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Mashton and Cake

Cal and Mike gain weight in this one

Secret Feeder Ash and Luke

There aren't famous in this

Mikey and Calum are like 5"3, I did that so they can be cuter and cuddly and stuff

Mikey wears leggings because leggings are cute and boys can wear leggings if they want

I kinda combined some of the details, like certain scenes are combined into one scene

You'll know what I mean later


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Michael walked into the buffet, immediately paying and then going to get food, avoiding as many gazes as possible. He sat down with his plate full, seeing people giving him disgusted looks and he frowned, noticing his belly was puffed out onto his lap and visible in his oversized sweater, making him sigh as he ate a forkful of gooey mac and cheese. After about 5 main corse plates and 4 plates of desserts, Michael was really full and he was so glad he was wearing his black and white striped leggings or else his pants button would have popped off by now, he stood up and kinda waddled out the door, his arms wrapped around his basketball belly and he walked to the bus stop, he was only 17 and didn't have a car yet, not having the money for one. He leaned back into the bus stop bench, his arms still around his belly and he closed his eyes for a bit, feeling someone poke his tummy and he opened his eyes utterly confused, gulping when he saw a couple bullies from his highschool. "I thought I recognized you pig." The tallest one smirked, Michael had no idea what their names were, he didn't care to know anyway. "Did you clean out the buffett again?" He scoffed and Michael looked down, frowning and tried hiding his belly, "That thing is so big there isn't anyway you can hide it." The boy laughed and Michael frowned more, "Go away." He whimpered. "Why? So you can pig out in peace." He scoffed, "Leave the poor kid alone." Michael heard someone scold and a curly haired boy walked over, he was much taller than the Michael and was obviously intimidating the bullies as they rushed away, "You okay cutie?" He asked the small boy and Michael nodded, "Can I take you home?" He asked, "I-I don't know your name." Michael mumbled, "It's Ashton." The taller boy smiled, "I'm Michael." The silver haired boy smiled and Ashton stood him up, "Let me take you home." He smiled and Michael nodded, Ashton saw the pale boy was too stuffed to walk very far so he picked Michael up bridalstyle, earning a gasp from the small boy and he wrapped his arms around Ashton's neck, making Ashton giggle. Thus, becoming a couple after a few days and they were head over heels for each other, although Ashton found 2 flaws in the small boy, he was far too thin and he never ate enough. Ashton wanted Mikey to be his fat piggie, of course this would take some work, but Ashton would make it happen, he just knew it. Michael had noticed Ashton was beginning to take him out more and give him large portions of usually fatty foods, not to mention that he had stocked the cabinets and fridge with unhealthy snacks and no desserts, the pale boy not taking much thought to it as he just figured Ashton probably just wanted to spoil him a bit. Right now, Michael was struggling to get his jeans on, jumping around his and Ashton's bedroom as he tried to wiggle the tight black skinnies up his meaty thighs, finally getting them up and he tried buttoning them, grunting as he tried to pull the tabs together. "You okay kitten?" Ashton asked as he walked in and saw Michael was very red in the face, laying down on the bed with his pudgy tummy sticking up. "I can't button my jeans." He huffed and stood up with some difficulty, walking over to his taller boyfriend and Ashton turned him around, wrapping his arms around his waist and grabbing onto the tabs. "Suck in your tummy." He mumbled and Michael sucked it in as much as he could, Ashton got the tabs to close but as soon as Michael let his gut go, the button popped off and shot across the room, making Michael blush hard. "Hey don't be embarrassed, just wear some leggings and one of my tshirts yeah?" Ashton cooed as he ruffled Michael's silver hair, the chubby boy nodded and then got into some black leggings and Ashton's flannel that used go down to his knees, now it was at his hips. "Ash, do I look chunky to you?" Michael asked as they walked out to the car, "No, baby you look perfect like always." Ashton cooed and Michael giggled, getting in the car and he noticed the seat belt was really tight and his pudge was sticking out a bit more than usual. Ashton grabbed the pale boy's chubby hand and drove, going to the nearby buffett and Ashton insisted on carrying Michael inside, not that the small boy minded. Ashton sat Michael down in a booth, "I'll go get you food." He smiled before getting Michael food and the silver haired boy looked to his side, seeing a brunette and a blonde together, the brunette was eating from a piled plate and he had a belly just like Michael's, plus he was wearing kinda tight clothes too. "Mikey, you okay?" Ashton asked as he walked over and sat down next to him, setting down Michael's first plate. "Oh, yeah I'm fine, just got lost in space." Michael smiled and then started eating, "Aren't you gonna eat Ashy?" Michael asked with a mouthful of mashed potatoes, "I will later, I'm not hungry right now." Ashton smiled and Michael kept eating, devouring plate after plate and he was getting close