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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs.

I'm loosing motivation to write these now.......I'd feel too bad if I stopped though..........sigh

I changed a few things.....hope that's okay :)

-sex toys!!!!!!!
-minor cross dressing
-groupies (kinda)
-slight using (using someone for sex)
-some violence
-past issues
-offensive language
-mentions of abuse
-mentions of eating disorders

Sub! Michael smut

So.....I'm writing a new Malum mpreg book called "Marine"

Go check it out if you're interested ❤

Mpreg is like my obsession I swear lmao

Sorry this is LONG overdue!!!!

It's long as hell tho

I tried, but failed at being good at updating and writing ha....ha....ha


{2206 words}
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Rachel had just left the 5sos performance in the arena nearest her, going to Starbucks for coffee so she wouldn't fall asleep during the drive. As she walked inside, she froze as she saw the four familiar Aussies standing in line, the Spanish girl shyly made her way over and before she could do anything, Calum turned around and grinned widely at her, nudging Michael's arm and the blue haired lad turned around to look at her, before turning back around and blushing a bit. Rachel didn't like Michael that much, okay she didn't like Michael at all. It was all because of a disorder he had, he would burp constantly if he was nervous or anxious, he's even burped onstage a few times. Anyways, Ashton had turned around and the five, well more like four because Rachel ignored Michael due to her hatred towards him, had started talking about nothing really. After awhile and they were about to go their separate ways, the blue haired boy finally spoke up, "Rachel, I was wondering if you would like to head back to the hotel with me?" He asked and Rachel pondered it for a moment, she wasn't gonna lie, he was pretty sexy and he would be a nice fuck. "Sure." She smiled and Michael smirked, offering his hand and she took it, wanting him to think she didn't hate him. They got to his car and he drove her to the hotel, smiling to himself the whole drive and she smiled, liking how flustered she made him. They arrived to the hotel and Michael led her inside, doing his best to protect her from paparazzi and thankfully she was fine when they got inside the hotel room. Michael suddenly rushed to the bathroom and Rachel got a little worried, but then she heard him burp a few times and she rolled her eyes, knowing he was having a little trouble with his disorder. After a few minutes and some mouthwash to get rid of his "burp breath", the blur haired boy walked out and Michael kissed her softly, Rachel kissing back immediately and running her fingers through his short blue hair, tugging on it slightly and that made Michael whine quietly. "Whining doesn't do you any good baby boy?" Rachel purred as she pulled away and she felt Michael harden against her thigh, making her smirk and she kissed him again, leading him to the bed and laying him down, running her fingers through his hair and their lips moving in sync, her tongue exploring his mouth. She pulled away and sucked on his exposed collarbone, making him let out a whimper and buck his hips slightly, she moved away and he bit down on his lip, "Is my baby boy needing a proper fuck?" Rachel smirked and Michael swallowed thickly, shifting slightly and looking up at her, lust filling both of their eyes. Rachel smirked and Michael glanced at his suitcase that was laying in the room, she walked over to it and opened it, her panties getting wetter when seeing he had a baby blue colored strap on and bottle of lube, plus instead of boxers she noticed panties of various colors were packed. She picked up the adult toy and lube, walking over to Michael and he sucked in a shaky breath, somehow hardening even more. Rachel walked over and slowly undressed down to her bra and panties, then she slowly (painfully slow if you asked Michael) pulled off Michael's button up shirt and jeans, a smirk spreading on her face as he saw the baby blue panties he was wearing. Rachel smirked and Michael shuddered in anticipation, "Hands and knees princess." She whispered and he did as told, almost cumming from the thought of her using the strap on. Rachel stood up on the bed, pulling down Michael's pretty panties and he whimpered, "Fucking hell Rachel, hurry." Michael whined and propped his elbows up on a pillow, a smack being given on his pale bum and he yelped in surprise, "What did I tell you about whining?" Rachel whispered in his ear, "I-it doesn't do m-me any g-good." Michael mumbled and his voice was extremely shaky. "That's right, so be patient." She smirked and he nodded, she grabbed the lube and spread the substance onto her fingers, adding two into his hole and he gasped at the slight stretch, then moaning as he clenched around her fingers. She scissored and curled them, making him shake in pleasure, his mind cloudy from the amazing feeling spreading through him. She removed her fingers after feeling he was stretched enough and she coated the faux cock with lube, lining it up with Michael's hole and she slowly slid inside him, making him scream in the sudden full feeling and she shushed him, applying a slight smack to his bum. The Spanish girl slowly rocked her hips and Michael shook from pleasure, closing his eyes and letting out weak moans as she thrusted back and forth, repeatedly hitting his prostate. "F-fucking hell Rach, faster please." Michael mewled and she picked up her pace, wrapping her hand around his hard dick and he began panting, making her moan too. "R-Rachel, I-I-I'm g-gonna...." Michael sputtered out, barely able to form half a sentence as pleasure was taking control over him, he was a moaning and shaking mess. "Go ahead princess, let it out." Rachel mewled in his ear and that's when he couldn't go anymore, his orgasm hitting him like a truck. "FUCK RACHEL!" Michael screamed as sparks blinded his vison, hot spurts of cum leaking from his stiff cock, his limbs shaking furiously and he went limp, panting heavily and Rachel went to pull out, but he