King of the Kittens

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Hybrid! Mikey (I HAD TO)

This will still have cute tummies in it, don't worry!

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Michael walked inside the pet shop, going immediately to the kittens and going to the back, seeing the black and white spotted kitten rolling around with his blanket gripped tightly between its paws. "Hey Mikey." Michael smiled as he unlocked the cage, the kitten immediately crawling into Michael's lap and cuddling into his belly, making him giggle as the kitten purred whilst he stroked its head. When Michael had moved to the city, he immediately searched for a job at a pet shop, finding one near his apartment and gladly taking the job, being the kitten hybrid he was, he wanted to work with kittens. He remembers the day he saw the kitten named Mikey, immediately loving the animal.
Michael walked into the shelter, then he saw a black and white kitten curled up in the corner with the saddest look in its eyes, making him heart crack in two. He immediately went over to it and picked it up, it snuggling into his tummy, "Hey buddy." Michael cooed and it meowed sadly at him, making him meow back. "What's your name little guy?" The hybrid whispered and looked at the name on the cage, "Hey, that's my name too!" Michael giggled and the kitten meowed at him, making Michael show a toothy grin. "You're my new pal." Michael giggled and held the kitten against his soft tummy, the kitten obviously liking how cuddly it was and Michael smiled as the kitten fell asleep against his belly.
Michael heard the bell above the shop door ring and he looked up, tugging on his beanie as he saw 3 boys come into the store and he got up, still cradling the kitten. "Hi, do you have hybrids as well?" The curly haired lad asked and Michael froze, "Oh, um, no sorry sir." Michael mumbled and the kitten in his arms squirmed, climbing onto his shoulder and clawing his neaie, making Michael tug on it tighter. "Oh, that's too bad. We were looking to take one in." The brunette frowned and Michael felt a ping of pain in his heart, knowing he was a hybrid who was this close to getting evicted from his apartment due to some payments he hasn't made just yet. "Um, do you know where we could find a hybrid adopti-" The blonde began and Mikey managed to pull the blue haired boy's beanie off with his claws, making Michael freeze as his kitten ears showed whilst the beanie fell to the floor. Michael sat on the floor and curled up into himself, "Sorry......" Michael whimpered and he sniffled, the three boys coming to him immediately and Mikey curling up against his belly. "No, don't cry. It's okay." The curly haired lad cooed, "I-I-I'm gonna be f-fired!" Michael sobbed and they froze, "Why? What's wrong?" The brunette cooed, "M-Mikey b-boss is m-meanie an-and he no like h-human k-kittes l-like M-Mikey." Michael cried, now talking in the third person due to his fear of loosing his job and getting evicted. "And M-Mikey gonna l-lose h-his h-home be-because he g-got no m-money." Michael sobbed and the blonde pulled him in for a hug, letting the hybrid sob into his chest and the kitten sat at Michael's feet, looking awfully sorry. "You know....." The brunette began, causing Michael to look up, "We were looking for a hybrid to care for and since you're gonna need a home......wanna live with us?" He proposed and Michael went wide eyed, "M-Mikey come too?" Michael stammered as he picked up the small kitten, causing it to purr. "Yes, Mikey too."

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