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Michael was sitting on the couch, in a serious band cuddle session because his bandmates noticed he was cold and they all huddled around him, that's how they're relationship works and they like it, so deal with it. Michael was watching the food network, not finding anything else any more entertaining than it was, but when an eating contest came on TV, Michael's eyes suddenly focused on only the TV screen, watching a blonde boy and some random guy stuffing their faces with 3 diffrent food courses, appetizers, main course, and a desserts course. Michael's face lit up as he continued watching, "I wanna do that." Michael mumbled as he pointed to the TV, "Eat?" Calum smirked, "Yes, but like they are! Be a competitive eater!" Michael exclaimed. "Dude, are you sure? That can't be healthy for you and you'll gain weight." Luke cooed, knowing Michael was insecure sometimes. "I don't care Hemmings!" Michael beamed as he jumped up, "I already have a gut so it won't really matter if I make it bigger." Michael smiled as he lifted his shirt up a bit, showing his belly off. "We can go sign you up for the next contest if you want?" Ashton asked, "Can we?! Can we?! Can we?!" Michael repeated like he was 3, "Let's go." Calum smiled, "YES!" Michael cheered and ran out to the car, shouting at his bandmates to "hurry the fucking fuck up" and they all got into the car, driving Michael to the sign up and the black haired boy almost ran inside the building, finding the sign up table and he immediately put his name down, not realizing he had entered in the hot dog eating contest against Niall Horan until after he had his name written down in black sharpie pen. He turned around and accidentally bumped into a blonde boy, "Oh, I'm sorry." He apoligized, "It's fine." He smiled in his thick Irish accent. "Are you gonna be a judge?" He asked, "No, I'm gonna be an eater and I'm going against you." Michael smiled and the blonde burst out laughing. "You're way too skinny to be against me." He laughed, "I'm chubbier than you!" Michael exclaimed, "Chubby doesn't exactly matter, it depends on how stretched your stomach is inside. How much can you eat in one sitting?" Niall asked, "5 servings." Michael smiled, "Yeah, you're gonna loose." Niall smirked, "Hey look mister!" Michael snapped as he poked Niall's chest, "I'm gonna beat you! I may not have the largest stomach now, but just you wait." Michael growled, "Okay kangaroo." Niall smirked, mocking the boy for his Aussie accent. "Leprechaun!" Michael shot back and Niall looked ready to punch someone, he pushed Michael and the pale boy lunged at him, but their mates pulled them apart before things got worse. "Let's go home." Michael huffed and went to the car, pouting angrily and his arms crossed over his chest, his bandmates thought he looked like he was a 4 year old who's mother said he couldn't have an ice cream cone. Michael was like this the whole way home and when they got there, he went straight to the fridge and started taking out every food item his hands came in contact with, "Mike, what're you doing?" Ashton asked, "Stretching my stomach." Michael replied and then he was pulled away from the fridge, "What the hell?" Michael snapped as they sat him on the couch, "If you're gonna stretch your stomach, then you're gonna do it right." Luke smirked and then they ran back into the kitchen, leaving Michael to wait. His belly was growling as the smell of whatever his friends were making drifted into the living room, his mouth watering and his tummy growled really loudly, "You hungry Mikey?" Ashton smirked as he took Michael's hand and led him into the kitchen, his eyes widened at the meal they had probably ordered for him because there was no way they made a sushi boat by themselves. "A-all of that?" Michael gulped as he sat down, he felt stuffed just looking at it, not to mention sushi was rather filling. "You wanna be an eater right?" Ashton asked and Michael nodded, "Then you're gonna eat what we put infront of you." Luke smiled and Michael gulped, kinda nervous if he had to be honest. He pulled the wooden boat that was packed with numerous sushi rolls towards him, not bothering with utensils as he started shoving rolls into his mouth, it was taking a while to chew and swallow it because he was already getting full, and after only like 10 rolls! He forced himself to eat at least half and then he leaned back in his chair, "Oooooooooh." He groaned and put his hands on his basketball