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Mikey VS Food Pt.3

More Niall and Mikey

A bit of Miall/Nike fluff

Again lol

Sorry about not updating yesterday, I was having bad tummyaches and a killer headache

But, I'm better today :)

Sorry if it sucks, it was kinda rushed


{1225 words}
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"Is it rolling?" Michael asked as they arrived at FatBurger, Ashton nodded. "I'm here at FatBurger to take on the Triple King challenge. 17 patties in 2 buns and a mountain of fries, this is gonna be a piece of cake." Michael smirked, "17 patties isn't that easy Mike." Luke laughed, "It is for me." Michael smiled as they walked inside and Ashton turned the camera off, they sat down and a waiter came over. Michael told him his order and then his eyes widened a bit, "Oh, and a soda please." Michael smiled and the waited walked off, people starting to crowd around them. Michael saw a girl in the back, talking to a girl with black and red hair and pale skin, he stood up and signaled for them to come over, "What are your names?" Michael asked with a smile, "I'm Serena and this is Shana." The blonde girl smiled and her friend waved, "Can I get 2 hugs from 2 beautiful ladies?" Michael asked and opened his arms, both of them hugging him and he hugged them back, letting them get a quick picture before they had to leave since Michael's order was coming so he sat back done, first the huge plate of fries was sent down, then the burger with 17 patties, and then his coke that was 2 fucking feet tall. "You have an hour to eat everything off the table." The chef smiled and Michael smirked, tying a bib around his neck. "You're all about to see something real special." He smirked before the timer began and he started shoving meat patties into his mouth, eating half of them in just 5 minutes, the other half in 5 more minutes, then he devoured the plate of fries in 3 minutes. "Fuck, I ate too fast." He groaned, burping loudly and then reached for the cola, sipping it and then everyone started chanting. "CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!" They all shouted and he chugged down the soda, putting the empty cup on the table and leaning back in his chair, his basketball gut resting on his lap and the chef raised a very stuffed Michael's hand in victory. "New record! 15 minutes!" He exclaimed and everyone cheered, "C'mon big guy." Calum smirked and he and Luke helped Luke stand, "1, 2, 3!" Calum counted and they pulled Michael up, the dark blue haired boy stumbled forward a bit, Luke catching him before he fell face first onto the floor. Luke chuckled and stood Michael up, putting his arm over his shoulder to help me out of the restaurant and getting him into the car. "You ready to talk to Niall?" Calum asked and Michael nodded, putting his chubby hand underneath his shirt and rubbing his protruding belly in soft slow circles. They drove to Mac Daddy and Ashton had to help the bloated boy out the car, Michael pulling his jacket over his belly to try and cover it up, "That's not gonna work." Calum laughed as they walked inside and Michael flipped him off, walking straight into the kitchen and seeing Niall cooking over the stove. "Hey Nialler." Michael smiled, "Hey Mikey, you didn't tell me you were pregnant." Niall smirked, "Ha ha, very funny." Michael joked as he walked closer. "Sooooo, I was wondering if you would um, I dunno maybe-" Michael began, "If you're asking me out I swear." Niall stated and Michael laughed, "No, no. Do you wanna do the Carnivore challenge with me tonight?" Michael chuckled and Niall turned off the stove after he took off some cooked food. "Okay, but after the restaurant closes." He smiled and Michael cheered, giving Niall a quick hug before rushing out to the car and sitting down, his bandmates sitting with him and waiting for Niall to come. An hour later, Niall came out and sat next a now snoozing Michael, "That burger did a number on him huh?" Niall chuckled as they drove, "He ate that, a huge plate of fries, and chugged a cola in 15 minutes flat. I'm surprised it hasn't all come up yet." Calum laughed, "He's gotta stomach of steel, he can eat anything really." Luke chuckled and Niall giggled, scooting closer to Michael and the sleeping boy snuggled up to him in his sleep, Niall finding himself sneaking his hand under his tshirt and rubbing Michael's still bloated tummy, making Michael smile in his sleep. They arrived at the pizza parlor and Michael woke up with a groan, rubbing his eyes and seeing Niall's hand still on his belly, "Well, hello there." Michael chuckled as he sat up, Niall taking his hand off Michael's belly, it now the size of a balloon. "C'mon, let's go pig out." Niall smiled and they got out of the car, walking inside and sitting down, placing their order of the Carnivore challenge, a basket of chili cheese fries and 2 kegs of non-alcoholic beer, Niall not wanting room deal with a hangover the next morning at work and neither did Mikey so. Their order came and their mouths watered, the 10 pound pizza covered a meat and barbecue sauce and chili cheese fries on the side. "Let's dig in." Michael smirked as they tied bibs around their necks, stuffing their faces with the pizza and people cheered them on. They shoved more and more food in their mouths, the pizza gone in 10 minutes and then they devoured the fries, those gone in 5 minutes, and then they chugged the kegs of beer in 2 minutes. The crowd was in shock when Michael said, "Can we have another pizza please?" and they brought one out, astonished as they saw them eat the other pizza in 10 minutes as well. "NEW RECORDS!" The chef cheered as he raised their hands, "27 MINUTES!" He exclaimed and they both burped. Thir faves were smothered in barbecue sauce as well as their bibs, Mikey's belly the size of a yoga ball and Niall's a beach ball size since the Irish boy wasn't stuffed before hand. All of Michael bandmates had to help him up and so did Niall's, helping them go to their separate cars, but there was one problem, Mikey couldn't get through the doorway. "NO! NOT AGAIN!" He screamed and groaned in frustration, earning a laugh from everyone, "Shut up, turn the camera off, and help me!" Michael whined and everyone helped pull him free, catching him before he fell to the floor. They got him up and Ashton pointed the camera towards Niall and Mikey, "Well, we just finished the Carnivore challenge, I can feel meat and beer in my soul, I feel like I'm gonna burst and I'm pretty sure Niall will too. Anyways, tune in next week for my next challenge. Where will I go? Nobody knows. Stay tuned." Michael smiled as the video ended. "Oh it hurts." Michael groaned as they got him into the car, "Just sleep mate, you'll feel better later." Luke cooed and Michael nodded, falling asleep during the car ride.

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