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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS.

This wasn't as long as I wanted

And it's a crappy ending

{1049 words}
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As Michael and Ashton were walking home from the studio, Michael saw a hot dog in a puddle of greenish liquid, "Sweet! Free food!" He exclaimed and picked it up, seeing it was glowing green. "Michael, don't eat that." Ashton warned, "I'm a big boy, you can't tell me what to do." Michael mumbled and ate the hot dog in only a couple bites, letting out a loud burp as he finished it, "Excuse me." He blushed. "That's so gross Michael." Ashton grimaced as they walked home, "It tasted good." Michael shrugged as they walked inside and his belly grumbled, "It filled my belly." He mumbled and yawned, "I'm going to bed." He smiled and went upstairs, laying down in bed after pulling his jeans and tshirt off, his belly kept rumbling and gurgling, annoying the hell out of him. "Shut up tummy." He scolded at it, a loud rumble emitting from it and he sighed, trying to go to sleep but he was just tossing and turning, still wide awake at 1 am. Michael's tummy growled really loudly and he huffed, "Fine, you win." He mumbled and got up, going downstairs into the kitchen and he just sat infront of the fridge, eating whatever his hand grabbed. He just kept shoving more and more food into his mouth, anything he could grab was going into his gut and he was making a mess of wrappers and boxes all over the kitchen floor, he chugged down one last soda bottle and muffled a burp, then he got up and walked into the living room, taking a bite out of random pieces of furniture and eating those. When his bandmates woke up, they walked downstairs and saw the mess that had been made, bites taken out of random pieces of furniture, boxes and a rappers all over the kitchen floor, and a bloated Michael in the corner of the room, swallowing what was in his mouth. "Mikey, what the hell is going on?" Calum asked, "I-I don't know, I-I just feel kinda......strange." Michael mumbled, looking at his belly that was forming a couple rolls since he was sat down, "We're going to the doctors." Luke mumbled and Michael agreed, wanting to find out what in the actual hell was wrong with him. They drove to the doctors and as they waited in the small room, Michael was eating things. Cotton balls, tongue depressors, and rubber gloves, "Stop eating that stuff." Ashton chuckled and took the jar of cotton balls away from the yellow haired boy, making him pout. The doctor came in and asked what the issue was, "I-I-I've been eating a lot, stuff that aren't edible and I'm kinda getting....squishy." Michael explained and poked his tummy that was overflowing his jeans, sitting on his lap. She took out a tongue depressor and he opened it his mouth, but then biting into it and eating it, "S-sorry." He mumbled. "When did this begin?" She asked, "Yesterday night." Michael clarified, "All I can really get out of this is a weight gain issue." She shrugged. "There's no way in hell that's all you can say about this!" Michael snapped as he stood up, "You're eating inedible items." She stated, "I fucking know that! And I need an answer as to why!" Michael shouted, "I can't give you an amswer." She argued. "Fuck you and this hospital!" Michael exclaimed and stormed out of the building, sitting in the car and waiting for his bandmates to take him home. "That was such a fucking waste of time." Michael mumbled as they walked into the house, "Mikey, do you think this has something to do with the hot dog you ate?" Ashton asked. "Maybe, but it was just a hot dog." He shrugged, "That was glowing green and you found in a puddle." Ashton retorted, "That's disgusting Michael." Calum grimaced, "It tasted good!" He argued and then his belly grumbled loudly. "On second thought, maybe it was the hot dog." He groaned as he held his tummy, "Just go to bed okay?" Luke cooed and Michael nodded, going upstairs and laying in bed, rubbing his belly as he fell asleep. For the rest of the week, Michael kept eating anything and everything, as well as his waist growing out drastically. They had a concert tonight and Michael was trying to pull his tank top on completely, but his belly was still bulging out of the bottom. "WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING TO ME?!" HE shouted and Ashton came in, getting scared for his best friend. "What is wrong with me?" Michael whimpered, "BOYS, YOU'RE ON!" A man shouted and they went onstage, Michael embarrassed beyond belief because he was waddling, fucking waddling. He could barely play his guitar with his gut blocking his hand from getting to it, he was so scared and confused on what was happening to his body, but about halfway through the show, he stopped and took a bite out of his guitar, eating it and fans started screaming in fear, Michael was ignoring them as he continued eating the equipment onstage; mics, amps, guitars, and he even ate parts of Ashton's drum kit before they dragged him offstage. "Michael, what the hell is going on!?" Ashton snapped and that's when Michael lost it as he went into a fit of sobs. "I DON'T KNOW!" He sobbed, "I'm becoming a fucking blob!" He cried, "C'mon mate, let's take you home." Ashton cooed and they walked Michael to the car, it silent except for Michael's sniffles and wails. After that incident, Michael's body was changing drastically, his legs had basically disappeared from all the excess flesh that had been added to his body as well as growing about another foot, he had basically been unable to move in bed, having to eat what his bandmates brought him. He wasn't necessarily happy about what had happened to him, but he wasn't upset either, he was caught in between, he did scare a lot of the fans though and that made him frown, but his bandmates helped him all the time and cared for him, which made him smile.

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