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Michael woke up in the middle of the night in his bunk, his tummy growling loudly and he slowly and quietly got out of his bunk, he tip toed to the kitchen and went into the fridge, taking out the leftover Chinese food they had earlier that evening. He ate the orange chicken, fried rice, and the chow mein, he put the empty containers in the bottom of the trash so no one would see and then washed the evidence off his face, he saw his reflection in the mirror and blushed when he saw his tummy was poking out more from all the food in it. He was gonna have a little trouble hiding that, but otherwise he should be able to get away with it, or so he thought. He laid back down in his bunk and fell asleep, rubbing his basketball shaped belly in slow circles. He woke up a few hours later and his tummy was just as bloated as before, he tugged on his pajama shirt, which was really just Calum's oversized jumper. He hopped down from his bunk and shuffled out to the lounge, seeing his boyfriend looking through the fridge. "Morning sleeping beauty." Calum smirked, "Morning." Michael yawned, "Babe, do you know what happened to the Chinese food?" He asked and Michael froze, "I don't know, maybe Luke or Ashton ate it." Michael mumbled and sat down, thinking his belly was hidden under the table. Calum walked over to the black haired boy, "Did you eat it?" He asked, "Nooooooooooo." Michael mumbled, "Then why's your tummy sticking out?" Calum asked, "Its not." Michael blushed. "Michael, c'mon." Calum cooed, pulling the black haired boy into his side, patting his belly and Michael blushed like crazy. "I know it's in there Mikey." Calum smiled and kissed his cheek, "I ate it all." Michael mumbled and hid his extremely red face with his hands, "Do you think I care?" Calum asked and moved Michael's hands, pecking his lips. "But, look at it." Michael frowned and Calum lifted his shirt, kissing his still stuffed tummy. "It's the cutest thing I've ever seen." Calum smiled and Michael blushed, "You're the best." Michael smiled and pecked his lips, "I know." Calum smirked and Michael giggled, snuggling into his side.

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