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Request by michaelsxhair.

Spy! 5sos

Villain! 1D (Is Harry's original name Harrison or Harold??? It's Harold right?)

I changed it a wee bit, hope that's alright bub (Wtf, bub? Chantel, seriosuly, chill with the nicknames)

-some violence (its spy shit so yeah)

The goddamn gif

Do you hear me screaming????


{1295 words}
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Michael ran with his mates, tripping over a wire and scrambling to get up as knifes fell from the ceiling, one nearly hitting his foot as he finally caught up to his partners, falling to his knees and panting. "Fucking hell that was scary." The red head panted as he put his black glove covered hand to his chest, "Get up Mikey, we got shit to do." Luke chuckled and pulled the rather chubby boy up. Well, he was often exercising due to his job as a spy, but McDonald's is delicious so he's got some chub here and there. "Shut up Hemmings." Michael mumbled as he followed them, trying to be as quiet as possible knowing they were in enemy territory, they entered a room and as soon as Michael entered the doorway, he stepped onto a piece of tile, feeling it sink into the floor and they all froze, "Shit." Michael whispered. whispered and then they all were jumping in surprise as they heard an alarm go off. "RED ALERT! RED ALERT! TRESPASSERS! RED ALERT! RED ALERT!" The sound system blared and the four boys made a run for it, dodging multiple weapons being thrown their way. They were feet away from the exit door, Michael seeing his three friends run through the doorway and he picked up his pace, only to he grabbed before he made it out the door, a chloroform soaked cloth being placed over his mouth and his was unconcious in a matter of seconds, being carried into a black van and driven to an unknown place. When Michael woke up, he was chained to a wall, his arms restrained above his head and his feet were chained as well, but his feet were touching the floor and the chains on the cuffs were rather long so he was somewhat comfortable. "H-hello?" Michael croaked out and saw four boys emerge from the doorway, making him gulp and freeze. "Well, hello Mikey. You ready for some fun?" The Irish boy smirked as he held up a 2 liter cola bottle, the 3 other lads holding cookies, cake, and a gallon of ice cream. "You have got to be shitting me......" Michael trailed off, the boys lunging at him and stuffing the sweets into his mouth, forcing him to swallow the food. Meanwhile, Michael's partners we freaking out at the HQ, wanting to know where the fuck their red head friend was. "Where could he be?!" Calum shouted as he sat down infront of the large monitor, sighing in frustration as he had no idea where one of his best mates were. Suddenly, the monitor turned on, showing a semi-dark room with Michael in view, his belly was like a beach ball and bulging out infront of him, it almost touching knees as he panted, sweating from how much food was forced into his poor tummy. "Oh god, it hurts so bad." Michael groaned, causing Luke's, Ashton's, and Calum's hearts to break. "If you want your precious little, well big, Mikey back.....hand over the HQ and he's all yours." They heard a Bristish boy speak and they immediately recognized it as Harry, a member from their enemy team. "Sh-shut up H-Harry, th-they won't g-give it up like th-that." Michael panted and they felt even worse, wanting to hold their partner and make him feel better. "No way Harold, we aren't gonna give in that easily." Ashton cursed, "Don't call me Harold!" Harry snapped, hating his original name, "Anyways, the longer it takes for you to give in, the bigger your partner gets." Harry smirked and the camera showed Liam putting a hose in Michael's mouth, then the clear hose filling up with soda and Michael gulped it down as fast as possible, his tummy swelling at a rapid pace. In the corner of the screen, it had a track of how much Michael was holding in his belly, it currently saying "8 pounds of sweets", causing his friends to freak out. "We need a plan to get Mikey back home." Ashton mumbled and as the hours went by, the amount of food that went into Michael's belly increased, it no longer showing the poor boy being force fed, but just the amount of food in his gut, it now at "10 pounds of sweets". Then, Luke came up with an idea and he pressed the call button, Harry appearing on the screen. "You can have the HQ, just let us have Michael when we get there." Luke rushed out, acting desperate and the other two looked at him like he was insane, "Be here in 20 minutes or Michael will burst." Harry mumbled before shutting off the camera, Calum taking out a tablet and it showing the amount of food in Michael's belly. "What the fuck was that Hemmings?!" Ashton snapped as they got to the van, "Just hear me out." Luke sighed and explained his plan, jetting them on board and they drove to the 1D lair, rushing inside and they heard a loud burp coming from behind the basement door. "Pl-please, stop." Michael begged, letting out a small cry that made his partners hearts crack, "Nuh-uh pig, keep eating." Louis scowled and they burst in, seeing Louis shove a brownie in Michael's mouth, making him swallow it and everyone inside the room froze except Michael, letting out a sigh of relief as he saw them. "Finally you're here, now I'll take the keys to the HQ." Harry smirked as he walked over, holding his hand out and instead of giving him the keys, Calum grabbed his arm, twisting it behind his back and causing him to cry out in pain, "Did you really think we'd give in? Dumbass." Calum smirked and kicked Harry to the floor, then Louis and Liam lunging at them, Niall staying by Michael and making sure they didn't get to him, the poor boy looked close to passing out from pain and discomfort. Not too long after that, the 3 boys kicked their asses and the enemies laid unconcious on the floor, Luke rushing over to Michael and freeing him, the poor boy falling into his arms and he looked like he was gonna throw up from how pale he was. "Th-thank you-you." Michael choked out before passing out, causing Luke to scream in fear. "MIKEY!" Luke shouted and shook him, but the red head was out cold. They all rushed to the car, driving him back to the HQ for their medics, Casey and Nia, to check Michael. They rushed him inside and Michael was immediately taken into a private room, his partners having to wait to be told he was ready to see. After 5 long hours, Luke, Ashton, and Calum were waiting for the pale boy to wake up. He had to have an emergency operation to remove the contents of his belly, as it was too much for him to digest all at once, he had a breathing tube in his nose as he slept, just as a pre-caution. Michael stirred awake and slowly opened his eyes, being hugged by his 3 friends and he smiled, "We were so worried about you Mikey." Ashton cooed and Michael smiled sleepily, "Thanks for saving me." He croaked, "Anytime dude, any time." Luke smiled and held his pale hand, playing with his hair and making Michael smile.

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