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Malum smut warning
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Michael was out at the mall, the pink haired boy had decided it was time to get some new clothes as his jeans were beginning to feel a little snug and his shirts a little bit tight around his soft waist. He had finished his shopping and was starting to get hungry, debating whether he should get lunch now or not. A loud growl came from his tummy and he blushed, "Guess that's yes." He chuckled to himself and went to the foodcourt, getting a Big Mac meal and soda from McDonald's. He was sitting down at a table and eating his burger, some sauce getting on his face. "Mikey?" He heard someone ask and he quickly wiped his face and swallowed the food in his mouth, turning around and seeing a thin blonde girl. "Yes sweetheart?" He smiled as he stood up, "Can I get a picture?" She asked and he nodded, "Of course." He smiled and she took out her phone, Michael posed and was bent over a little so you could see his belly making folds beneath his tight shirt. She put her phone away and he opened his arms for a hug, letting the blonde wrap her arms around him and then he felt her pinch a roll on his side, "Hey Michael?" She smiled and he hummed in response as they pulled apart, she mumbled something incoherent and he bent down a little. "Can you repeat that darling?" He smiled, "Have you ever thought of loosing weight?" She asked and a rush of insecurities spread through his chest, "Not really why?" He smiled, masking his hurt. "I don't know, I was just wondering because you've been getting a little chubbier lately." She shrugged, the pink haired boy felt like crying. "Oh." Was all he could manage, "Well, anyways, thanks for the picture Michael. I hope to see you soon." She grinned before waving and walking away, Michael threw away his half eaten burger and untouched fries, his appetite had disappeared as his insecurities appeared, he walked to his car and drove home with a frown on his face as he thought about what the girl had said. He pulled up to the driveway of their L.A house and walked inside, mumbling a hello to everyone who greeted him and then going to his room, he shut the door and pulled off his tight shirt and jeans, glancing in the mirror and seeing his figure, a frown on his face. A pudgy belly, squishy love handles, chipmunk cheeks, mini moobs, slight double chin, bubble butt, and thick thighs. A tear rolled down Michael's cheek as he looked at himself, then they turned into sobs as he laid on his bed, clutching a pillow to his chest and sobbing into it. The door creaked open and Michael heard a slight gasp, "Mike, honey why are you crying?" Calum cooed as he sat on the bed and pulled the pink haired boy onto his lap. Michael continued sobbing for awhile before they turned into suttle hiccups and sniffles, "At-at the m-mall, a fan p-pinched my belly and asked if I ever c-considered loosing weight." He sniffled. "I-I s-said no and asked why, sh-she said I-I-ve been looking chubbier lately." Calum pulled Michael into his chest and rubbed his back, "Sh-should I consider it?" He asked, looking up at Calum with watery green eyes. "You don't need to loose weight Mikey." Calum cooed, "You're beautiful." Michael poked his tummy, "I'm soft." Michael mumbled, "Still beautiful." Calum grinned. "But, I'm squishy." He frowned, "I'm soft, squishy, fat, and ugly." He whimpered and Calum rapidly shook his head. "You aren't fat or ugly, yes you are soft and squishy but I love it. I love to be able to hug you really tight and feel your tummy, I love to kiss your meaty thighs when we make love, I love to squeeze your bum when we kiss sometimes, I love to rub my hand over your chubby sides and feel all your folds and pinch your love handles, I love your little moobs, I think they are absolutely adorable and sexy, and lastly, I love your cheeks and double chin, your cheeks are so round and squishy looking, they make you 10 times cuter, and your double chin is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. I love all of you and nothing can change that." Calum smiled and kissed each part of Michael's body that he had listed, including his bum. "I-I love you too Calum." Michael stammered, at a loss for words at his boyfriend's speech. Calum placed his hand on Michael's cheek, connecting their lips for a passionate kiss, which soon got heated and their tongues battled for domincance, Michael obviously let Calum win after a bit. "If you don't think you're beautiful...." Calum began and began to kiss Michael's little double chin, "I'll make you think you are." He mumbled and then kissed down his neck, sucking on his collarbone and Michael whined, wanting more, Calum could feel his member harden under him as he was now hovering over Michael, a large tent evident in his boxers. "C-Calum?" Michael whispered as Calum kissed his slightly saggy chest, "I-I need you." He breathed out, his meaty thighs beginning to tremble. "You need me to do what baby?" Calum asked as he sucked on a fold the older boy's belly formed, "N-need you inside me." Michael moaned, Calum kissed his clothed bulge and stroked it, making Michael's dick twitch. "Calum, please." Michael whimpered and Calum pulled down Michael's tight boxers, then pulled off his own sweats and boxers, sucking on his fingers a bit before sliding one into Michael, surprised how easily it went in. "I may or may not have fingered myself this morning." Michael mumbled and Calum smirked, adding another finger and thrusting and scissoring them, Michael pushed against his fingers and moaned when he hit his prostate. "Fuck, Calum, I-I need you in me." He moaned and Calum removed his fingers, spitting into his hand and lubing his throbbing cock, then slowly putting his tip in. "Calum, get in me now for fucksake!" Michael snapped, making Calum smirk and then slam into him, hitting his prostate and Michael moaned. Calum thrusted hard and fast, hitting Michael's prostate every time and Michael was a moaning and grunting mess, well they both were as Michael had a tight grip on the bed sheets and was propped up on his elbows, panting and moaning as pleasure overwhelmed him. "C-Cal...I-I-I'm gonna-" Michael began, "Me too baby, cum for me beautiful." Calum moaned in Michael's ear, Michael screamed out Calum name as he came all over his tummy and chest, Calum relaxing inside Michael and the riding out his high before pulling out. Michael laid flat on the bed, panting and covered in sweat and cum. Calum left the room and came back with a damp towel, cleaning his kitten up before putting the towel away and cuddling with Michael, "You believe you're beautiful now?" Calum asked as he played with Michael's sweat soaked pink hair, getting a tired nod from the pale boy. "Sleep well princess." Calum smiled and kissed his temple.

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