Alien Pt.2

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"C'mon little guy." Michael smiled as he picked Chef up, the blue alien clinging to his waist as 5sos walked into the arena they were playing at, "We're gonna meet some friends today." Michael cooed and kissed Chef's head, "Dude, it's not a baby." Luke laughed, "Chef's like my little baby, so shut up Luke." Michael mumbled and Chef gave him a tight hug. They walked into the arena and as soon as strangers got near them, Chef hid under Michael's denim jacket, getting nervous. "Hey, it's okay pal." Michael cooed, Chef still staying in his spot. "Hey guys!" Harry cheered as 1D came over, the 8 of them exchanging hugs. Michael took off his denim jacket so he was now in just his Ozzy Osborne tank and Chef had no place to hide, or that's what Michael thought until Chef crawled under his shirt. "Oh my god stop, your fur tickles." Michael laughed and took Chef off his waist. "This is Chef, our little alien friend." The red haired boy smiled, cradling Chef in his arms and making sure the blue alien didn't hide under his shirt. "He's so cute." Louis cooed and pet his head, causing Chef to purr. "He's an amazing cook." Michael smiled and Chef smiled proudly. "Guys! You're on!" A man shouted, Michael set Chef down on the couch backstage. "I have to play, you gonna be okay bud?" Michael cooed and Chef nodded, the red haired boy giving him a little kiss on the head before jogging out onstage with his bandmates. The 1D boys were watching 5sos from backstage as they performed, Chef had fallen asleep and Liam had laid Michael's denim jacket over him as a blanket, no one noticed but when Chef woke up, his eyes were blood red like Michael's hair, he had a glitch. When Chef say Michael run backstage, he immediately laid back down and pretended to be asleep, "Aww, he's so sleepy." Michael babbled as he pet Chef's head, the alien's eyes fluttering open and they were back to their black color, but he was still glitches and all he could see was how everyone was way too skinny. "Did you have a nice nap?" Michael cooed as he picked Chef up, holding him to his sweaty body and Chef didn't respond telepathically like usual, Mikey just thinking he was still tired. "Let's get back to the bus and maybe you could make us some dinner yeah?" The pale boy cooed and Chef rapidly nodded, "I'm pretty hungry too." Michael smiled as they walked back to the bus, Chef immediately jumping out Michael's arms and going into the kitchenette. "He's eager." Ashton laughed and Michael shurgged, going to the bathroom to shower quickly and coming back out wearing pj shorts and a tight tank top that was gonna get way tighter. Michael watched as Chef rushed around the kitchen, seeing him making an array of foods like the first time he had cooked for them, making Michael worry a bit. Chef kept adding plates to the table for the 4 boys to eat from, there wasn't any room left on the table after awhile. Michael wanted to tell Chef that they couldn't eat all of it, but something made him keep quiet as they ate, their bellies puffing out as they consumed more and more rich fatty dinner foods. After the boys had c finished all the plates, Chef had replaced them with full ones and their bellies were begging them to stop, but they couldn't say no to the little blue alien as they continued eating, after about 5 more courses, Chef had finally finished and all 4 boys had beach ball bellies as well as sweating from how much food was resting in their guts. They waddled, yes waddled, to the bunks and they all laid down in bottom bunks, too stuffed to climb up to the top ones. "God, I'm so full." Michael huffed as he rubbed his tummy, Chef sitting on the floor next to him. "Can I have some cuddles buddy?" Michael asked and Chef remained still, "Hey, you always cuddle me, what's wrong?" He asked and still got no response from the creature, making Michael sigh in worry as he rubbed his lower belly, letting out a small burp as he got comfortable and fell asleep. Michael woke up and smelled food being cooked, he saw he was the only one awake and got out of the bunk, well rolling out because he was still kinda stuffed from last night and still had a rather large gut. He walked into the kitchen and saw Chef cooking breakfast, "Morning buddy." Michael yawned, once again not getting a response as Chef set down a couple plates of breakfast food infront of Michael. Plates kept getting added to the table and we're covering it entirely, french toast, pancakes, waffles, omeletes, bacon, sausage, and buttery toast was set infront of Michael, but the red haired boy was a bit nervous about the amount of food. "I don't think I can eat all this bud, I'm still a little full from last night." Michael mumbled and rubbed his lower belly that was sticking out from his tight pajama shirt. Chef gave him puppy eyes and whined a little, Michael's heart giving in despite the protests his belly made, "Okay buddy, just we have to be quiet, the guys are still sleeping." Michael whispered and Chef nodded, smirking as Michael began stuffing his face with the fatty foods that he was given. Michael ate everything he was given, even though it was rather difficult, he still managed to eat every last crumb. "Thank god today we get a break, oooh." He groaned as he waddled to his bunk, laying down and his huge gut pointing to the ceiling, usually