Plump you up

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This is god awful, I'm sorry.
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Elizabeth set the box of donuts on her boss's desk, "Lizzy (is that okay?), what are these for?" The blonde boy asked, "Oh nothing Mr.Clifford. Just something I thought you'd like." She smiled, "Well thank you and how many times have I told you to just call me Michael?" Michael laughed, opening the box and eating one. "Many times." She smiled and left his office, sitting at her desk. "Do you really think this plan will work?" Her co-worker, Luke asked as he walked over to her cubicle, "It's gonna work." She smirked, "I'd like to see that happen." He laughed and she rolled her eyes, "You will." She chuckled and went back to work. And damn she was right. She kept giving him donuts, muffins, cookies, brownies, and cakes everyday, giving him bigger portions each time and he would always eat them all, stuffing himself each time and having to unbutton his jeans. Elizabeth noticed Michael's growing girth and she smirked each time his gut grew, it was obvious Michael weighed more than 200 by now. "Nice gut Michael." Ashton laughed as he poked Michael's bulging belly, "I know." Michael smirked. "Are you proud of this?" Calum laughed, "Why do you think I ate all the stuff Lizzy gave me?" He smirked and sat down in his desk chair, it snapping as soon as he sat down and he fell to the floor, blushing as his co-workers laughed. Elizabeth looked into his office and smirked, biting back laughter. "You okay Michael?" She asked, "Yes Lizzy, get back to work." Michael mumbled as he made an attempt to stand up, succeeding and leaning on his desk, his gut hanging down. They gave Michael a reinforcement chair that would hopefully not break under his weight, but Elizabeth had a new plan, again succeeding. Giving Michael more and more pastries and watching him grow, he got lazier and lazier, and when she was walking by his office one day, she heard a loud creak, a snap, and then Michael shout, "Fuck!", all this made her smile, knowing her plan worked.

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