Candy bars

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There was no denying it, Michael obsessed with chocolate bars, it was the only thing he ate. He ordered them online, bought them at the store, and asked his bandmates to bring them over sometimes, it had gotten to the point where he would go crazy without one. At the moment, he was looking around his apartment, trying to find a chocolate bar to satisfy his hunger, "C'mon, where the fuck are you?" He mumbled to himself, he probably sounded like a mad man to some, but to him this was completely normal. He didn't hear the door open and his best friends walk in, seeing the blonde boy rummaging through empty wrappers and boxes trying to find a candy bar, "A-HA!" He exclaimed as he found a Kit-Kat bar and stood up, his pudgy belly jiggling slightly and he opened it. "Michael, you alright bro?" Ashton asked and Michael jumped, "Yeah, I'm fine. I was just hungry and couldn't find a chocolate bar, but now I did!" He smiled and bit into it, chocolate getting on his face as he gulped it down, giving his chubby tummy a pat. "Mikey, we actually came to ask you a question?" Luke asked and Michael froze, were they disgusted by him? Did they wanna stop being his friend because of his increasing weight? Did they think he was a slob? "Yeah?" He asked, "We were wondering if you would be open to doing this foursome thing." Calum mumbled and Michael froze, "Not sexually, like we all date each other. Would you be open to that?" Luke asked and Michael rapidly nodded, then giving them each a peck on the lips and a hug. "I'm guessing that's a yes." Luke giggled and Michael's belly growled loudly, making him blush slightly. "I need to go to the store. I'm out of chocolate bars." He smiled and then headed out the door with his wallter, quickly going to the store and buying dozens of his favorites. Hersheys, Almond Joys, Kit-Kats, 3 Musketeers, Snickers, Crunch, Twix, and Milky Way. When he got back to his apartment, his new boyfriends were now gone, they knew he liked to eat alone and he was in his own little world when doing so, Michael brought home a large box full of candy bars, he immediately opened it and tore into one, scarfing it down and throwing the empty wrapper on the floor, repeating this process until he emptied half the box and his belly looked like a beach ball. He laid on the couch, wrappers crinkling under him as he moved to get comfortable, he had chocolate all over his face and his chubby hands rubbed circles on his stuffed tummy as he fell asleep. This became a routine over the next week, he would devour at least a half of chocolate bars every few hours, his belly looking like a beach ball each time and this resulted and a big weight gain. But, he loved how big he had become, he had weighed himself and he was 200 pounds, he actually felt....proud. He was proud that he had to suck in his belly to see the number, proud that his clothes were becoming too tight, proud that he was gaining weight. He decided to call his boyfriends and tell them about this, he wasn't sure how he was gonna do it, but he had to, as he was about to call them, the door opened and they walked in. Calum, Ashton, and Luke saw they're blonde boyfriend had grown out a lot, his belly was round like a basketball, his thighs were thicker, his butt was plump, his love handles were squishy, his cheeks were round and squishy, and he had a slight double chin, and as they suspected, he was eating a 3 Musketeers bar. "Mikey, babe what happened here?" Ashton asked as he started to clean up some of the wrappers that littered the apartment, Michael shrugged and continued eating, "Sweetie, you should stop. This is nowhere near healthy for you." Luke cooed and Michael shook his head. "I like being this way." Michael mumbled with a mouth full of candy, "You like this?" Calum asked and Michael nodded, "I like the way that I have to suck in my belly to see the numbers on the scale or see my own feet, I like how my clothes are all too tight and close to ripping, I like how my belly jiggles when I walk, I like how I can't walk too far without getting out of breath. I love my body and I want it to get bigger." He rambled on, fiddling with his sweater paws, the sweater showed off his every fold and bulge that his belly had and his jeans looked like they were about to burst open from the pressure his gut put on them. "Does this make you happy Mikey?" Ashton asked and the blonde boy nodded, "When you're big enough, will you let us take care of you?" Calum asked and Michael rapidly nodded, smiling wide. "You know, we'll always love you right?" Ashton asked as he sat next to Michael, pinching his love handles as Michael nodded, resting his head on his shoulder. "We're gonna have to make your door frames wider for you if you're gonna get bigger, we're gonna have to buy special furniture so you don't break everything kitten." Luke cooed and played with Michael's hair, the 19 year old bit his lip. "I love you guys." Michael smiled with glee, getting an "I love you too" from each of them a peck on his plump pink lips.
