Cheer up

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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs.

I made Mikey the little fucking ball of sunshine he is at the end

I tried to make it good lol

I kinda changed a couple things, hope that's alright

Hope you like it ♡


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Rachel didn't exactly know why, she didn't know why she was randomly crying at 2 am on a Saturday, she didn't know why all she wanted was for Michael to hold her close and whisper sweet nothings in her ear. She took out her phone and called Mikey with shaky hands, putting the phone to her ear and trying to calm herself down so she could talk properly, "Rachel, it's 2 am on a Saturday, why are you awake?" Michael mumbled in his thick, raspy, groggy morning voice. Rachel couldn't say anything, she just let out a small puppy like cry that made Michael's heart shatter into a gazillion pieces, "Baby girl, why are you crying?" Michael cooed, "I-I-I don't kn-know." She sobbed. "Can I c-come over p-please?" She sniffled, Michael pondered for a moment whether or not he should have her over. Of course he wanted to, but he was having a few tummy issues that day, his belly was cramping up, he was having air bubbles rolling around inside of him and he didn't wanna disturb her with his burping. "Babe, I'm really not trying to be rude, but I'm kinda sick so I don't think it would be a good idea for you to come. I don't want you to get sick." He lied, rubbing his tummy a bit. "I'm coming over anyway." Rachel sniffled, "O-okay, the door should be unlocked baby." Michael cooed, "I'll see you s-soon." Rachel sniffled, "Love you angel." Michael cooed. "Love you too." Rachel mumbled, hanging up the phone and Michael sighed as he put his phone down. "Crap." He mumbled as he rolled onto his back and he snuck his hand under his tshirt, lightly pressing and a flurry of burps escaped him, making him let out a puff of air as he rubbed his belly. He didn't want Rachel to hear him burping up a storm, of course if she was sad he wanted to comfort her, but she probably wouldn't feel better by him burping constantly. He heard the door open and he sat up, seeing Rachel with tear stains on her cheeks and more tears falling down them. The blonde boy stood up and walked over to her, "What's wrong baby?" He cooed and she just shook her head, not entirely knowing what she was crying about. She wiped her tears quickly and then looked up at Michael, "Are you okay?" She asked, "Babe, I'm not important right now." Michael mumbled, still keeping a distance from Rachel just in case he burped so it wasn't right in her face. "You said you were sick." She sniffled, "Yeah, just a 24 hour bug. Don't worry about it." He muttered and she reached to feel his forehead but he backed away, letting out a small burp and he blushed. "You gonna be sick?" She asked and he shook his head, "No, it was just gas." He mumbled as he put a hand on his tummy. Rachel gave him a soft hug and he hugged back just as gently, "Baby girl, I feel really bad that you're sad and crying, but I don't wanna get you sick or disturb you." Michael cooed as he pulled away from the hug and she bit her lip, sniffling a bit and seeing her like this made Michael's heart shatter, mentally cursing himself for having stupid tummy air and not being able to comfort the love of his life. "O-okay, I guess I could just sleep on the couch and maybe you'll feel better in the morning." Rachel sniffled and Michael's heart sank a bit, feeling like shit for doing this. "If that's what you want babe." Michael cooed and she kissed his cheek before leaving the room, going to the living room and laying on the couch, the blonde boy laid back down on his bed after shutting the door and huffed, feeling annoyed with himself. He shoved his face into the pillow and burped a couple times, groaning that he knew those were definitely not the last ones floating around in his tummy, he rolled onto his back and rubbed his belly, frowning as he heard Rachel's crying. He pressed down on his belly and a few burps escaped him, making him let out a puff of air in discomfort and he continued rubbing and pressing down on his tummy, getting as many burps out as he could. He sat up after what seemed like forever trying to get them all out and he heard Rachel crying still, he stood up and grabbed his guitar from the corner of the room, going downstairs and his heart breaking at seeing Rachel crying into a pillow. He walked over to her and bent down next to her, moving some hair out of her face and he smiled, "I'm sorry I'm a shitty boyfriend." He mumbled as she sat up and he sat next to her. "Why do you say that?" She asked as he wiped her tears quickly and moved the hair out of her face, "Well, I'm not sick. I just had some tummy air and I was burping a lot and I didn't wanna disturb you. And now I feel awful for not comforting you despite that." Michael explained, "Mikey, it's okay. Don't worry, we can do all that stuff now." She cooed and he kissed her nose, "Wait, why didn't you bring you guitar out?" She asked. "I was gonna play you a song." Michael chuckled as he set the guitar on his lap, plucking at the strings a bit. "Then play one." She smiled and Michael nodded, strumming the guitar and playing Rachel's favorite song. He finished and put the guitar down, "I probably didn't sing it that well, but-" Michael began, cut off by Rachel's lips on his.

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