Record breakers

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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS.

Some cute Nike (Niall and Mike) for ya, or Miall.

Whichever you prefer :)

Fyi, Mikey's chubbier than Niall so he's got a bigger and softer belly

*gives you time to imagine a big soft Mikey tummy*


{1530 words}
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"It's alive!" Ashton smirked as a half asleep Michael walked downstairs, "Good morning to you too." Michael yawned as he rubbed his tummy, "You okay?" Calum asked, "Yeah, I think I might have eaten a little too much last night." He mumbled, "You ate 4 large pizzas Mikey, I don't think little is the right word anymore." Luke laughed. "Fuck off." Michael grumbled and grabbed a leftover Chinese food from the fridge, sticking the noodles and orange chicken in the microwave. "You're having Chinese food at 8 am?" Calum laughed, "As a matter of fact I am, do you have a problem with that?" Michael mumbled as he sat down at the kitchen table, eating his Chinese. "Nope, it's just more pudge your adding to your waist." Luke chuckled, "Pudge?" Michael asked with a mouth full of noodles, "C'mon Mike, you really didn't notice your tummy has gotten bigger?" Ashton asked as he poked Michael's belly, "Well, I didn't really think it showed." Michael chuckled, "It looks like you have a pillow in your shirt." Luke laughed, earning a smack to the back of the head by Michael. "I haven't gotten that chubby have I?" Michael asked as he threw away the now empty container of Chinese food, "Mike, when was the last time you stepped on the scale?" Calum asked, "A couple days ago." Michael shrugged, "And what did it say?" Ashton asked, "I couldn't see the numbers." Michael mumbled as he rested his head on the counter, "Have I gotten fat?" He asked, "No, not fat. Although, you're not that far from it." Luke smiled as he pinched his love handle. Michael rolled his eyes and went upstairs, putting on some jeans and a red flannel, fixing his lilac hair before going out the door and to his car, driving to the 1D L.A house to talk with a specific blonde Irish boy. He walked up to the door and knocked, Harry opening the door and bringing him inside, "Niall is upstairs." He smiled, "Thanks Haz." Michael mumbled before going upstairs, "Niall?" Michael called as he knocked on the door, "Yeah kitten?" Niall smiled as he opened the door, "I kinda wanna talk to you." Michael mumbled and Niall pulled him inside, "Is this about the gain thing?" Niall asked and Michael nodded. "They noticed, they fucking noticed me packing on pounds and I'm worried they'll find out its being done on purpose." Michael mumbled in worry, "Th-they'll kick me out of the band." Michael whimpered and Niall hugged, "Kitten, it's okay. Don't worry, they won't be disgusted by us." Niall cooed. You may be wondering what the fuck is going on? Well, about a month ago, Michael and Niall had both started gaining weight and only noticed it when they saw Twitter comments, but they both realized something, they enjoyed it, they liked the idea of being fatter than fat. But, when Michael showed Niall the world record for the fattest man in the world, they set a goal for themselves, to beat that record. "I'm just nervous." Michael sniffled, "Mikey, it's okay, don't worry about it." Niall cooed and pecked his lips. Oh and did I mention they're a couple? Michael wrapped his arms around Niall's soft waist, cuddling into his chest. "You're so soft." Michael smiled, "Not as soft as you." Niall chuckled as he slid a hand under the shorter boy's (just pretend Mikey's shorter) flannel, caressing his soft and flabby belly, giving it a soft squeeze. Michael blushed and Niall laid him on the bed, unbuttoning Michael's flannel and peppering his round belly with kisses, making Michael giggle but then blush as his belly growled. "Did my piggie not have a big enough breakfast?" Niall asked and Michael nodded, "Feed me?" Michael asked and Niall nodded, kissing his forehead before leaving the room, coming back with a big bowl of steaming mashed potatoes and gravy, along with a 2 liter cola. The smell filled Michael's nostrils and it made his mouth water as well as his belly growl loudly, Niall sat next to Mikey after locking the door as he didn't want anyone to walk in on there little stuffing session and the lilac haired boy immediately opened his mouth, a spoonful of fluffy mashed potatoes and gravy getting