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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs. Bff Pt.7. Sorry if it's short, hope you like it :)
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Over the past month, Michael's disorder has only gotten worse, it was constant and he was getting really bad cramps as well. He had gone to the doctors to see if there was anything they could do, surgery or medication, but they had nothing. Sometimes his burping was so bad, he stayed home from school, today was one of those days and he was getting those god awful cramp feeling in his tummy, they were not at all pleasant might he add. Michael was laying in bed, burping and groaning into his pillow as he rubbed his belly with his free hand, the other one holding the pillow to his face. He heard the door open and shut, thinking it was his mum to check on him and give him the heating pad to help his tummy cramps dull down. "Hey mum- BRUUPPPP!" He belched at the end, "Excuse me." He mumbled as he sat up and went beet red when he saw who it was, "R-Rach, wh-what're you doing here?" He stammered as he wrapped his arm around his waist. "I can't visit my baby boy." She cooed and kissed his cheek, "M'not a baby." He chuckled and played with his tan comforter, "Whatever floats your boat." She giggled and pecked his lips, making him smile wider. "Why'd you stay home?" She asked, Rachel didn't know about how bad it got and she was unaware of the cramps he got, "I don't feel good." He lied, well not entirely. "Your mum told me it's gotten worse and you've been getting cramps." She frowned and Michael sniffled, tears evident in his eyes. "Th-they hurt so bad and the doctor can't do anything about it, they have no idea how to fix this fucking disorder." He frowned his voice cracking as he struggled to hold in tears. Rachel pulled him into her chest and he let out sobs, making tears appear in her eyes, "Kitten, don't cry no." She cooed and wiped tears that were falling down her cheeks, "I-I-I'm a fucking slob that can't control when h-he burps." He sobbed into her chest, his arms around her neck. "I-it hurts and i-its disgusting." He sobbed and hiccuped, Rachel rubbing his back as he started burping too. His burping got worse when he was nervous or upset, "S-sorry." He apoligized as he kept letting out loud, wet burps, he pulled away and laid back down. "M-maybe you should go." He sniffled, Rachel didn't argue as she knew she would loose anyways. "Okay, see you soon kitten." Rachel cooed and kissed his cheek, he shot her a smile before she left and as soon as he heard the front door shut, he let out sobs. He was so worried Rachel would leave him, his burps were getting terribly loud and gross, nothing like they were before when they were little tiny ones, now he felt like a fucking slob with how loud they were. He just laid in bed and sobbed his little sad heart out, burping a few times in between and he was hugging a pillow to his chest, eventually crying himself to sleep. When he woke up, he was hit with a god awful cramp in his belly, groaning as he hugged his tummy and curled into a ball, "BRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPPP!" He belched and that made him frown. If they continue to sound like this, he'll just have to quiet school and do it online, he already had to stop the band, that just went downhill because of his stupid disorder, he didn't wanna deal with it anymore, he felt like a total pig. Then, he let out heartbreaking sobs, his body shaking as he sobbed and burped into his pillow, his loud wet burps making him sob harder, he felt two arms wrap around his waist and he was pulled onto someone's lap. "Mikey, babe it's okay, shhhhh." He heard his girlfriend coo as she rocked him back and forth, "D-d-don't ev-ever l-leave m-me." He sobbed as he fisted her shirt, "I would never dream of it Mikey." She cooed and kissed his forehead, "I-I-I'm such a sl-slob." He hiccuped and started rubbing his tummy, but Rachel soon replaced his hand with her own and rubbed his tummy under his shirt, "You're nothing like that, you're perfect just the way you are, so what if you burp a lot, I couldn't care less about that. I'll love you forever and always, maybe we'll even get married someday, have kids and if you still burp like this then, I won't care. I'll still love you." She smiled, "You're the best Rachel." Michael smiled and then whimpered in pain as another bad cramp hit him, "Does it still hurt love?" Rachel asked and he sadly nodded, "I-I love you Rach." He sniffled and nuzzled his face in her neck, "Love you too kitten." She smiled

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