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Request by @PainterzRulez1269. This is kinda short, sorry X)
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Michael's belly growled like a bear for what seemed like the millionth time, he groaned and stood up, walking into the kitchen and pulling out stuff to make a sandwich. But he wasn't making a normal sandwhich, oh no, this one was 10 feet long and 3 feet wide, piled high with turkey, pastrami, bolgna, ham, cheese, tomatoes, pickles, and mayonnaise. His bandmates walk into the room and their eyes widen at the size of the sandwich Michael was making, "Michael, what're you doing?" Luke asked and Michael tied a bib around his neck, "Having a snack." He mumbled and picked up part of the snadwhich, biting into it. They just watched as he devoured it, he was halfway through and his belly had puffed up quite a lot, his belly creaking from the pressure. "Mikey, you should stop." Ashton mumbled, "No, I'm still hungry." Michael mumbled with a mouth full of food and continued eating, his belly swelling with each bite he swallowed. His bandmates just watched as he chowed down on a sandwhich that was almost twice Michael's size, Michael swallowed the last bite and burped, it looked he swallowed a damn beach ball. He groaned and laid down on the couch, he shirt riding up above his belly button and poked his tummy, it didn't dip in at all, his belly was stuffed to the max. He rubbed his stuffed gut and burped, still wearing a bib around his neck that was now dirty from food that spilled, Luke walked in and bit back laughter, seeing his lilac haired friend with a bulging gut that was pointing to the ceiling as he rubbed it. "How you feeling Mikey?" He cooed and took off the dirty bib, "Super stuffed." Michael groaned and belched, Luke patted his belly and left the room, throwing the bib away. "I can't believe you ate it all." Ashton laughed as he entered the room, Michael burped and patted his belly. "Thanks." Michael smirked and rubbed his drum tight belly, falling asleep in minutes and Ashton carried him to his room, laying him on his bed and pulling a blanket over him, leaving the stuffed boy to sleep in peace.

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