to his limit after the 4th plate, Ashton put a forkful of gooey mac and cheese to Michael's lips and the pale boy ate it, Ashton feeding him the rest and after his 10th plate, he couldn't move. "I'm gonna burst." Michael huffed as he rubbed his beach ball belly, "Let's go home babe." Ashton cooed and helped Michael out of the booth, Michael got up and Ashton carried him back to the car, the pale boy saw the blonde from earlier carrying the brunette, now obviously very stuffed. Michael didn't see much else because he fell asleep in Ashton's arms, letting the food coma take over. About a month later, Mashton had learned that those 2 boys were their neighbors in the apartment building the lived in, the 2 couples becoming best friends almost instantly. Now the 4 were going to a carnival as like a double date, Michael and Calum wearing their baggiest clothes that were getting pretty tight as the 2 were now close to 300, "I'm hungry." Michael pouted as his large belly growled loudly and Calum nodded in agreement, "You two go get some food okay?" Luke smiled and they both nodded, walking, well kinda waddling, off to find food. "Mikey, look." Calum smiled as he pulled him towards a sign for an eating contest, "An eating contest?" Michael mumbled as he read the poster, "We should enter!" Calum exclaimed, "Are you sure Calum? Don't you think Luke or Ashton may get upset?" Michael asked, "Why would they get upset?" Calum asked and Michael didn't know what to say. "Exactly, now let's enter." The 18 year old smiled and pulled the younger boy onto the stage where the contest was being held, a man making them sign their names on a sheet before going onstage, "Why did I agree to this?" Michael sighed as he saw the crowd of people that were gonna be watching them eat like pigs. "Because you can't help yourself." Calum smirked and Michael playfully smacked his shoulder, then going wide eyed as a huge plate of 100 triple cheeseburgers was put infront of him and this was just the first plate. The judge shouted for them to begin and Michael and Calum's brains went onto autopilot as they started devouring the burgers, it not taking long for them to eat the first plate and they were both getting kinda full, but they couldn't stop themselves. Meanwhile, Ashton and Luke were looking for their overweight boyfriends, "Where could they be?" Ashton mumbled as they kept looking, "Oh my god Ashton." Luke gasped as he pulled the curly haired lad towards the eating contest, both of them smiling wide as they saw their lovers stuffing themselves with the last 100 burgers. Just as they swallowed the last bite of burger, Michael let out a small groan as the judge made him and Calum stand up, their gargantuan bellies making it almost impossible, they look like over-inflated yoga balls that would pop at the slightest touch. Luke and Ashton walked up onstage and helped the stuffed boy's off stage, "I think I'm gonna explode." Calum groaned as he leaned onto Luke, Michael nodding in agreement as he burped, "Do you think you guys have enough room for some fried food?" Ashton asked and they both shook their heads, "We have 300 burgers in our bellies already." Michael mumbled and burped again, "C'mon, just some funnel cake." Luke cooed and they huffed, "Just one or else I'll either burst or throw up." Calum sighed and they helped the stuffed boys waddle to a table, helping them sit and then rushing off to get their food. "I feel like a pig." Michael mumbled as he rested his head on his hand, his other hand rubbing his belly that was fully exposed since his shirt was now riding up above his gut and it wouldn't go down, Calum's gut looking the same way. Ashton and Luke came back with a large ice cream covered funnel cake for each boy, "Please tell me some of that's for you." Michael mumbled as they sat down and Ashton shook his head, "I like to spoil my Mikey." Ashton smiled as he fed Michael, "Your Mikey is gonna burst." Michael huffed, but he kept eating. After they finished, chocolate ice cream all over their faces and groans left their lips, "Let's get you boys home and into bed." Luke cooed as helped Calum stand and Ashton nodded, helping his boyfriend stand up and Michael was almost asleep already. Ashton and Luke managed to lift them up, carrying them to the car and driving them home. "I'm fuuuullllllll." Michael groaned as Ashton laid him down in bed, hearing the springs creak a bit, "I can tell baby, I'll rub your belly for you." Ashton cooed as he laid next to him, pulling Michael into his chest and rubbing his gargantuan gut, "I love you." Michael blurted out and then bit his lip, never having said that before. "I love you too babe." Ashton smiled and Michael grinned wider than ever before slipping into a food coma. "Mikey, Mikey, Mikey." He heard someone repeat as they shook him awake, making him groan and he opened his eyes, seeing Calum in a big white tshirt showed off his belly folds and some swim shorts, "Are we going to the beach?" Michael asked and froze, "Not exactly, Luke and Ashton said a water park." Calum shrugged as he pulled Michael up, his soft body jiggling violently. "Get swim shorts and a tshirt." Calum smiled and Michael nodded, shooing him out of the room and then getting into a large white tshirt and swim trunks, waddling out of his room and feeling Ashton sweep him off his feet, causing a yelp to escape his lips. "You ready to go swimming?" Luke smiled as they got in the car and they all nodded, driving