Break up

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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS.

Very sad so a warning if you're not good with emotional stuff!!

Mikey will sob and scream a few times!!!

Shitty ending, I'm sorry about that

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Michael was at the happiest he has ever been, he had finished a world tour with his 3 best mates in their extremely successful band, earlier in that tour he had came out as gay and most of the fandom had excepted him for who he was, he was just happy and he didn't think anything could bring him down. The boys walked into their managers office, collecting a paycheck from him and in all honesty, Michael couldn't give less fucks about the money, he was just glad to be living his dreams. "Wait, how come Luke gets 100 dollars more than us?" Ashton asked and Michael raised an eyebrow, "He's the lead singer, he has more fans than the rest of you." Their manager stated and Luke didn't say a word, "That's bullshit! We should get an equal pay!" Ashton exclaimed and Michael winced from his tone, sitting down in the corner and they all began screaming at each other over the money. "Does the money really matter that much?" Michael asked, "YES!" Everyone screamed at him in unison and he was about to cry, he was never good with fights, even if he wasn't in them. Then the 2 words he never wanted to hear came out of his bandmates' mouths, "I QUIT!" They all shouted in unison and Michael swore his heart broke into a billion pieces, "You-you what?" Michael whimpered, "We quit, if we don't get an equal amount of money to, I don't wanna be in this band." Calum scolded and Michael stood up. "I thought this was about all of us having fun with our best friends, but I guess I was the only one who didn't care about the money and was just happy to be living my dream." Michael cried and ripped up the paycheck, running out of the office and to his car, driving home and locking himself inside his apartment, sobbing. His heart was broken into unfixable pieces, he felt like he was going through a break up, technically he was, just with his best friends, and it was over money. He needed something to fill the now empty void inside him, his first thought was drugs but he wasn't gonna come close to that, then his mind went to another, junk food. He took out his phone and called a pizza place, ordering an XL pepperoni pizza and a 2 liter Mountain Dew, he stood up from his sulking position on the couch as he heard a knock on the door, kinda hoping it was his mate's coming to explain stuff and get back together, but nope, it was just a pizza girl. He opened the door, ignored her eyeing him because he not at all interested, handed her the money and took the pizza and soda, closing the door with his foot and locking it, sitting on the couch and opening the pizza box, turning on the TV and seeing the Fault in our stars was playing on the TV, he could use a good sobbing session over a movie. He was crying as he was stuffing pizza in his mouth, taking long swig of the soda and his belly bloating up as he filled it more. He ate the last of the pizza and chugged the last of the soda, his gut swelling up and he tossed it aside, burping into his fist and he leaned back into the couch, rubbing his belly and he started crying again, his cries turning into heavy sobs and he laid on the couch, sobbing and punching a pillow. "Fuck Luke! Fuck Calum! Fuck Ashton! Fuck everybody!" He screamed and sobbed harder, he was saying so many things we didn't mean, he wanted his bandmates to come over more than anybody, especially Ashton. Over the past month or so, Michael had been gaining feelings for the older boy, wanting really nothing more than to kiss him, but he knew that would never happen now, they probably all hated one another now, well except for Mikey. He went onto his phone and tried finding a dessert place that delivers and thankfully he did, he called the bakery and ordered 5 cheesecakes, wanting more food in his belly to fill the void. The creamy cakes came in record time and Michael was glad they did, he paid the man who brought them and locked the door again, sitting on the couch and eating the cheesecakes, crying over the movies and shows he was watching as well as his bandmates, he doesn't think he'll ever get over this and he doesn't plan on it anytime soon. Michael stayed inside every day and night, ordering food in and not bothering to take showers, it didn't come to his mind 99% of the time as his brain was still clouded with depression and his gut stuffed with food 90% of the time. He never threw trash away, he just tossed it onto the floor, his apartment littered with soda cans, boxes, takeout containers, and a couple wine bottles from when Michael got really sad and