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Request by @Mrs_Madison_Hemmings.

Fluffy Muke fluff

Feedee Mikey

Feeder Luke

Daddy kink (suttle)

Hope you like it ♡
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Luke woke up and smiled when seeing his boyfriend sleeping soundly next to him. Luke scooted closer and wrapped his arms around Michael's soft waist, pulling him into his chest and he felt Michael stir a bit, snuggling into his chest and opening his eyes, smiling up at Luke. "Good morning kitten." Luke cooed as he stroked the black haired boy's chubby cheek, "Morning." Michael smiled and Luke kissed his nose, making him giggle. "I'm hungry." Michael pouted as his large belly growled loudly, making him whine a little. "How do you ask nicely piggie?" Luke smiled, "Please daddy?" Michael pouted and Luke pecked his lips, "I'll be back soon." Luke cooed and got up, going to the kitchen to make the heavy boy his breakfast. Luke and Michael had been dating for about 6 years, but they have only been doing this feeder and feedee relationship for about 2 years, Luke walked in on Michael having stuffed himself to the point of not being able to move or keep his eyes open, thus leading them to figure out each others kinks. Michael had gotten a lot heavier since their relationship, now at 500 pounds and it was really hard for him to move, his legs now able to carry all of his fat around too well, so he was practically immobile at this point. They both loved how obese the black haired boy had gotten, although Michael's appetite was a little hard to keep up with. "Lukeyyyyy, I'm hungryyyyy." Michael whined from upstairs and Luke rolled his eyes, "I'm almost done piggie, just be patient." Luke replied as he finished putting the last of the plates on the cart and he took it to their room, the pale boy's mouth watering and belly growling at the amount of food his feeder brought in. "Stuff me daddy, stuff me up please." Michael begged and he got a fork full of syruppy pancakes shoved into his mouth, followed by tons more and Michael was getting full. He had only 3 plates left and he didn't plan on stopping, "You okay kitten?" Luke asked as he rubbed Michael's bulging belly, Michael burped as he nodded, opening his mouth for more food to be put in, the pale boy was fed the last 3 plates and he groaned, feeling like he would burst. "You full piggie?" Luke smiled as he sat next to Michael, the very stuffed boy nodding, "I'm gonna explode." Michael mumbled as he snuggled into Luke's chest, the blonde boy rubbing his feedee's belly and Michael smiled. "Luke, do you think I'm getting too big for you?" Michael mumbled, "No, baby of course not." Luke cooed, "Sometimes I'm just afraid you'll leave me when I can't move anymore." The pale boy sniffled and the younger lad knew he was gonna cry. "Mikey, I'd never think of leaving you. I'll love you no matter what, if this ever gets to be too much for you, I'll stop and help you loose weight if you want to. But, I'll love you even if you were bigger than the Earth itself." Luke smiled and kissed Michael softly, feeling the bigger boy smile into the kiss. "I love you too daddy." Michael smiled and snuggled into his chest, closing his eyes and falling back asleep, only waking up hungry again.

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