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Japan 5sos!!!!

This mainly focuses on Mikey eating just an fyi

I'm sorry if this sucks. I had such bad writers block with this and I made you wait so long

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"WE ARE IN JAPAN BITCHES!" Michael shouted as they got off the plane, "Michael, no swearing!" Ashton scolded and Michael apologized, blushing a bit and they walked through the airport, stopping to say hi to fans before they went our to their car, being taken to the hotel and as they walked inside, fans kept trying to hand them stuff and their security guard was trying to get them inside, but they stopped and walked over to the fans that were surrounding them, getting tons of little Japanese treats and gifts. "Enough boys." Their security guard warned and they were forced to go inside, Michael hugging a Pikachu stuffie to his chest with the biggest smile on his face. "This is so cute!" Michael squealed as they got to their hotel room, showing off the Pokémon toy to his bandmates and then he flopped onto the bed, a loud growling noise echoed the room and Michael blushed, "Was that your stomach?" Luke laughed and Michael nodded, covering his face with his hands and giggling a bit. The lilac haired boy got up, taking off the red robe and putting the Pikachu stuffie down before walking to the kitchen. "Holy fuck there is so much food in the fridge!" Michael exclaimed and his bandmates laughed, then the pale boy coming into the room with his arms full of treats and sat down on the bed, laying them out on the mattress and eating. "You gonna share with us?" Ashton chuckled, "Nope." Michael mumbled as he ate, "You gonna eat it all?" Luke asked, "Yep." Michael replied and continued shoving food in his mouth. "Don't whine to us when you get a stomachache." Calum chuckled as they laid down, it rather late. Michael flipped him off, continuing to devour his treats and drink his sodas. At about midnight after his bandmates fell asleep and he had consumed everything he had taken out, Michael's tummy wasn't so happy with him. The lilac haired boy's belly was gurgling as it struggled to digest all the sugary products he had eaten, causing a tummyache to occur as well as it now looking like a swollen soccer ball. Michael was laying on his side in his bed, his shirt lifted up above his stuffed belly and his hands massaging circles into it, groans leaving his lips as well as emitting from his poor tummy. Calum had heard his bandmate groaning and moaning, at first thinking he was having a dirty dream until he opened his eyes, seeing the older boy obviously not well. Calum got up and laid next to Michael, spooning him and replacing Michael's hand with his own, "Did you eat too much?" Calum asked and Michael nodded, "Why didn't you stop?" Calum asked,  "Too yummy to stop eating." Michael mumbled sleepily amd snuggled into Calum's chest, quickly falling asleep in his bandmates arms. The next day, the boys went out for some fun and Michael basically begged to go to the nearby arcade, of course going and they were having lots of fun, acting like little kids. They were growing hungry and decided to get a bite to eat, all of them spreading out in the food court that the arcade had they had decided to grab something rather sweet, well lots of things. They consumed various sugary products and all of it caused a major sugar rush for each of them, the four boys screaming and giggling as they ran to the car, extremely excited over everything. Michael rushed into the hotel room, bouncing on his bed and his bandmates bouncing on theirs, giggling like mad and after an hour of this, they collapsed onto the beds, out like lights as they were now sleeping. Over the visit to Japan, they kept eating goodies and treats they found, fans giving them things as well, all of the calories adding up and effecting their figures,  but they had no idea. The Aussies were complete oblivious to their weight gain, not noticing how big they had gotten over their trip, which had ended and they were now going home for Christmas, that morning noticing their clothes were a bit tight but not caring. They got off the plane and walked to the car, fans being rather pushy on the way and forcing them to take treats and pictures, poor Michael almost having a panic attack from all the pushing and shoving. They had gotten in the car and we're going home, eating the sweet goodies they had gotten during the ride and filling their tummies with the food. When they got home, they immediately went to bed, jet lagged and extremely tired, but when they woke up from their slumber, they noticed the change. Ashton and Calum didn't really mind, it not that bad looking to them so they brushed it off, but as they exited their room, they heard sniffling amd crying. They walked to Michael's room and found the lilac haired boy and the blonde crying as they were sat on Michael's bed, "Hey, what's wrong?" Calum cooed as he and Ashton sat down, "W-we got f-fat!" Michael sobbed into Calum's chest and Luke crying into Ashton's chest, "Guys, you aren't fat okay? We all gained weight, but it's no big deal! Just some extra weight is all." Ashton cooed and Michael sniffled, "I guess you're right." Luke mumbled and they smiled, "Just remember you are both beautiful okay?" Calum smiled and they nodded, now smiling and the boys enjoyed a filling Christmas feast that night.

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