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Rachel woke up, seeing Michael laying on his tummy beside her and he had a pained look on his face. She brushed the red hair out of his eyes and he slowly opened his eyes, letting out a small whimper and pouting. "How's your tummy?" Rachel cooed, "Worse." Michael mumbled and Rachel kissed his forehead, "Is it still swollen?" She asked and Michael sat up, showing his bloated belly was making his sleep shirt stick out and he rubbed it, "You look pregnant." Rachel giggled and Michael blushed slightly, "That's not funny." Michael pouted and Rachel pecked his lips, "Oh, ow." Michael groaned and got up, Rachel now seeing how much his tummy was pushing out. "That's it, I'm taking you to the doctors." Rachel huffed and Michael nodded, getting sweats on and not pulling them over his belly so it doesn't hurt more. Rachel held his hand and they walked downstairs, going to the car after getting shoes on and Michael let out a flurry of burps, huffing after doing so and they got to the hospital. "I don't feel good Rachel." Michael whimpered as they waited for the doctor, "Want me to rub your tummy?" Rachel asked and Michael nodded, laying down on the chair / bed thingy and letting Rachel rub soothing circles in his swollen belly. A doctor walked in and Michael blushed slightly as Rachel's hand was still on his tummy, "Michael just has a bad case of gas basically, although it's could go away on its own, he's in too much pain as of now so we advise him to take this liquid medecine once a week to keep the gas too a minimum, and even after they all go away as he seems to have a very sensitive stomach." The nurse explained and Michael's head was spinning from all the information, not quite understanding but Rachel got it, knowing what to do. "Let's take you home baby." She cooed and helped him up, his tummy looking more swollen than before and she kissed it. "You know there isn't a child in there right?" Michael laughed as Rachel kept kissing his tummy and she giggled, "I know, I just love your tummy." She smiled and he blushed, she grabbed his hand and walked out to the car with him, having his medecine in her pocket and they went home, Michael rubbing his belly a lot during the care ride and letting out small burps every now and then. "I'm gonna ask the guys to come over." Rachel mumbled as they pulled up in the driveway, "Why?" Michael asked and then burped rather loud, blushing a bit. "The burps kinda......annoy me a bit. I'm not trying to be mean at all, I just think they'd probably help you get the air out easier." Rachel explained and Michael's face fell, "Oh, okay....that's alright I guess." Michael mumbled and got out, walking inside and Rachel followed. She wasn't gonna lie that the burps disgusted her, they made her cringe and she couldn't stand it if she was the one pushing them out of his belly, that would just be too much for her. Michael laid down on the couch and started pressing down on his swollen tummy, letting out another loud burp and Rachel fought the grimace that tried to take place on her face, texting the boys to come over. They came over and immediately Calum decided to push on Michael's tummy, earning a groan and about 4 burps to come out of Michael, "Oh god never do that again." Michael grunted and held his tummy, Rachel coming over and she held the bottle of medecine, "Time to take your liquid hell." Luke chuckled and Michael whined. "I don't wanna." Michael whined and Rachel sighed, sitting him up and he opened his mouth, letting her put the spoonful of liquid into his mouth and he grimaced, burping and laying back down. "Get them outttttttttt." Michael groaned as Rachel left the room, the air bubbles making his tummy hurt and slosh around inside of him. "Do you realize that you look pregnant?" Luke snickered and Michael flipped him off, "I do, I don't feel like it! But I do look like it." Michael groaned and sat up, standing up and Ashton grabbed him from behind, squeezing his waist and an extremely large belch escaped Michael's lips. "Holy shit that hurt." Michael grunted and Ashton put him down, Michael could practically feel Rachel grimacing in the other room. "You're hurting the poor guy." Luke pouted and he pulled Michael onto the couch, putting his hands on his tummy and rubbing it softly, making Michael smile and snuggle into him. "You're the best." Michael mumbled as he closed his eyes, smiling wide from the decrease of pain in his belly. For the rest of the day, his bandmates took care of him and helped him get all the air out, Rachel not doing much besides getting Michael a drink or something every once in awhile. The boys had to leave eventually and Michael still had a bit of tummy pain, "Raaaaaaaaaachel?" Michael called from upstairs and Rachel went up to the bedroom, seeing him making grabby hands at her and she awed. "I wanna cuddle." Michael pouted and Rachel walked over, "I don't think that we should Mikey." She mumbled, "Why not?" He asked, sounding hurt. "What if what you have is contagious? I don't wanna catch it." Rachel lied and Michael got up, "I know you're disgusted, I'm grossing you out and it fucking hurts, but what hurts more is that you're making up shitty excuses." Michael scolded, "I'm sleeping in the guest room tonight." Michael mumbled and stormed off to the guest bedroom, locking the door and going to bed, pretty mad at Rachel. First of all, she fucking lied to him, secondly Michael was in pain and she wasn't setting stuff aside to help him, that's what girlfriends do. Michael fell asleep and when he woke up, he was still pretty pissed off. He got up and walked downstairs, not expecting to see what he did. The house was dark, all the curtains closed and lights out so that the only light was candles lit up everywhere, Rachel stood in the dining room and was holding a few roses, wearing the dress Michael adored on her. "Michael, I'm sorry. That was really rude and selfish of me, you were in pain and I should've put my thoughts aside to help you. You are my sun, my moon, my stars, my whole fucking world. You're my only reason to keep going and I'm sorry that I was a jerk yesterday." Rachel smiled and Michael walked over to her, cupping her face amd kissing her softly, the roses falling out of her hand as their lips moved in sync. Michael pulled away and bit his swollen lip, "I forgive you." He giggled and kissed her again, closing his eyes.wjilst doing so.

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