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Cool Kids Pt.3

Look at this cuddly sleepy baby boy brushing his teeth

His bed hair is the cutest thing ever omg

(Crappy) Mikey Smut

I am such a shit writer I'm sorry


{1207 words}
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Michael woke up and felt Rachel planting kisses down his neck, making him giggle and squirm. "Mikey, you fell asleep during the movie." Rachel giggled and Michael realized he was fully clothed, on the couch, and under a monster sized blanket whilst he was laying on top of Rachel. "You're my little spoon." Rachel giggled and Michael blushed, hiding his face in her chest, but then motorboating her and she squealed, pulling his fluffy head away from her chest and he looked up at her, his hair frizzy. "Fuck me." Michael whispered, thankful is mum wasn't home or he wouldn't have said that. "Okay baby boy." Rachel smirked and kissed him softly, slowly sitting Michael up and unbuttoning his flannel as they kissed. Michael ran his fingers through her hair, tangling it in his small fingers, she ran her hand up his soft side and softly pinched his love handle, making his cheeks turn a soft pink. She pulled his shirt off and he went to unhook her bra, then pulling off her tshirt and bra as he pulled away, his eyes going straight to her chest. "Never seen boobs before Mikey?" She giggled, "Not in person!" Michael sputtered out and he was almost as red as his flannel. He started kissing around her chest, sucking a little as he left a hickey on her left breast, he kissed down her stomach and started undoing her jeans, looking at her for permission to pull them off and she nodded, making him immediately tug them off. "You're soaked." He whispered as he looked at her panties, seeing how wet she was and she smirked a bit, "You need to undress too baby." She mumbled and he scrambled to get his jeans off, pulling a condom from his pocket as he pulled his bottoms off. "We're expecting to get some Clifford?" Rachel smirked as he slowly rolled the lubed condom on and he blushed, "I-I don't know how." Michael blushed harder and Rachel laid him on his back, lowering himself onto him and rocking her hips forward. "Oh-oh god fuck Rachel." Michael moaned, arching his back and his little tummy formed small pudgy rolls as he propped himself up on his elbows. "God Michael." Rachel moaned as she quickened her pace and he screwed his eyes shut, moaning and beginning to pant from pleasure. "Oh-oh fuck." Michael moaned and Rachel threw her head bacl, cumming and seeing her release made Michael cum into the condom with a moan. Rachel collapsed ontop of him and was panting slightly, Michael playing with her hair and she pulled off him, then he stood up and carried her to the bedroom, getting her dressed after throwing away the condom away he got dressed himself, laying her down and going downstairs, cleaning up their mess before going back to her, cuddling up to her and the both of them falling asleep. They woke up and both of them got dressed for school, Rachel brushing Michael's hair for him because he wanted her to do it since "he couldn't do it the way she can" and then both of them rushed off to school, but one thing that Michael found strange and upsetting was that Rachel was avoiding him most of the day. The short haired girl was growing insecure after they had made love that previous night, she was wondering if she wasn't good enough for him, if she didn't please him enough, what if he didn't want her anymore? These questions kept running through her mind, it driving her insane and she almost decided against sitting with him at lunch, but she didn't wanna come of as that rude. Rachel walked over and Michael's face lit up as he saw her walk over, sitting next to him and he planted a sloppy kiss on her cheek, making her giggle and Calum and Luke made fake gagging noises. "Oh fuck- BRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPP!" Michael began, cut off by a belch and he blushed a really hard, "I'm sorry, it's one of those days." Michael mumbled and then burped again, Rachel wrapping her arms around his waist as he rested his head on the table. "Mikey, you feel sick don't you?" Luke asked as he knew how crazy Michael's disorder can be and Michael weakly nodded, "I'll take you to the nurse and get your mum to pick you up babe." Rachel cooed, "Can you visit me after school?" Michael pouted as he walked him to the nurse, "I've got studying to do baby boy." Rachel cooed as he sat down in uncomfortable plastic chair, making him frown. "I'm sorry sweetheart." She cooed and pecked his lips, feeling his forehead and cheeks because she remembers his disorder caused a fever once, but not getting anything. "I'll tell the nurse to phone your mum." Rachel cooed and Michael nodded, leaning forward and taking deep breaths to calm his belly down. Rachel told the nurse what was happening and she phoned his mum, telling Rachel to leave and she kissed Michael goodbye before she left, feeling guilty. She had lied right to his face, she didn't have anything to study for, hell she didn't even have homework to do, she was totally free and she just flat out lied to the poor boy, she walked to class with her head hung down in shame. At the end of the day, she rushed home and up to her room, throwing her backpack against the wall and sighing as she locked the door. She glanced in the mirror and saw the purple hickey on her chest that Michael had given her last night, rubbing her thumb over it and biting her lip a bit, she sat on her bed and put her head in her hands, jumping a bit as she heard a clap of thunder. Rachel sighed and got up, pacing a bit and then she found herself rushing out the door to Michael's house and getting soaked from the rain as it poured down on her. She rushed onto Michael's doorstep and rang the doorbell, a bedheaded Michael answering the door and he froze. "Rachel, you're gonna get sick." Michael rushed out as he brought her inside, closing the door and rushing to grab her a towel, wrapping her in it and she burst into tears, he pulled her into his chest and rocked her back and forth, letting her sob into his warm chest. "I-I-I'm sorry." Rachel sniffled as she looked up at the 16 year old, "Why baby girl?" Michael asked and she told him everything she had been feeling all day, letting out a sob as she finished. "Oh sweetie it's fine." Michael cooed, "How about we get you into some dry clothes and we cuddle okay?" He cooed and she nodded, following him upstairs as he gave her clothes, then they cuddled in his bed, Rachel rubbing soothing circles in Michael's tummy as they cuddled and he let out burps.

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