shaped belly, "I can't eat anymore." He mumbled and burped a couple times, "You can eat more than that! You've barely made a dent!" Calum exclaimed, "C'mon Michael." Luke smirked and Michael groaned, too full to even sit back up so guess what his bandmates did, they fed him. They were shoving rolls into his mouth and then Luke went back to the fridge, but Michael didn't notice it, to focused on the food being stuffed into his mouth that he was forced to chew and swallow. Finally the sushi was gone and Michael sighed in relief, "I'm stuffed-BRRRRRUUUUUUPPP!" He belched, rubbing his soccer ball belly, but then his eyes widened in horror as Luke placed a huge triple chocolate cake in front of Michael, "Oh fuck." Michael huffed. They began feeding Michael spoonfuls of the cake, but halfway through, he was panting and sweating a little from what was probably 15 pounds of food in his belly. "I-I can't finish it, I'm gonna b-burst." Michael stammered, "C'mon, you're halfway there." Calum cooed and Michael whined, but continued eating what they put in his mouth, when he was done, he looked like he was gonna pop. Michael's belly was definitely stretched to its limit, struggling to digest everything porperly. His bandmates helped him stand up, having to lay him on the couch because not even the 3 of them could get him upstairs. They let Michael sleep on the couch, his huge beach ball gut pointing to the ceiling as he slept, his mouth slightly open as he snored. Michael slept for a few hours, waking up at 9 pm and he stood up, his belly still rather large but it had shrunk a little, Michael walked into the kitchen and went into the freezer, pulling out a tub of strawberry ice cream and setting it on the counter, he went into the cabinets and pulled out rainbow and chocolate sprinkles they had from when Ashton's sister Lauren decided to have a sleepover in the L.A house, then getting whip cream and chocolate sauce and caramel sauce from the fridge, again from Laren's sleepover party. Michael set all of it down on the counter and he opened the gallon of ice cream, covering it in whip cream, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, and caramel. He then dug in, stuffing himself with his ice cream sundae, he cleaned out the tub and now had evidence of his binge all over his face, he just laid done on the kitchen floor, falling right back asleep with a stuffed belly. "Mike? Mikey wake up." Ashton laughed as he shook Michael awake, "Hm, what?" He mumbled as he woke up, "Care to explain why you have dessert all over your face and the mess on the counter?" Calum smirked and Michael licked his lips, tasting ice cream and toppings, then seeing the mess on the counter and his eyes widened to the size of the moon. "Wh-what? When?" Michael sputtered out one word questions, trying to sit up with his soccer ball gut in the way and needing help from his bandmates to stand, "You're a sleep eater, oh my god that's fucking awesome." Luke laughed and Michael shrugged, not really caring. "Are you full?" Calum asked and Michael's belly growled loudly, making him blush. "I guess not." Calum smirked, "There's a buffett down the street." Luke smiled and Michael rapidly nodded, the 3 driving their eager bandmate to the buffett, Michael running inside and immediately filling his plate, after Ashton paid of course. Michael sat down at a table, shoving spoonfuls of mac and cheese into his mouth. "Michael, slow down." Ashton laughed, "I can't help it, it's so good." Michael moaned as he practically inhaled his food. "Don't make yourself sick." Luke warned as Michael got up, getting more food but someone bumped into him, causing some gravy to be spilt onto his shirt. Michael looked up after not hearing an apology and saw Niall, "Oh its you." Michael mumbled, "You look like you swallowed a damn soccer ball." Niall snickered, "Well I'm sorry if I wanna beat you." Michael scoffed as he put food on his plate, Niall pushed half of it off with a ladle. "Okay, I can handle the insults but no one messes between me and my food." Michael scolded as he put his plate down on the counter, Niall took a dinner roll off of Michael's plate and ate it right infront of him, Michael looked like he was gonna punch him. "If you wanna play that game then fine, but I don't play fair." Michael grumbled and Niall walked away, the black haired boy filled his plate up with mashed potatoes, pasta, mac and cheese, and turkey before sitting back down. Michael was stabbing his pasta, taking his anger out on