Little Piggie

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Request by MikaelaLong

Countdown until final oneshot : 2 (holy fuck just one more)

- violence
- cross dressing (very little)
- force feeding
- name calling (fatass, blubberbutt, pig, etc.)

Michael eating is my aesthetic okay?!?!

Like fuck

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Michael was walking home from the studio, looking forward to coming home to see his boyfriend of 2 years, Luke. He yawned as he walked down the street, sleepy as hell and just wanted to crash in bed, in Luke's arms of course. Suddenly, he felt two arms grab him and he shrieked, but it being muffled by a damp cloth. "Breathe beautiful." A voice whispered and after one small breath, Michael was out cold. Michael woke up, looking around and seeing he was in a dark room, he tried getting up but he was chained to the wall. "H-hello?" Michael croaked and he heard the door creak open, seeing a boy who was obviously older than him walk over and he gulped. "Don't talk okay bitch?" He scolded and Michael just nodded, screaming out in pain as he was slapped harshly, "Shut up!" He screamed and continued to punch, kick, and slap Michael until the poor boy was unconscious. The boy took off Michael's chains and lifted him onto a table, putting an IV into his arm that was attached to a bag of purple liquid that was flowing into his veins, "Not too long now before it starts to work." He whispered as he studied Michael's body as the potion slowly began to take effect. Michael woke up in a cage, his lower back and the top of his head aching terribly, he slowly sat up and rubbed his head, freezing as he felt two ears poking out from his blue hair. He looked at the mirror against the wall and screamed, sitting on his head were two pig ears and sticking out from his lower back was a small pig's tail. He noticed that his clothes were tighter as well, now noticing he was in just a tight blue flannel and blue panties. "Hello piggie." The boy smirked, who Michael could see was named Dean as he looked at his name tag [not sure why he had a name tag but Michael isn't questioning it], as he entered the room and Michael whimpered, not knowing what to say. "I bet you're hungry huh?" He asked and Michael bit his lip, the cage door opening and Michael was pulled out, whimpering as he had a collar put around his neck and a funnel strapped around his mouth. Michael felt a thick creamy liquid suddenly rush down the funnel and he swallowed as fast as he could, the cool substance sitting heavy in his tummy and causing it to grow. It stopped a little while later and the funnel was removed from his mouth, a whine leaving Michael's lips as his tummy was beginning to ache from the milkshakes he was just forced to consume. Dean slapped Michael's belly and the hybrid moaned in pain, wrapping his arms around his churning stomach and whimpering, but the small amount of comfort was short lived as his hands were tied behind his back, seeing Dean pick up some food. "No, don' want." Michael whinpered, his speech now altered a little for some reason due to the experiment. "Shut up and eat pig." He scolded he shoved food into Michael's mouth, making him chew and swallow despite his cries of protests. After an hour of force feeding, Michael was laying in his cage and panting, holding his beach ball belly and rubbing it to soothe the aching pains he was feeling. "Oooooh, oh god." Michael moaned as he rolled around, his belly gurgling and groaning loudly, the poor hybrid was starting to cry, just wanting his Lukey. After two days, Michael was fed continuously and kept locked up in a cage, no sign of being set free any time soon. Michael sobbed as he looked at himself in the mirror, his belly hanging over the panties he was forced to wear and it peaking out from under his tight purple shirt, his hair a mess and his pig features still there. He just hated himself right now. The hybrid suddenly heard a bang and he screamed, thinking someone was gonna kill him and he looked up, seeing policeman now in the room and he curled into a ball, shaking in fear. "Princess?" He heard someone coo and he looked up, seeing Luke and he jumped out of the cage once it opened, sobbing into Luke's chest as he got into his arms. "L-Lukey!" Michael sobbed, not able to form any other words at the moment. "I have you baby, it's okay. I got you." He cooed and held Michael tight, kissing his head. Michael pulled away and poked his piglet ear, frowning and Luke pecked his lips. "You're my little piglet, don't be sad." He cooed, "But, I'm fat." Michael whimpered, "You're my squishy piglet, I domt care if you gained weight. You're mine." Luke smiled and Michael smiled into his neck, happy to be with his Lukey again.

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