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{1260 words}
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Rachel stood at her locker, seeing Michael walking by in his normal bad boy attire. He was wearing a red plaid flannel, a white tee underneath, black skinnies, and his famous combat boots. He was a rather tough boy, well that's what everyone thought, inside Michael was holding in all his insecurities and emotions, hoping no one would realize who he really was. The brown haired boy thought every girl was repulsed by him, but he was so so wrong. Rachel was head over heels for him, everything about him made her heart flutter. The way he wore his dyed hair, the acne that was on his pale face, the clothes he wore, his laugh, his passion for music, his eyes, his smile, just fucking everything he did gave her butterflies. Rachel didn't think he would like her, a good girl with straight A's, wouldn't have a boyfriend who's a bad boy. Rachel sighed as she walked to math class, sitting in the front and her breath hitched as Michael sat next to her, smiling at her and she blushed, smiling back and she heard him muffle a burp. Rachel knew of his burping disorder, hell everyone did, the teachers knew especially so he didn't get yelled at for burping. He even had a special note for the nurse because on days he felt like utter shit, he could just show the teacher the pink card and leave the classroom, either going home or basically laying in the nurse's office all day. But, there was a problem, sometimes substitutes didn't bother to read about his disorder and just gave him detention for burping in class. Unfortunately, they had a substitute today and Michael was bit scared that she didn't read about the disorder, so he tried to be discreet about his burping, muffling them each time and being cautious. It was about halfway through the class and the room was completely silent as people took notes, but Michael opened his mouth to let out a puff of air as his belly was feeling a bit unsettled due to the disorder, but instead of a sigh, a large burp came put and he threw his hand over his mouth, going red and chuckling a bit as some other kids laughed. "Mr.Clifford detention!" The teacher declared, "It wasn't on purpose, I-" Michael began, but was cut off. "I don't want to hear it, you're getting a detention after school and that's that." She scolded and Michael sighed, knowing he wasn't gonna get out of it, but Rachel was fuming because the teacher was too bitch to understnad. "You're not gonna even listen to his reason?!" She shouted and Michael looked at her with a shocked expression, surprised anyone was standing up for him, let alone a beautiful girl like her. "Excuse me, but I run my class the way I want." The teacher retorted, "It's not even your class! You're just being a bitch because you aren't good enough to be a real teacher so you take it out on a student who has a good reason for doing what he did!" Rachel screamed, everyone shocked at her sudden outburst. "If you think this is such an interesting topic, maybe you would like to discuss it with Mr.Clifford in detention." She scolded and gave them both a detention slip, Rachel not really caring. The day flew by and before Rachel knew it, she went to the detention room and saw only the brown haired boy in there, a smile on her face so she daw him and she sat next to him, noticing the teacher exit the room. "Rachel right?" Michael spoke up and Rachel turned to him, smiling at his faint blush. "That's me." She giggled, "Why did you defend me? I'm not worth defending." Michael mumbled and Rachel's heart sank, "She was being unfair, I had to. She shouldn't be a lazy ass and not read up on something important." Rachel shrugged and Michael smiled, "Well, thank you and I'm sorry I got you into detention." Michael smiled and she shrugged, "It's no biggie, it's just a detention." She grinned and Michael smiled, the two of them engaging in conversation the rest of their detention and sighing as the timer went off for them to leave, both of them looking at their phones and seeing that it was 5:30. "We lost the bus, so may I walk you home? Or would it be okay to buy you a slice of pizza since it's a bit late?" Michael asked as he looked at the ground, "Are you asking me out?" She giggled, "Depends if you say yes or not." Michael smiled and shuffled on his feet a bit, "I'll go for that pizza." Rachel smiled and Michael's face lit up, he then reached to grab her hand and he held it as they walked out of the school, heading to the nearest pizzeria. "Sit down and I'll get us some pizza." Michael smiled and she sat down at a table, Michael going up to the counter and ordering for them, Rachel noticing he ordered a cola for the both of them and she got an bit nervous, knowing how sensitive his belly is because of the disorder. He came back with a couple slices for each of them, giving Rachel a cola and sipping from his own. "Why did you agree to this?" Michael asked, "Because you're a cutie." Rachel teased and Michael went beet red, smiling down at the table. "You're such a kitten, how do people find you intimidating?" Rachel giggled and Michael put his hands over his face, "Stopppppppp, I look like a tomato." Michael giggled and Rachel laughed, enjoying this soft and adorable side of Michael. As they talked, Michael let out small and big burps, not excusing himself as he was so used to it that he forgot to do so, but thankfully Rachel understood and didn't mind. They finished up and Michael insisted he walk Rachel home, taking her hand and walking her home. As they were walking, Michel noticed Rachel shiver and he pulled his coat out from his backpack, placing it on her shoulders and smiling at her, pulling her closer to keep her warm. "Thank you." She blushed and Michael smiled, kissing her head and Rachel felt her heart jump a beat, now deeply in love with this boy. Michael stopped in Rachel's walk way, his hands on her hips and he turned her towards him, "Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?" Michael asked and Rachel blushed, "You're amazingly beautiful Rachel." Michael cooed and pecked her lips, blushing and Rachel cupped her face, kissing him softly and then moving her arms around his neck. Their lips moving in sync and their tongues dancing around each other, Rachel pulled away and Michael smiled, kissing her forehead before leaving. Rachel walked inside, still wearing Michael's coat, "Who was that?" Her mother asked, "Just a boy I know." She replied before going upstairs, avoiding her mother's gaze.

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