the food, "What did the nodded do to you?" Calum laughed, "It's that stupid Niall guy, he fucking took food off my plate." Michael grumbled, "Is he still alive?" Calum smirked, "Shut it, he's just gonna regret eating my food." Michael cursed and ate his food, Niall walked past them and Michael snatched the dinner roll of his plate, eating it and smirking at Niall. "Two can play at this game." Michael smirked and Niall walked away, the rest of the time they would purposely walk by each others table and steal a piece of food from each others plates. Dinner rolls, cookies, brownies, chicken, turkey, Michael even took a whole slice of cheesecake off Niall's plate. After 2 hours, the place was cleaned out because of them, Michael stuffed to his max and his huge beach ball gut almost sitting on his knees, his bandmates taking him to the car and Michael burped every step, "How do you feel?" Calum asked as they sat Michael down, "Stuffed and huge." He mumbled and they drove home, Michael saw Niall enter a house down the street from his and an idea popped into his head, of course he would have room weight a little while before he could walk on his own thanks to the extra 20 pounds on his front, he was gonna do a little spying. He laid in bed for about 4 hours, letting his belly digest and the swelling go down a little before he grabbed binoculars and went down the road, hiding in the bushes and peering through the window, seeing Niall fucking eating! Michael was still full from the buffet and Niall is eating already! "How are you not fat Horan, you've barely got a tummy yet you eat like this." Michael mumbled as he watched Niall eat plate after plate, getting fuller just watching him eat so he went back home, falling asleep in bed and not waking up until the next day, yeah he slept basically all day. For the rest of the week, Michael was stuffing himself every meal and gaining tons of weight in the process, at a solid 400 pounds now. His bandmates somehow convinced him to not eat for a couple days before the contest, which Michael had to say was super difficult because of his large appetite, but the day of the contest, he was extremely happy to be able to stuff his face. Michael and his bandmates arrived, seeing Niall already sitting at the table, "Michael, at any weight you can't beat me." Niall smirked, "I'm gonna beat you." Michael grumbled and huge piles of chili cheese fries were put infront of them, as soon as the judge turned the timer on, Michael shoved his face into the food, chowing down on the food ad it only took him 3 minutes to already begin his 5th plate, not even close to full as he was basically inhaling the food. The judge told them to stop the appetizers round and Michael smirked, seeing he had at least 3 more empty plates then Niall had, the plates were taken away and replaced with a mountain of hot dogs, the timer started and Michael shoved hot dogs in his mouth, beginning to est slower because he was getting a bit fuller. Halfway through the hot dog mountain and he was feeling pretty stiffed, but had to finish them anyway, he ate the last hot dog and leaned back in his seat, rubbing his belly that had bloated up, the final round was starting and Michael gulped as noticed Niall didn't look full at all, a 4 tier was put infront of each of them and Michael's eyes widened, but when that hey timer went off, he began eating right away, eating half of it quite easy before he didn't think he could eat anymore. "I knew you couldn't beat me." Niall smirked, but that only motivated Michael as he got angry and shoved food into his face, getting chocolate all over his face and then he burped really loud, leaning back in his chair and seeing he had one piece of cake left as well as Niall, both boys stuffed. Michael grabbed the last slice and shoved it in his mouth, the crowd cheering as he swallowed it, showing he had won. He was expecting Niall to be a total dick about it, but instead the blonde congratulated him, telling him to keep using his eating talent like this. "C'mon Mikey, let's get you home." Ashton smiled and Michael tried standing, but fell back into his chair, "Too stuffed to stand." He mumbled, his bandmates laid him on the floor and rolled him to the car, actually struggling a little. "Damn Mikey, you're heavy to push." Ashton grunted as they got to the car, "Well, gee sorry that I can't stand." Michael laughed, falling asleep on the car ride home and having to be rolled inside.

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