grabbed her cum covered hand that was still resting on his dick, "W-wait." He croaked, his voice weak and obviously tired from how rough that orgasm was. She waited a moment and he weakly nodded, so she slowly began to pull the faux cock out of him, a small whimper leaving his plump lips as he wasn't used to it. She shushed him and kissed his bum once he fully pulled out, taking off the strap on and he collapsed to the side, barely able to keep his tired eyes open. Rachel grabbed a wet towel and cleaned them up before climbing into the bed next to him, after throwing the messy blankets onto the ground of course. She spooned him and pulled him into her chest, her hand resting on his tummy and she rubbed it slightly with her thumb, making Michael smile as he slowly drifted to sleep in her arms. After awhile, Rachel's phone rang and she slowly got up, answering it as she went out onto the balcony, now wearing Michael's Alaska tshirt over her semi-naked body. "Hey Rach, how's life?" Her friend, Tamatha, grinned through the phone, "Pretty good considering I just fucked Michael Clifford." Rachel smirked and her friend gasped. "No fucking way!" She gawked and Rachel chuckled, "Yep, I'm not going into details because knowing you, you'll leak his kinks out to the world." The Spanish girl chuckled and sat down on the lounge chair outside, "I thought you hated him?" Tamatha mumbled, "Well, Tammy don't get me wrong, his disorder is just....ew. But, he's a good fuck." She teased and Tammy laughed as she knew her friend was joking, but Michael, who had woken up and heard that little part, didn't know that. The poor boy rushed to the bathroom and cried, not hearing the next part. "I honestly don't mind the disorder right now, it's just a tiny flaw that an amazing boy like him has. He's sweet, caring, and not to mention, sexy as hell. When he took me to the hotel, he made sure the paps or fans didn't hurt me, and he barely knew my name! Now, that's just fucking sweet and I'm not gonna lie.....I'm definitely falling for him." Rachel smiled and Tammy grinned, "Well, I'm glad you found someone you like Rachel. I have to go now, bye love." Tamatha smiled and hung up, Rachel going back inside and seeing Michael standing in the now clean room, fully clothed and fists clenched. "Get the fuck out." He mumbled and she froze, "What?" She gawked, "I said get out!" He shouted, "Why?! What the fuck did I do?!" Rachel asked, "YOU FUCKING USED ME FOR SEX YOU FUCKING WHORE!" Michael snapped and Rachel gasped, "Wait, no Michael you don't understnad I-" She began. "I fucking understand, I'm just someone with a nasty disorder, but I'm a good fuck!" Michael snapped and glared at her, "GET SOME FUCKING PANTS ON AND FUCKING LEAVE THIS HOTEL YOU SLUT!" Michael shouted and she quickly threw her jeans back on, gathering her stuff before leaving and he let out a sob whilst she was still in earshot. She booked a room for that night and the Spanish girl ended up getting the room down the hall from Michael's, not being able to tell him that she was still in the building. She was left to herself in her hotel room and she sat on her bed, crying silently and she was just clenching Michael's tshirt in her hands, having forgotten to give it to him before leaving. "Fucking hell." She sniffed and got up, wiping her tears and cleaning up a little, taking deep breaths before heading down the hall, knocking on Michael's hotel room door and he opened it, about to shut it as soon as he saw her face but she put her foot in the way. "What the fuck do you want?" Michael grumbled, "I want to apologize." She mumbled and he rolled his eyes, "For using me like everyone else?" Michael grumbled, "Everyone else?" She asked and Michael tensed up, "Not important right now, just explain yourself." Michael mumbled, so she did, explaining everything and she was almost crying by the time she finished. "Is this true?" Michael asked and she nodded, "Fucking hell, I thought you were like the others." Michael mumbled and he pulled her inside, closing the door and he sat both of then down. "Okay, so I didn't have the best start to my dating life. The first guy I dated was really sweet at first, but as we kept dating, he started getting abusive and angry all the time, he called me awful things and he made me eat less, even throw up my food. He caused me to become bulimic and he was arrested after 3 years of abuse, thanks to Calum walking in on him abusing me. The next relationship wasn't so good either, she started out nice at first, but then turned on just like my first. She abused me, controlled me, made me eat only what she said I relationships were awful. I was used in both of them, abused in both of them, and they both made me self harm. I was abused by my father as well and it just brought back awful memories of my drunk dad, it was just so much. Then.....when I heard you on the phone......I thought you were just like the others and I didn't wanna go through that again." Michael rambled on, sobbing by the end and Rachel hugged him tightly, letting the poor boy sob into her shoulder and he hugged her tight. "I-I-I'm sorry for a-assuming, i-its just-" He choked out, not even able to form a sentence. "It's okay Mikey, it's okay." Rachel cooed and Michael cried until he couldn't cry anymore, now just hiccuping every so often and laying in her arms, her hands running through his short blue hair. "Wanna go get something to eat sweetheart?" Rachel asked as she heard Michael's tummy let out a small growl and he nodded, getting up and both of them going downstairs to the hotel cafeteria for lunch. Whilst they ate, Michael was burping quiet a lot and kept apoligizing, but Rachel continuously assured him it was okay now, a smile spreading on his face each time. After lunch, she gave him her number and a kiss before she headed home, but Michael had accidentally lost the slip of paper before heading on a flight out of the country, almost crying because he had no contact with her..........their relationship was just ruined because of his stupid brain and he'll never forgive himself for that.

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