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Sorry if this was posted late, I haven't been feeling to well and I'm having some health issues, I'm just not in the best time health wise rn. I'll still upload as much as possible, but it won't be as often. I'll give you updates on my health if you wanna know, so if I don't post for awhile, my health is the reason.


Here's a sexy Mikey pic to make up for some of it


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"Mikey, wake up." Rachel whispered and he opened his eyes, ignoring the pain in his tummy as she didn't look so good. "Baby girl, what's wrong?" Michael asked and sat up, putting his hand on her forehead. "Oh baby, you're burning up." Michael frowned, "It hurts." She whimpered, "What does Rach?" Michael asked, "Stomach." She huffed, "Oh no, I got you sick" Michael mumbled when he realized that he gave her his bad stomach flu, "It's okay Mikey." She cooed. "I'll get you some medecine sweetie, you just lay here and relax okay?" Michael cooed and she nodded, he placed a kiss on her forehead and he went downstairs, getting her medecine and getting a little pain in his tummy, Michael got a bad stomach flu about week ago, only recovering like yesterday, pains still coming as he was still a little ill. But, he also had air in his belly, causing more pains that he could easily ignore, the burping was difficult to hide though. He pushed on his tummy and burped a couple times, knowing those were the first but definitely not the last burps to come up. He went back upstairs and helped Rachel sit up, giving her the meds and some water to wash it down. "I'm so sorry baby, I tried my best to keep it from spreading." He cooed, "Mikey, it's fine, people get sick." She cooed and kissed his hand, "I didn't wanna let you in the bedroom for a week, but you just had to cuddle me better. So, that's what I'm gonna do." Michael smirked and laid next to her, holding her close and feeling the heat radiating off her body. "Want me to rub your tummy?" He asked and she nodded, his pale hand sneaking under his pink tank top and rubbing small slow circles on her lower abdomen, "What you did for me, I'm gonna do for you." Michael smiled and kissed her neck, turning his head and burping with his mouth closed. "Sorry, I got some air in my belly I guess." Michael mumbled, "It's okay." She shrugged, even though she lied because it did bother her kinda, but he was being really sweet and taking care of her, so she didn't wanna be rude. It only took about 2 seconds before she was asleep and Michael got off the bed, sitting on the beanbag chair in the corner and pulling a blanket around himself, letting out a couple burps as he took out his phone and taking a quick picture of Rachel, going on Twitter.

@Michael5SOS: When you get your girlfriend sick :( *image attached*

Michael heard Rachel groan and looked up, seeing her awake. "Mikey, can I just be alone please?" She asked, "Sure baby girl, I'll be back later to check on you." Michael smiled and stood up, going downstairs and flopping onto the couch, scrolling through Twitter and other social media sites, favoriting, retweeting, and liking a few things before putting his phone away after 30 minutes. He went back upstairs and creaked open the door, seeing Rachel still awake in bed and cuddling a pillow, "You want anything sweetheart?" Michael asked, "No Mikey, just leave me alone for now." She mumbled and Michael walked inside, a little hurt by her attitude, he's just trying to take care of her. "I just wanna make you feel better." He mumbled and Rachel sighed, he laid down next to her and looked her in the eyes, noticing they were glossed over and a little bloodshot. "You're still pretty." He smiled, "No I'm not." She scoffed, "Yes you are, you're always pretty." Michael mumbled and played with her hair, a little smile on her face and her cheeks a rosier red than before. He turned his face into the pillow and burped a couple times, "Sorry, got tummy air." Michael mumbled and hugged Rachel from behind, earning a grunt from the sick girl. "No cuddles then." Michael chuckled and let go, just laying next to her. "I don't want them anyway." Rachel mumbled, "Babe, I just wanna make you better." Michael cooed and Rachel got up, "I just wanna be left alone!" She snapped and Michael flinched at her tone. "All I've doing is being nice and taking care of you, but you're just acting like a child!" Michael scolded and Rachel left the room, going downstairs and he followed her, hearing her crying. Michael sat down at the bar, putting his head down and his hand on his belly, rubbing it through his tshirt to soothe pain and a burp escaped his lips, he didn't even try to muffle it as he was too upset to bother with it. Rachel's muffled crying kept echoing through his ears, making his heart twist as he wanted to go comfort her, but she didn't want him so he forced himself to stay seated. Michael even covered his ears to try and drown out the noise, but to no avail. He stood up and walked over to her, "Baby girl, you okay?" Michael asked as she sat up, "It hurts." She whimpered and Michael stood her up, hugging her and smiling when he hugged back. He stepped back and his jaw dropped, "Oh my god, you're bleeding." He mumbled as he pointed out the red stain her pajama shorts, "Michael, it's just-" She began but Michael shook his head before she could finish, "I'm taking you to the hospital." Michael stated and took her to the car, despite her saying she was fine. "You're bleeding from places that shouldn't bleed babe, you're getting checked on." He stated and she put her lip, trying not to laugh as Michael was forgetting a very important thing, but was she gonna tell him now, oh no. He took her inside and when they got a room, a nurse had the same look on her face as Rachel. "Did you bring her here sir?" She asked, "Yeah, is he okay?" Michael asked, "Um, she just had her period Mr.Clifford." She chuckled and Michael went redder than his hair was, "Wow, I'm dumb. Sorry for taking you through all this trouble." Michael blushed, taking Rachel back home after she got situated in the bathroom. "Babe, I'm so fucking sorry." Michael mumbled as soon as they left the hospital, hugging her gently and kissed her all over her face, "Mikey, it's okay. It didn't come to mind." She smiled, "Still, it's a natural thing." Michael mumbled as they drove home, "I don't care, I just wanna cuddle now." She smiled, "So now, you wanna cuddle?" He smirked, "Pwease?" She pouted when he pulled up to their house, he got out and carried her inside, "Of course princess." He smiled and tried kissing her, but she turned away, "I don't wanna get you sick." She mumbled, "I'm the one who got you sick." He laughed and kissed her, laying in bed with her and cuddling, let's just say that Mikey kinda puked the next morning, having a relapse of sickness.

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