It's not my food!

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Request by ConfuzzledCheese.


Muke is real

I swear to freaking god its real

Honestly, I love requests like these (I love everyone's requests because you guys are fucking creative as fuck) because I'm into like mythology and urban legends and shit like that.

Okay I said that and I wrote such a shitty oneshot I'm so sorry

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Michael sat down at the table in the dimly lit room, waiting for someone to come sit across from him, looking up and then seeing a boy sit across from him. The boy had soft brown hair and looked only a few years older, having many visible tattoos on him. "You must be Michael yes?" The asked in a thick British accent and Michael nodded, fiddling with his fingers. "I am Styles." The boy mumbled amd got up, "You came here for what reason exactly?" Styles asked as he walked closer to the red head, "U-um, I'm not sure." Michael mumbled, "You came here for no reason at all, you just want to waste my time." Styles scoffed and Michael looked down, feeling bad and then Styles turned around, grabbing a pink bottle of the shelf, pouring a pink liquid into a glass. "Since, you wasted your money and my time, I advise you drink this." Styles smirked and Michael took it, drinking it and actually enjoying the sweet bubbly taste that reminded him of cola. "Now leave me alone." Styles mumbled and Michael left, finding the British boy extremely annoying and he went home. The red head flopped down and the couch and waited for his bandmates to get home, accidentally falling asleep on the couch whilst he was waiting. When Michael woke up, he had a bad tummyache and was bloated, as well as feeling extremely stuffed, he sat up and saw his bandmates in the room, laying back down on Calum's lap and sighing. "Oh hey Mikey." Calum chuckled and Michael grunted in response, "What's wrong?" Luke asked, "I feel like I'm gonna pop." Michael huffed as he rubbed his tummy, feeling that it was drum tight. "What did you eat?" Ashton asked, "Nothing." Michael mumbled and they all exchanged worried glances, "Sorry mate, we kinda went out to eat without you." Luke apologized and Michael shrugged not really caring. "Oh god it hurts." Michael groaned and Calum sat him on his lap, rubbing his belly for him and Michael moaned in relief, it helping the tummyache somewhat. "I went to that Styles guy or whatever." Michael mumbled as Calum continued rubbing his aching belly. "He just made me drink this pink soda, it was weird and he was kinda bitchy." Michael huffed and Luke left the room, coming back with a soda and drinking it, but Michael groaned as he felt air bubbles fill up any empty space left in his tummy. "Oooooooh, its hurting more." Michael moaned and Luke stopped drinking it, "Mikey, what does it feel like?" Luke asked, "Like I ate way too much and I guess drank soda or something because I feel air bubbles." Michael explained and Luke stood him up, "We're going to that Styles guy." Luke stated and they all walked to the little shop, stepping inside and Michael was burping every other step they took, hugging his belly. "What?!" Styles shouted as they walked inside, "Fix him." Luke scolded and Styles rolled his eyes, "I can't fix something that isn't broken." He shrugged and Michael leaned into Calum, "He is in pain from whatever the fuck you did so fix. him. now!" Luke shouted and Styles walked over, making Michael chug down a bottle of green liquid and the bloating in his belly instantly went down, making him sigh in relief and a loud growl emitting from Michael's belly. "Thank god!" Michael huffed, "What did you do in the first place?" Calum asked, "I made everything you 3 ate go into his stomach." Styles explained and Michael went to lunge at him, but Calum catching him and pulling him out of the shop. "Can we go get something to eat now?" Michael asked and they all chuckled, going to a nearby buffett.

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