down the street and to the beach, driving across the sand and he pressed a button, making the car transform into an aqua-car as he slowly drove into the water, then speeding once again as he hit the sea floor. He suddenly rams into a wall and hit his head on the steering wheel, "OW! Fucker!" He cursed his pressed his glove covered hand to his forehead, he put on an oxygen tank and got out of the vehicle, his moving along the wall until he found and door and he pushed it open, walking in and shutting it, in some kind of room but the thing was, he was now perfectly dry and could breath just fine without the water surrounding him. He tip toed down the long hallway and suddenly felt someone grab him again, immediately knowing it was Liam as he was unable to break out of his strong hold, then he was thrown on the floor and did slid across the tile, hitting a wall and groaning from the impact, "Ooooh." He groaned and looked up, jumping up and his eyes widening at the 3 boys who stood infront of them. Liam was half steel, half human, parts of his body were a shiny silver including the left side of his face, his muscles tripled in size if that was even possible, and he had a permanent smirk on his face. Niall was wearing a similar costume to Mikey, except it was white and green as well as the mask, he was slightly chubbier as well, probably from the food intake. Louis stood in the middle, dark blue costume, the left half of his body was robot whilst the other was human, his robotic arm was bigger and looked much thicker, his eyepatch covering some of the large scar Michael had left behind from a previous fight, his eye was glowing red like a laser, a smirk plastered on his face. "Like the new and improved us Mike-matter?" He chuckled and Michael just glared at him, "Who do you have hostage?! It better not be my friends or I swear to god!" He snapped, "Oh Mike-matter, there's no one here, we just had you here come here for this. ATTACK!" Louis commanded and Liam and Niall lunged towards Michael, the superhero dodged them and ran to Louis ,jumping onto him on biting his robotic arm, but then letting go. "OW! FUCK!" He cursed as he put his hand over his mouth, his teeth hurting from clashing against the metal. "You think I'd be stupid enough to let you eat me again?" Louis smirked and Michael's jaw dropped, thinking he no longer had his powers and he was no match for them. He got up and Liam walked closer to him, his laser red eyes glistening as he turned his tight arm into a Lazer and a jet pack appeared from his back, he zoomed towards Michael and the pale boy ran for his life, his hands on his head as he ran away from the minion, actually scared of him now. Then, Michael crashed into a wall and fell to the floor, Liam slowly floated closer and closer as Mikey continued to back up. "Don't hut me, please." He squeaked, "Haha! Are you and man or a mouse?" Louis laughed and before Michael could answer, the wall crashed down, revealing his 3 best friends in their costumes, making Michael's jaw drops at his superhero friends. "Who are you?" Louis asked as Calum stretched his arms and helped Ashton grab Liam, pulling him away from Michael and Ashton threw Liam into a wall whilst Luke slowly lifted him above the ground with telekinesis. "Oh, just a few friends." Luke smirked as he threw Liam into a wall. Michael jumped up and ran towards them, but Niall grabbed him before he could reach them and tied him to a large container of broccoli, Michael's weakness and he gagged at the smell. "Mikey, just eat the rope." Calum scoffed, "I-I don't have my powers anymore, I'm not Mike-matter anymore." Michael mumbled and Louis stuffed broccoli into his mouth, Michael grimacing as he chewed and swallowed. "Eat up fatty!" Niall shouted and Luke threw him against the wall, "His name is Mike-matter!" Luke screamed and Liam lunged at him, the 2 boys rolling around the floor and fighting. "No! I don't want it!" Michael cried as he turned his head away from the broccoli, Ashton lunged at Louis and tackled him to the floor, "Pick on someone your own size!" Ashton shouted as he pushed Louis against the wall, then darting back to the container of vegetables whilst Calum stretched his arms to pin him against the wall. Ashton ate them as fast as possible and as soon as he backed away, a huge white light came closer Snr closer to Michael. "MICHAEL!" Luke exclaimed but it was too late, lightning struck Michael and he screamed, then smoke surrounding him and he coughed, the smoke cleared and they couldn't believe their eyes. Michael was now standing with and smirk, in a new costume that was black and white, he was slightly slimmer and his hair was platinum blonde. "Is that you Mike?" Calum asked and Michael nodded, "How do you feel?" Ashton asked and Michael licked his lips, "Starving." He smirked and ran over to Louis, pushing him against the floor. "You still can't beat me." He smirked, "Watch me." Michael smirked and sucked in loads of air, his waist turning into a ball shape and he was on top of Louis, all his weight pressed onto him. "GET OFF ME!" Louis screamed, "There's advantages of being fat." Michael smirked and then he let out a massive super burp, the walls shaking as he deflated. Ashton ran over to the power machine and crushed it into scrap metal, "I'm a hungry boy." Michael smirked and ran over to it, his jaw widening so he can eat it all in one bite and he chewed it, swallowing swallowing it and his gut ballooned up tripled it's size from how much was in there. "Tastes like sweet justice?" He smirked ad patted his gut. "IT WAS THE PERFECT PLAN!" Louis cursed as there lights flickered, Michael burps and his friends go over to him, "That's what you said last time." He laughed and the building began shaking and crumbling. "We better get out of here." Luke rushed out and they all ran out, getting into the Mike-mobile and zooming home, Louis' lair crumbling down. "We're a team now I guess?" Michael laughed, "Yep, the next Avengers." Ashton smirked and everyone laughed.

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