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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs. Bff Pt.18

Fyi, consummate means to make a relationship or marriage official by having sex.

And shy cute blushy Mikey

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"Mikey, what's wrong?" Rachel cooed as she sat next to a crying Michael on the bed in their honeymoon suite. "I-I-I don't deserve you, you deserve someone who doesn't burp when he's nervous or-or someone who isn't insecure about everything little thing about themselves." Michael whimpered

*rewind back to 12:30 am, New York*

"We're going to Paris!" Michael cheered as they arrived at the airport, making Rachel laugh and she grabbed his hand as they walked inside. "You're the biggest dork ever." She laughed, "I'm your dork, forever." He smirked as he pointed to the wedding ring on his right hand, "I know, I said I do for a reason." She smiled as she handed the lady her ticket, Michael doing the same and they walked to the waiting area, Michael sitting down and pulling Rachel onto his lap, pecking her lips and smiling, "Hmmm, you're pretty." Michael giggled. "You're prettier." Rachel smiled, "No I'm not, I'm not even close to your kinda pretty." Michael mumbled. "Yes you are, I can name everything that's pretty if you want." Rachel smiled, making Michael raise an eyebrow at her. "Your skin is pale and soft like porcelain, your eyes are like shiny emeralds that people wanna stare at for centuries, your hair is colorful like flowers, your lips are the color of bubble gum, your tummy is soft like a pillow and it's perfect cuddling material, your smile is like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day, and your laugh is just, something that I can always count on to make my day brighter." She smiled and pecked his lips, a smile spreading across his face like wild fire. "You-you're just.....wow I can't even say how much I love you." Michael mumbled, looking down at their hands, well Rachel's that was drawing shapes on his tummy through the fabric of his black tshirt. Michael put his fist to his mouth as a flurry of burps escaped him, blushing when he saw people give him disgusted looks and Rachel sat on the seat next to him, then he hid his face in her neck. "Awww, kitty don't be shy." Rachel cooed, "People are looking at me." Michael mumbled shyly, "They think I'm gross." Michael frowned. "Flight 345 to Paris, France." A lady spoke out onto the loud speaker, Rachel and Michael standing up and going to the boarding gate, "Babe, it's fine. They're people you'll never see again." She cooed as they sat down in their plane seats, "Yeah, but they're people who see me and hear me and know me as "the guy with the weird hair that burped"." Michael frowned and Rachel held his hand, "They don't matter." She smiled and kissed his cheek as the plane took off. "Woah..." Michael mumbled as he leaned his head back, "I don't think my tummy enjoyed that, ugh." Michael put a hand on his belly and rubbed it a little. "Just sleep okay? She cooed and he hummed in response, closing his eyes and falling asleep as if he was being hypnotized. About 12 hours, a sick bag, flurries of burps, and lots of tummy rubbing later, they were in Paris and to say Michael was excited was an understatement, he couldn't stop smiling. When they got into the honeymoon suite, he tackled Rachel onto the bed and immediately started kissing her all over, making her giggle. "Miiiiiiiikey!" She laughed and he stopped, looking up at her with shiny innocent green eyes, "Don't give me that look, I know what you're thinking." She scoffed and Michael shrugged, laying next to her and wrapping his arms around her waist, cuddling into her. "Should I be expecting this the entire trip?" Rachel asked, ""Yeah-huh." Michael mumbled into her neck, "And sex?" She smirked, "Oooooh yeah." Michael winked and she giggled. "You're such a dorkus." She smiled, "But, you love me." Michael smiled, "Sadly." She laughed. "Heyyyyyy." Michael whined and then yawned, "I'm sweepy." He pouted like a child. "It is 12 in the morning." Rachel mumbled and kissed Michael's nose, "Let's go to sleep and then we can go out an eat and then we can consummate the marriage." Michael smirked, wiggling his eyebrows and putting emphasis on "consummate". "Oh my god, get some sleep lover boy." She chuckled and he mumbled something before he burped a bit, excusing himself and then he fell asleep. Rachel fell asleep with a smile on her face, feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. When they woke up, it was around 5 pm, they were pretty shocked to have slept that long, but oh well. They decided to have an early dinner, get dressed up and celebrate, then come back to the hotel and have a little fun. They were out eating and they were having a glorious time, but as their night came to a close and they were sitting outside a café, drinking tea, Michael noticed something that made him frown. Rachel was looking at other boys, ones that had a big muscles, tan skin, neatly combed hair, and seemed a little too confident. Michael began wishing he was like them, then his mind wandered off again, the words "She's gonna leave you" playing in his mind over and over. By now they were walking back to the hotel and Michael's nerves were building up, causing him to get air bubbles to form in his belly and causing some loud and wet burps, that he thankfully muffled, but a few came slipped out. "Mikey, you okay? You're burping an awful lot." Rachel asked and he nodded, "I'm- BRUUPPPP!- fine." He mumbled and they walked inside, "I'm gonna go shower, wanna join me?" Rachel asked, "No, I'm good." Michael mumbled and Rachel frowned a little, but kissed his cheek before going into the bathroom. Michael took off his suit and put on a large white tshirt, laying down in bed and sighing. "BRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPP!" He belched and a few tears slid down his cheeks, then before he knew it, he was sobbing and burping in between cries. Rachel walked out of the bathroom and immediately went over to him, "Mikey, what's wrong?" She cooed. "I-I-I don't deserve you, you deserve someone who doesn't burp when he's nervous or-or someone who isn't insecure about everything little thing about themselves." Michael whimpered, "What?" She blurted out, confused. "I saw you looking at those guys earlier." He sniffled, "Mikey, I I was looking at them because they were disgusting." She smiled, "What?" Michael asked, now it was his turn to be confused. "Mike, I don't want someone with washboard abs or whatever. I want the boy with the fluffy pink hair and a soft squishy tummy that is the most loving and caring guy I know." She smiled, "You-you do? BRUUPPPP!" He belched and blushed hard, making Rachel giggle. "I do." She smiled and pecked his lips, laying down with him and he kissed her cheek. "I love you baby girl. " Michael smiled, "I love you too."

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