It was a month later and Michael still lived alone in his apartment, but his boyfriends decided that they should move closer, so they moved across to the house across the street from Michael's apartment building, they were now able to get to him quicker if he needed anything as it was harder for him to move around now. He needed one of those scooters you see at Walmart and Target to move around outside of the house, which he had to say was a little embarrassing from the stairs he got, but the others made him feel better about it. They had changed the furniture in his apartment so he wouldn't break anything, although they had yet to get him a new bed, he even had to get a new scale because he broke the last one. He was laying flat on his back in bed right now, surrounded by dozens of candy wrappers and soda bottles, big bloated belly pointing at the ceiling, chocolate smeared all over his face, his chubby hands rubbing his belly through the fabric of his tight sweater, burps escaping his lips every so often, the bed springs creaking under his weight, and the waist band on his sweats looking like they could rip apart whenever he breathed. He heard the door open and he turned his head to see who it was, seeing his boyfriends standing in the doorway with huge grins on their faces, "Hey kitten." Ashton smiled, "Hey guys." Michael smiled and they each pecked his lips, "Should we go weigh you?" He asked. "I have like 20 pounds of chocolate and soda in my gut alone." Michael chuckled and they helped him stand up, the movement causing his waistband to rip and a loud belch to escape his lips. "'Scuse me." He mumbled and they helped him walk into the bathroom, helping him onto the scale and it creaked under his weight, he was panting from walking the short distance to the bathroom and they all knew he would soon become bedridden as walking, well waddling, becoming a struggle for him. "650 pounds." Ashton read and Michael cheered, jumping up as high as he could, which wasn't very high, and they heard a crack. He had broken some of the white bathroom tiles from his weight, this only making him smile wider, "You're gonna fall through the floor if you jump again." Luke laughed and Michael scoffed, jumping again and another crack, Luke was correct, he did fall through the floor, his belly kept him from galling completely through though. "You okay babe?" Luke asked and Michael nodded, "I'm just kinda stuck." Michael whined. Luke and Ashton walked off, "Where are you going?" He asked and they came back with butter, "What the hell? Are you gonna grease me with that?" Michael laughed and they nodded, "greasing" him with butter and then they pulled, and pulled, finally getting him free. "Now we have to fix the floor." Michael blushed and then rubbed his belly, wincing in pain as he rubbed under his naval. "Honey, what's wrong?" Calum asked and Michael shrugged, lifting up his sweater and seeing a couple cuts on his tummy from the broken tile, "Oh, you're poor tummy, that's get you bandaged up." Luke cooed and they put band aids on the cuts, then they kissed it. "All better." Ashton smiled and Michael giggled, they helped him stand up again and took him back to bed, laying him down. He was panting again, out of breath from walking. Michael rolled onto his side and mumbled something inchorent before he fell asleep, his boyfriends kissed his forehead and belly before leaving. The next week at around midnight, Ashton's phone rang and he picked it up, "Ashy?" Michael asked, "You okay Mikey?" Ashton asked, "Y-yeah, I just broke my bed." He mumbled and Ashton could practically hear him fiddling with his sweater paws. "In the morning we'll get you a new bed okay? It's too early to go anywhere baby." Ashton cooed, "Okay and when you come over later, can you bring me some more candy bars?" He asked. "Of course sweetheart. I love you." Ashton smiled, "I love you too, mwah." Michael babbled over the phone before hanging up. Later that day, Ashton and the others got a new bed for Michael and they found one that he would love. Michael had become bedridden as he had reached 700 pounds and he was barely able to walk 2 steps without getting out of breath, it was getting too hard to get him on the scale. When they got to Michael's apartment, they found him sitting on the floor holding a full 2 liter Mountain Dew, chocolate smeared his face, wrappers surrounding him, his sweater riding up above his belly and exposed his entire gut, "You ready for your new bed Mikey?" Calum asked as they helped him stand, he nodded and they took him out of the room, sitting him on the couch so they could set up his new bed. It took about an hour to set up, but it was worth the look on Michael's face when he realized what type of bed it was, it was like a hospital bed that could tell him his weight with the press of a button. He squealed with glee when he tried it out of the first time, "Thank you so so so so so so much!" He exclaimed and gave his boyfriends kisses, he then opened the Mountain Dew bottle and chugged it down, his belly swelling as air bubbles filled it. He let out a loud belch and rubbed his belly, leaning back into the cushions and smiling, "Glad you like your new bed kitten, go to sleep okay?" Ashton cooed and Michael nodded, closing his eyes and falling asleep, they kissed his forehead and belly before leaving, happy that their kitten was happy.

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