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{1469 words} (LOL 69)
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"Um, is this seat t-taken?" Michael heard someone stammer and he looked up from his desk, seeing a boy with blonde hair and he was fiddling with his fingers, Michael honestly finding it adorable as hell. "No, you can sit here." Michael smiled and the boy smiled back, sitting next to him. "I'm Michael by the way." The black haired boy smiled, "I'm L-Luke." The blonde stuttered and Michael giggled, "You're adorable." Michael mumbled and Luke blushed. After class, it was lunch and Michael felt bad for Luke, he obviously was new and he didn't have any friends he assumed, he couldn't just let him eat alone on his first day to school, that's just mean. "Lukey, I'm gonna head to McDonald's for lunch with my friends, wanna join us?" Michael asked and he saw Luke's eyes light up, "You sure you want me to join?" Luke asked and Michael mentally awed at how shy he was, "Of course, you seem like a nice guy and I like people.....well certain people." Michael chuckled and Luke smiled, then following Michael to his car and driving to McDonald's, seeing a curly haired boy and a brunette teen sitting at a table in the back. They walked over and Michael smiled widely at the two, "Guys, this is Luke. This is Calum and Ashton." Michael smiled widely and Luke shyly waved, making their hearts melt at how adorable he was. They sat down and then Ashton got up, coming back with food and Michael felt bad that Luke didn't have any, "I can order you some if you want, I don't mind buying for you." Michael cooed and Luke giggled a bit, "It's fine Michael, I'm not that hungry anyways." Luke smiled, but despite that, the black haired boy gave him half of his BigMac, being too sweet for his own good. "Sorry, felt bad." Michael mumbled and Luke chuckled, eating what Michael gave him. As Luke watched the others eat, he desperately tried not to be turned on, especially by Michael since the pale boy went to order more food. I bet you're wondering why Luke is turned on? Well, he's a feeder and an FA (Fat Admirer), so seeing the 3 boys stuff their faces was fucking sexy to watch, especially Michael when he was really bloated after finishing and he was rubbing his tummy. "I think I ate too much." Michael mumbled as he rubbed his round tummy, Luke biting his lip ring at the sight. "You always eat too much." Ashton snickered as Michael blushed, "Food is my friend, don't judge me." Michael mumbled and Luke chuckled at how flustered he looked. "Do we have to go back to schooool?" Michael groaned as he stood up, now walking back to his car. "We don't have to." Ashton chuckled, "Then let's not, I'm too full to function properly." Michael moaned and Ashton rolled his eyes, him and Calum walked there so they could easily drive Michael home, just lying about how he felt ill. Michael and Luke plopped down in the backseat, the black haired boy leaning his head back with his hands on his bloated belly, Luke not being able to take his eyes off it and then a light bulb went off in the blonde's head. Before I tell you his plan, let me explain a little something first. Luke was a warlock, he could create potions and curses of all kinds, of course his parents kept warning him not to continuously use his talents for his kinks, but what did they know? Anyways, his plan was to make a potion for the 3 boys to drink, of course he would make it taste like cola so it didn't make them suspicious, the potion would make their bellies grow each time they ate, no matter how big or small the amounts were, it would still grow a reasonable amount. After they went home, Luke immediately went to the basement of his house, thanking god his parents weren't home or he would be getting his ass kicked for using a potion for his kinks again. Luke mixed dozens of things together before pouring a fizzy brown mistress into four cola bottles, making it look like he was gonna give them colas but oh boy, were his new friends in for a treat. The next day, he gave them the potions and they all drank it, thanking Luke as they just thought it was soda but as they ate their meals, Luke had to fight the smirk off his face as he saw their bellies expand. Over the next week, Luke watched in amazement as his friends gained weight from his spell, all of then still oblivious to their growing girths. After school at a nearby Panda Express that Michael drove them to, Luke was watching as they ate their meals, their tummies growing and Luke was specifically watching Michael stuff his pretty little face, his belly getting bigger than the rest. "I need to pee." Michael chuckled and got up, he and the other 2 kinda waddling to the bathroom, whilst they went to the bathroom, Luke used a little magic to add more food to their plates, giving Michael a bit more than the others because let's face it, he was a bigger eater than Ashton and Calum. When they came back, they dug in and when they finished, they were stuffed to the brim, especially Michael with his protruding beach bally belly. "So full." Michael huffed and Luke had to help him stand, the others waddling to the car whilst Luke practically carried Michael back to the car. "Feel like I'm gonna pop." Michael mumbled as he leaned his head on Luke's shoulder, the blonde driving as the others were too full to do so. "You look like it." Luke chuckled, "Shut it Hemmings." Michael giggled and Luke smiled, knowing he was falling for the boy. Luke drove them home and Michael basically begged Luke to stay, Luke of course agreeing and they cuddled on the couch, Luke being the big spoon and rubbing Michael's gurgling belly, upon Michael's request of course. Luke would be lying if he was desperately trying not to get a boner. After awhile, Michael had fallen asleep and Luke couldn't help but leave a few small kisses on his tummy, loving how well his plan was working. Michael woke up as his phone rang and he groaned, answering it in a groggy sleepy voice, but then dragging Luke to the car as Ashton invited them over, going over to as Ashton had put it "talk and shit". When they went over, they all flopped onto the couch, except for Michael who was pulled onto Luke's lap since there wasn't a lot of room for him. Calum left the room and came back with snakcs, all of them indulging on the treats and their tummies growing as they did so, aside from Luke of course. Suddenly Michael jumped up, "What the fuck is happening?!" Michael snapped as he pointed to his expanding belly, then the others noticing as well, but then looked at Luke, who was still flat stomached and looking rather guilty of something. "Luke, what's going on?" Ashton asked, "I might have caused you to gain eight each time you ate with a special concoction I made." Luke mumbled, "YOU DID WHAT?!" Michael shouted and Luke looked down, "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! AND TO THINK I WAS FALLING FOR YOU!" Michael screamed and then froze, clapping his hands over his mouth as he realized what he just said, then sinking to the floor in embarrassment. "I'm sorry okay? It's just that.......I'm an for feeder and an FA, so I thought maybe I could make a potion to give you to cause it, but I can reverse the spell!" Luke rushed out, "Spell?" Calum asked, "I'm a warlock. Go ahead and laugh at the freak." Luke frowned and Michael got up, walking over and hugging him tight, the other following Michael's lead. "You're too cute." Michael giggled, "Its okay Lukey, honestly its okay now, we were just a bit mad because well, you know. But, when you reverse the spell, can you only do it on them? I kinda like my belly and when you rubbed it earlier." Michael blushed as he finished his sentence, making Luke chuckle and do as told, but of course leaving some chub on the others. Then, the four of them cuddling on the couch, Michael falling asleep in Luke's arms.

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