shoveled in and he swallowed them, putting his hands on his little pillow soft tummy and he opened his mouth again, getting more and more mashed potatoes stuffed into his mouth, "You okay baby?" Niall cooed as he gave Michael some of the cola to quench his thirst, "Just getting a bit full, mashed potatoes are pretty filling." Michael mumbled as he rubbed his tummy, it puffed out a bit from the large amount of fluffy mashed potatoes and cola being digested inside of it, looking like he was 4 months pregnant. "You're halfway there Mikey, you can't stop now." Niall smiled, "I didn't plan on it." Michael smirked and Niall kissed his cheek, "That's my Mikey." He smiled as he fed Michael more mashed potatoes, eventually having Michael lick the bowl clean before chugging the rest of the cola, letting out a deep belch as he rubbed his basketball shaped tummy, "Now I'm stuffed." He groaned and laid his head on Niall's lap, the blonde rubbing his belly. "I'm next." Niall smirked, "After I digest all of the food in my tummy, and take a nap." Michael mumbled, yawning at the end and rubbing his eyes. "Get some sleep babe, I'm gonna clean up." Niall smiled, kissing Michael's forehead before leaving the room with the dirty bowl and empty cola bottle, going downstairs and being careful to avoid his 3 other bandmates, putting the bottle in recycling and washing the bowl out before putting it away and going back upstairs, laying next to Michael and pulling him to his chest, playfully squeezing Michael's soft chest, making him laugh. "You have a tight grip on my moobies." Michael giggled and Niall giggled, "Got to sleep kitten and then you get to feed me." He smiled and kissed Michael's stuffed tummy, rubbing his belly softly as Michael drifted to sleep. The rest of the week was the same way, Mikey and Niall taking turns stuffing each other with fatty and rich foods, of course they gained more pudge on their expanding waistlines but this only got them closer to their goal. Their bandmates noticed the sudden growths in their girths and they decided to call a 'meeting' with the two boy's at the 1D L.A house, that's where the 8 were currently sat, in the living room. "So, um, we have noticed that you guys have started gaining weight and eating more than usual." Louis began, making Michael tense up and Niall put his hand on his thigh, trying to soothe him. "Well, cross our hearts and hope to die I guess." Michael mumbled, "Well, we have been kinda gaining weight p-purposely." Michael stammered. "We enjoyed it and then I found a world record for fattest man in the world and fattest couple in the world, so we made that our goal." Michael finished, waiting for a response. "Wait, couple?" Louis asked, "We're kinda dating." Niall smiled and held the shy boy's hand, "Are you happy?" Luke asked and they nodded. "Then so are we." Luke grinned and Michael's face lit up, getting up to hug all of his friends with glee. About a month passed and they had both reached 500 pounds, now waddling and panting from walking too far. They had beach ball bellies, squishy love handles, chipmunk cheeks, thick thighs, double chins, and Mikey had a round plump bubble butt that Niall would often pinch playfully. Michael looked in the mirror, running his fingers through his new platinum blonde hair and he smiled, then going downstairs and hugging Niall from behind, a little out of breath from walking so much. Niall turned around and kissed his forehead, "Really? You dyed your hair so we match." Niall chuckled and Michael regained his breath before responding, "It's to show my love for you. I wanted us to match." Michael smiled and kissed him. "Only 500 more pounds to go babe." Niall smiled, "Only 500." Michael smiled as he rubbed Niall's tummy, giving it a couple kisses. Another month later and they had done it, they had reached their goal of 1,000 pounds, now immobile and they shared a hospital bed so they could cuddle. The were put in the world record book for fattest couple and fattest men alive and they both celebrated with a feast for each of them, stuffing themselves with turkey, mashed potatoes, pasta, mac and cheese, pizza, burgers, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, fries, and much more, this resulting in yoga ball sized bellies. Before they fell asleep from their stuffing, Michael cupped Niall's face and kissed him, hard and passionately, the 2 smiling into the kiss.

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