to the not-so water park. You may be wondering what I meant by that, well when they got to the park, Calum and Michael noticed that instead of water, the pools were filled with ice cream. "Oh my god." Michael gawked as they walked inside, him and Calum immediately going to the top of a slide, going on their bellies and sliding down into the large chocolate ice cream filled the pool, swallowing as much as they could at once as they surfaced. Ashton and Luke got in as they two boys started shoving the creamy dessert into their mouth by the handfuls, "Need help?" Ashton asked as he began feeding Michael the ice cream, the silver haired boy moaning at the taste. "It's so good." Michael groaned as he kept eating what Ashton fed him and his hands travel down to his growing gut, both Calum and Michael being fed the entire pool, "Oh my god." Michael groaned as he rubbed his beach ball belly, "I'm surprised you ate as much as you did." Luke whispered, barely audible. Ashton and Luke helped the two younger boy's out of the pool, patting their bellies and then they stood up, Michael noticed another building in the "water" park and he walked over to it, seeing the door was unlocked. "Mikey, what're you doing?" Luke asked as the other 3 followed the small boy, "I'm looking around." Michael shrugged as he walked inside, seeing they wrenon the 3rd floor of an ice cream factory and Calum rushed inside, following Michael to a railing and they looked down, seeing a huge tank of strawberry ice cream below them. "Oh god that looks good." Calum mumbled and Michael leaned forward more, leaning to far forward and slipping off, Calum tried to catch him but he was too heavy, causing both of them to fall into the ice cream tank, "Are you guys okay?!" Luke shouted, "Yeah, we're f-OH MY GOD WE'RE SINKING!" Michael screamed as they started to sink into the ice cream, grabbing onto Calum. "Michael that's not gonna help!" Calum snapped as they continued to sink, "We'll be there in a second! Just hang on!" Ashton shouted before him and Luke rushed downstairs as fast as possible, but by the time they got down there, the tank was empty except for 2 very full boys with yoga ball sized tummies. "You guys okay?" Luke asked as they pulled them out, "Yeah, just f-full." Calum mumbled and they were carried out of the factory, getting the sticky ice cream cleaned off them before going home. That night, Calum shook Michael awake, "What?" Michael whispered, not wanting to wale up his boyfriend, "I'm hungry." He mumbled and Michael got up, "I can't drive you anywhere, what the fuck did you wake me up for?" Michael snapped as he put on a tshirt and sweats, "Because you need food too." Calum mumbled and Michael sighed, he was kinda hungry. "Okay fine." Michael mumbled, going out to eat and they weren't planning on letting their boyfriends know, but they didn't exactly have a choice. When Ash and Luke woke up, they went downstairs and saw the pale boy and tan boy asleep, but they had fallen into the floor and were stuck. "Oh my god!" Ashton gasped, making the 2 jump awake and they blushed in embarrassment,  "We kinda ate too much." Calum mumbled and Luke pulled out his phone, "Good thing I know a guy." He mumbled and called his friend, getting a crane to help the boys out. Michael yawned as he leaned on Ashton's shoulder, making the curly haired lad carry him back to bed, laying him down and cuddling up to him, using Michael's protruding belly as a pillow and rubbing it softly to help Michael fall asleep. The next morning, Michael woke up and went downstairs, "He has no idea." He heard Luke mumble. "He's 500 pounds, I'm surprised he hasn't realized what I'm doing. Making Making him obese." He heard Ashton smirk and he stormed into the room, "WHAT?!" He screamed. "YOU'RE MAKING ME OBESE!" Michael snapped and glared at them, "Calum too." Luke stated. "I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!" Michael shouted and went upstairs, going to Calum. "They are making us fat!" Michael shouted, rambling on to Calum, "Should we get revenge?" Calum asked and Michael nodded, both of them rushing downstairs and grabbing as much food as possible, then grabbing rope and going over to their boyfriends, not saying a word as they tied their hands, "WHAT THE HELL?!" Ashton shouted before getting a brownie shoved in his mouth, "How does it fucking feel?!" Michael snapped as he contiued shoving food into Ashton's mouth until he knew he couldn’t handle anymore. Now the older males stuffed to their maxes, groans leaving their lips and Michael and Calum left the room, pissed off. "Was that the right thing to do?" Michael mumbled, the groans of pain leaving Ashton's lips making his heart sink, not waiting for an answer before going back to Ashton and hugging him tightly. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Michael cried, "Kitten, no don't cry." Ashton cooed and Michael started rubbing Ashton's stomach to help the pain. "Sorry." Michael sniffled. It was 4 years later now and Malum were 700 pounds each, agreeing to be Luke and Ashton's feedeefeedees. Now, they were out on a double date, after a sushi stuffing for dinner, the four were at the beach and looking at the stars. "Me and Luke have a very important question to ask you guys." Ashton smiled and he dug into his pocket, both of them sliding a silver ring on their lovers' finger, Michael and Calum began tearing up, overjoyed.


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