Chef would lay on his belly and cuddle him, but the blue alien was not showing any signs of affection towards Michael, not recently anyway, which the red haired boy found rather strange and worrying. He remembered someone warning him about this glitch thing that Chef could catch, but he doubted it could be that, of course Chef would never get evil again, he made a promise, right? As time went on and the boys of 5sos and 1D, as well as the crew and security, were being well-fed by chef, everyone oblivious to their obvious weight gain, no one was noticing how they were ballooning up and their clothes were getting tighter. After a month, everyone was 500 pounds or slightly more, 5sos had to get a special couch for them to sit on if they got too tired during a show, Michael using it the most as he would get a little too excited and get a little jumpy which caused him to loose his breath quickly, they were glad the fans didn't seem to mind after they explained it, they were really shocked too see no hate specific to them having to use the couch or getting tired during shows. During one of their shows, Michael's jeans had split and he was super embarrassed that night, although Chef just smirked at the sight of the boys' guts overflowing from their shirts and their thighs being squeezed by their jeans. The tour bus would creak under their weight as they got on, the bus moving slower because of their huge weights, they couldn't fit in the bunks, so they had too sleep on the floor, which was never easy considering people had to move around the bus, causing Michael to get stepped on a couple times. Everyone had bulging guts, squishy love handles, chipmunk cheeks, thick thighs, double chins, saggy arms, and plump bums. One night in their hotel rooms, Mikey and Niall had prompted into sharing one, unsure as to why, but they decided too nonetheless. Both boys had woken up in the middle of the night, feeling beyond hungry and in need of food, Chef heard their bellies growling and immediately rushed to the kitchen, making a feast for them, each. "Told you he was amazing." Michael smirked as they pig get out and stuffed their bellies, they're guts bloating up and sticking out twice as far as before, both boys had fallen asleep stuffed to the max and maybe a bit over their limit, Chef cleaning up their mess and just smiling at what he was able to do to them with just a puppy dog look and bam, he could stuff them silly. 5sos were currently in L.A, having invited 1D over for dinner, Chef of course cooking. "What do you have for us tonight buddy?" Michael asked Chef, who laid a XL pizza for everybody down on the table, all 8 boys gobbling them up in seconds. "Don't worry, it's just an appetizer." Michael smiled as Chef began to lay out their real meal. Turkey, mashed potatoes, pasta, mac and cheese, pizza, burgers, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, fries, donuts, muffins, cookies, brownies, ice cream, pie, and cake filled the table. The boys immediately dug in and Michael grabbed the turkey, stuffing his face with an entire turkey and eating it in only a minute or two. They pigged out on the meal they had been served, but after they had eaten the dinner food, they felt too stuffed to dining dessert. "Chef, bud we can't eat any more." Michael huffed, rubbing his enormous belly, but of course, Chef gave them the puppy eyes and they gave in. Michael looks over to Niall, whose shirt was riding up, "Have your clothes been getting tighter too?" Michael asked and gave his huge gut gut a shake, "Yeah, but it was probably just the wash." Niall shurgged and Michael nodded, assuming the same. As they forced themselves to eat dessert, Chef was boiling a large pot of water for his meal, after they had finished, he sat on the table infront of a superstuffed Michael, his eyes turning blood red and Michael gasped. "Why are you evil again?! We made a promise!" Michael snapped and Chef shrugged, rolling the 1D boys to eat the boiling pit and putting them in somehow. Michael rolled over to them and looked at Chef with sad eyes, "Why would you do this again Chef? I thought you wouldn't do this again. I thought we were pals. I loved the way you used to cuddle me, we went to places together, we ate together, I thought we were friends." Michael frowned and suddenly, everything came back to Chef in a rush of memories, seeing everything he and Michael had done together and the red left his eyes, his normal black ones reappearing. Chef looked at Michael and jumped onto him, hugging him as tight as he could. "You're back! I missed you so much! I love you with a heart and a half!" Michael exclaimed as he hugged the alien tightly, hearing a cough to break the silence and Michael looks over at Harry. "A little help here." Harry chuckled and Chef scurried to help them out, then getting worried as to what the boys may do to him, Michael could tell how nervous the alien was and the red haired boy picked him up, cradling him in his arms. "It's okay, I promise. I won't let anyone hurt you Chef." Michael cooed and Chef snuggled into his chest. In took about a year, but everyone had lost the weight they gained, except for Michael and Niall who kept some of the weight, Chef had gone back to being affectionate and cuddly with Michael, still stuffing the red haired joy every once in awhile.

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