drunk. He only watched sad and depressing shows and movies, not wanting to watch much else, he really only used his phone to order food or go on Twitter sometimes when fans tweeted or messaged him, trying to make him feel better, he was too sad to even play video games. All the junk food and desserts he consumed made him pack on the pounds, his girth growing drastically from not really moving at all, only getting up to answer the door when food arrived or to use the toilet. His weight went from a average 190 to a solid 300 in about 4 months, Michael's belly was sitting on his lap 24/7 as it was becoming beach hall size, his arms were beginning to sag, his hips were wider, his thighs were thick like tree trunks, his love handles tripled in size, and his double chin was beginning to make some of his neck disappear. Michael heard the doorbell ring and he stood up, putting the bucket of KFC he had in his hand down on the counter, still holding a piece of fried chicken in his hand as he looked through the people, almost choking on his chicken when he saw who it was. He opened the door and saw them, his former bandmates, the 3 boys that crushed his heart, that ruined his dreams, who made him the couch potato he was becoming. "W-wow, you've changed." Ashton blushed and Michael shrugged, not caring what he looked like to them anymore, knowing they were probably disgusted and shocked. "Why are you here?" He sniffled, almost breaking down into sobs when he saw them, "We came by to see how you were, we haven't heard from you since we fought." Luke mumbled, "Well, you didn't really bother to come by." Michael frowned, "To into the money that you weren't getting to give a shit about your former best friend." Michael blinked back tears, "Mikey, don't say that." Calum mumbled, "Too bad I did! Did you not think about what this could do?! I've been wanting what we had for my entire life and you just took it away from me in 2 seconds!" Michael sobbed and slammed the door, not wanting a response as he locked the door once again. The fading green haired boy took the bucket of chicken and sat back down on the couch, sobbing whilst eating the fried chicken, stuffing his gut until if he ate another bite, he was gonna either burst or throw up, his belly was like a yoga ball and he laid down on the couch, rubbing it and still crying, eventually crying himself to sleep. After seeing his former bandmates, he got even more depressed, eating twice as much as before and gaining more weight. 4 more months passed and Ashton walked up to Michael's apartment, knocking on the door and he heard the door unlock before he heard Michael lay on the couch, Ashton opened the door and he frowned at what he saw, Michael under a large blanket on the couch, his hair had faded to its original blonde color, he had thick scruff on his face, the sweater and sweats he was wearing were clinging to his body like he had body paint on, he was much heavier than before, and he didn't smell to great to be honest. His apartment was a pigsty, cans, boxes, takeout containers, wrappers and bottles littered the place. "Who died in here?" Ashton asked, trying to lighten Michael's mood, "My heart." Michael whimpered and Ashton walked over to the boy, bending down next to him and looking at his round face, seeing dark bags under his sad and tired eyes, "Are you gonna stay like this forever?" Ashton asked with worry evident in his tone and Michael shrugged, "Probably, food is nice to me and it doesn't pull my heart out of my chest, crush it, stop on it and ruin my dreams when I was in the middle of living them." Michael mumbled, maybe being a little over dramatic, but that's how it felt. Ashton stood up and sat Michael up sitting next to him and the moment Ashton touched Michael's leg, the boy started sobbing like no tommorow. Ashton pulled him in for a hug that Michael gladly accepted and sobbed into his shoulder, "I'm sorry, I-I was just so happy and then you guys started fighting over m-money and then the band br-broke up and I-I-I couldn't take it." Michael sobbed and Ashton pulled back, wiping his tears with his thumb. "Mikey, kitten calm down." Ashton cooed and Michael's belly got butterflies when he called him kitten, "You know one of the things that made me sadder?" Michael sniffled, "Thinking that you and the others probably hated each other and we would never talk again and you would never love me too." Michael frowned, "Mikey, no. I love you still." Ashton cooed, "Not in the same way." Michael sniffled, "You'd be surprised." Ashton smiled and Michael was about to ask what he meant but next thing he knew, Ashton's lips were on his as the skinnier male was hovering over him, "You're still beautiful like before." Ashton whispered as he pulled away.

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